12 Best Mole Traps

Top 12 Mole Traps

Wire Tek 1001 EasySet ( Eliminator Trap (2 Pack))
Product Highlights:
  • includes 2 traps and is used for safe & effective mole control and is approved on organic farms and nurseries etc...
  • easy foot stepping motion to set trap safely underground; made in the usa
  • the only mole trapping device that can be set into the mole tunnel without any digging
Victor M9015 Deadset Mole ( Mole Trap, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • quickly and effectively kills moles inside tunnels
  • easy to set – insert in ground, step on foot pegs, and raise handle
  • sensitive trap is triggered with the slightest movement
Garsum Plunger Mole Trap ( Quick And Clean Kill)
Product Highlights:
  • environmental protection: no need to use chemicals for bait.non-toxic.
  • reusable:made of galvanized steel, weather-resistant, durable and reusable.
  • fast & powerful: sensitive device is easily triggered by moles without bait.
Tomcat Mole Trap ( Grade, Innovative And Effective Design)
Product Highlights:
  • effectively kills moles without drawing blood
  • professional grade quality and materials
  • safer and easier than traditional traps
Wire Tek 1001 EasySet ( (Durable And Powerful))
Product Highlights:
  • use for safe & effective mole control
  • easy foot stepping motion to set trap safely underground
  • takes the guesswork out of trapping and eliminating moles from your lawn, yard and garden
Apello 6 Pack Solar ( Deterrent No Killing Like Gopher Traps Mole Killer Poison)
Product Highlights:
  • solar powered mole repellent: the solar sonic mole repellent sends out sonic pulses and vibrations every 30 seconds, which highly irritating to yards mole, gopher and vole those underground burrowing rodents to keep them away the coverage area, it can be kept at there to continue to discourage the return rodents
  • pets safe: audible but no harm, be safe to use around pets and human. this gopher repellent repels pesky rodents in a humane way. no mole killer mole trap that work bloody, no dispose of the body. safe for soil environment and nearby planting
  • wide coverage: each mole repeller covers up to 6500, sq. ft (45 ft in radius). it's recommended to use multiple devices to overlap providing even more coverage. solar cell can be fully charged in 8 hours and last for 5 days. install it anywhere in your yard, garden or lawn with sun exposure
Marinebaby Easy Set Mole ( Steel Mole Trap, Sliver Color 2sets)
Product Highlights:
  • made of galvanized steel,weather-resistant and reusable
  • designed for safe operation where tunnelling moles create havoc.
  • powerful scissor-jaw trap is easily triggered by tunneling moles
Aspectek Mole Trap Gopher ( Eliminator Scissor Trap)
Product Highlights:
  • easy-set: no digging required. kills moles without getting your hands dirty.
  • fast & efficient: powerful scissor trap is easily triggered by tunneling pests, no bait required! quick action mole killer.
  • weatherproof: durable, reusable and weather-resistant, galvanized steel jaws for superior strength and durability.
Catchmaster Savage 660 Easy ( Set Mole Trap)
Product Highlights:
  • easy-to-use - this easyset trap is as simple as it gets to kill those moles damaging your yard
  • safe design - the catchmaster savage mole eliminator is poison free and does not need bait to work
  • long lasting - unlike other traps the savage can easily be set again after each catch and is weather-resistant for effective mole control
Victor 0631 Out OSight ( Underground In Sandy And Other Soil Types (Pack Of 2))
Product Highlights:
  • includes 2 moles traps that come fully assembled and with sure-fire design for use in any soil type and is ideal for sandy soil
  • get rid of destructive moles and protect your yard with this durable, weather-resistant reusable mole trap - no bait needed
  • malleable iron jaws for superior strength and durability; professional's mole trap of choice

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