12 Best Miter Saw Blade 10 Inch

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Top 12 Miter Saw Blade 10 Inch

Makita A93681 10Inch 80 ( Polished Mitersaw Blade)
Product Highlights:
  • micro-grain carbide teeth are honed with up to 600 grit for a mirror finish
  • fully hardened and expertly hand tensioned steel saw plates for true cuts
  • ultra thin kerf .091", 5 degree hook angle, and .071 plate thickness
DEWALT DW3106P5 60Tooth Crosscutting ( 10-Inch Saw Blade Combo Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • tougher tungsten carbide stays sharper longer
  • thin kerf for fast and smooth cutting action and the arbor size is 5/8".
  • computer-balanced plate reduces vibration for improved accuracy and better finish
Concord Blades WCB1000T080HP 10Inch ( Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade)
Product Highlights:
  • professional quality, construction grade for ripping & crosscutiing of thick hardwoods up to 3 1/2" thick and soft woods up to 1" thick
  • for use on miter saws, circular saws, table saws, hand saws and chop saws. rpm up to 5,500
  • ideal for cutting hard wood, soft wood, exotic wood and abrasive wood.
Diabo By Freud D1060X ( Finish Saw Blade)
Product Highlights:
  • tico hi-density carbide specifically designed for each application to increase performance
  • perma-shield non-stick coating protects from heat, gumming, & corrosion
  • super thin laser cut kerf for fast, durable, and clean cuts
Concord Blades ACB1000T100HP 10Inch ( Non-Ferrous Metal Saw Blade)
Product Highlights:
  • tcg grind: triple chip grind allows for smooth cut on non ferrous and plastic items
  • ultra sharp, hard titanium carbide
  • ideal for cutting non ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and more as well as plastics, plexiglass, pvc, acrylics & fiberglass
FREUD D1090X Circular Saw ( Saw Blade)
Product Highlights:
  • for use with miter or table saws
  • carbide construction
  • ultra-thin kerf design for easy cuts
Diablo D1050X Combination Saw (Combination Saw Blade)
Product Highlights:
  • the product is 10x50t diablo blade
  • easy to use
  • the product is manufactured in italy
Diablo D1080X ATB Fine ( Finish Saw Blade)
Product Highlights:
  • the product is 10x80t diablo blade
  • easy to use
  • the product is manufactured in italy
CRAFTSMAN 10Inch Miter Saw ( Pack (CMAS210CMB))
Product Highlights:
  • induction-brazed carbide tips for durability and long life
  • heat-treated plate eliminates warping
  • precision ground teeth for smooth, accurate cuts
IRWIN Tools Classic Series ( Blade, 10-Inch 180T (11870))
Product Highlights:
  • precision-ground circular saw teeth for smooth, accurate cuts
  • fully-hardened circular saw blade plate runs truer, longer
  • heavy-gauge, high-carbon steel construction provides extended circular saw blade life
Freud 10 X 60T ( Saw Blade (LU91R010))
Product Highlights:
  • 10" blade diameter, 60 teeth, atb grind, 5/8" arbor, .090" kerf, -5° hook angle
  • premium tico hi-density carbide crosscutting blend for maximum performance
  • negative hook angles minimizes climbing for better control
Freud D12100X 100 Tooth ( And Wood Composites, 12-Inch)
Product Highlights:
  • axial shear face grind cleanly shears through wood for a superior quality finish
  • ultra-thin kerf design for fast and effortless cuts
  • new advanced laser-cut stabilizer vents absord noise and vibration, and prevent sideways movement for precise, clean cuts

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