7 Best Mechanical Pencils

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Top 7 Mechanical Pencils

BIC XtraSmooth Mechanical Pencil ( Point (0.7 Mm), 40-Count)
Product Highlights:
  • number 1 selling mechanical pencil. source: the npd group/ retail tracking service/ u.s. actual unit sales (retail & commercial combined)/ jan - dec 2018
  • one bic pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils
  • smooth-writing 2 lead advances easily, does not smudge, and erases cleanly
Paper Mate Clearpoint Mechanical ( Barrel, Refillable, 4-pack)
Product Highlights:
  • create clear, precise lines every time
  • side lead advance lets you load lead without losing your grasp
  • soft grip design adds comfort and ease
BIC XtraPrecision Mechanical Pencil ( Point (0.5mm), 24-Count)
Product Highlights:
  • mechanical pencil for everyday use
  • smooth writing lead does not smudge, erasing cleanly
  • includes 3 full-length, self-feeding leads
BIC XtraStrong Mechanical Pencil ( (0.9mm), 24-Count (MPLWP241))
Product Highlights:
  • #1 selling mechanical pencil
  • thick, break-resistant lead does not smudge and erases easily
  • smooth-writing #2 lead is perfect for students and standardized tests
BIC Mechanical Pencil Variety ( 0.5mm/0.7mm/0.9mm, 60-Count)
Product Highlights:
  • convenient value pack offers an assortment of 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm mechanical pencils
  • each pencil has smooth-writing lead that advances easily, does not smudge, and erases cleanly
  • always ready, sharp and accurate, bic 2 mechanical pencils are the smart choice at test time
Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical ( Yellow, 36 Count - 1921221)
Product Highlights:
  • mechanical pencil features shock absorbing tip to reduce lead breakage
  • twistable tip eliminates the need to stop and sharpen
  • 2 lead is perfect for standardized tests
BIC Xtra Smooth Mechanical ( Point (0.7mm), 40-Count)
Product Highlights:
  • mechanical pencil
  • 1 bic pencil = 2.5 wood case pencils
  • .7mm lead

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