13 Best Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator

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Top 13 Maxoak Bluetti Solar Generator

MAXOAK Portable Power Station Sinewave,DC12V,USB-C For Outdoor Road Trip Travel Fishing
Product Highlights:
  • highest capacity power station: 1500wh/1000w(max.), longest lasting lithium power station, built in top-brand lg battery cell, safety and quality is rest assured. specially designed for high-power device such as blender, drill, hair dryer(max.1000w).
  • multi-use&various outputs: 2*ac outlets(standard ac110v us plug) for most household appliance under 1000w such as tv, mini refrigerator, household dryer, cpap,drone.1*dc12v for car powered devices like car fridge, car vacuum cleaner,1*pd type-c (max 45w) for usb-c devices such as laptop macbook/macbook pro & pd usb-c phones,4*5v3a(max) usb for phones, tablets, camera, fans, light, etc, keep multi devices powered in case power failure or away from a wall outlet, widely used for indoor or outdoor.
  • solar/ac recharge: 1)this power generator can be recharged from the sun with solar panel (open circuit voltage must be 16v~60v(max),max 500w,solar panel not included). 2) this power station can be fully charged in 8 hrs by being plugged into the wall outlet.charge time varies on the solar panel(higher power of the panel, shorter charge time you will get), eg. 300w solar panel: about 5-5.5hrs. 3*150w panel in series: about 3.5-4hrs. tips:car charge: you need buy a power inverter(≥300w) yourself.
MAXOAK Power Station 2400Wh1000W Storage Multi-use Power Storage For Outdoor RV Van Home
Product Highlights:
  • 2400wh/1000w power station: super long lasting 2400wh power station with high load continous 1000w inverter (1000w≤load
  • multi-outputs for various needs(2*ac/1*car port/1*pd45w type-c/4*usb): ac110v outlets for most household devices under 1000w like tv, refrigerator,cpap,drone. 12v9a car port for car powered devices like mini fridge,car vacuum cleaner,1*qc pd 45w usb-c for laptop macbook air/pro&usb-c phones/ipad,4*5v3a usb for phone,tablet,camera,fans,light,etc, and led lighting/sos for emergency illumination. keep multi devices powered in case power failure or away from a wall outlet.
  • solar/ac recharge: 1)this power generator can be recharged from the sun with solar panel (not include, input voltage must be 16v~68v). 2) this power station can be fully charged in 12 hrs by being plugged into the wall outlet. charge time varies on the solar panel(higher power of the panel, shorter charge time you will get).
MAXOAK Power Station 500Wh Lithium Battery Backup For Outdoor RV Van Travel Camping
Product Highlights:
  • 1)g-mark award 2019 power station:high capacity 500wh/300w(peak 450w) rechargeable lithium solar generator, 500wh (45ah, 11.1v) with 2* 120v ac-outlet(pure sine-wave) can charge small appliance(max.300w) such as smartphones 36 times, laptops(45w) 9 times, gopro 80 times, drone, mini projector, mini car fridge and others. the portable power station is an ideal emergency power backup for rv outdoors, camping or hurricane and other power outage situations.
  • 2)ac/solar/car recharge options: 6-7hrs to full recharge the power station from a wall outlet (90w ac adapter included); 4-5hrs to recharge it fully by a 120w solar panel (not include, mppt charge mode); car recharge is optional, dc12v car can recharge it to 40-50%, and dc24v car can recharge it fully. foldable handle design is perfect for outdoor adventure and camping.
  • 3)wireless charging / faster charge pd 45w usb-c / dc12v: flexible charge options can make your life more convenient. pd 45w is a more faster charge mode for your laptop/phone,you can charge several devices via ac/wireless/dc/usb-c/usb-a output ports, save your valuable time.
MAXOAK Generator Portable Power Camping Travel Fishing Huntingw/AC, DC12V, QC3.0, USB-C
Product Highlights:
  • ac/dc/usb outputs: 1*110v ac-outlet(sine wave,max.100w for laptops, max.120w for small home appliance), 1*dc12v/10a carport,1*qc3.0 usb(max.18w),1*pd2.0 usb-c(5v2.5a/9v2a/12v1.5a,max.40w),1*5v/2.4a usb outputs. powerful emergency backup to charge products such as laptops, phones, tablets, led lights, cameras, drones, small home appliances and more.
  • on-the-go power generator: 200wh (3.7v 62400mah/11.1v 18000mah) powerful charging station.once fully charged, this portabe generator can charge smartphone 15times+, tablet 5times+, 2018 macbook 3.9 times, 2018 macbook air 3 times. portable size 7.95*2.64*8.15 inch, weight only 7.6lbs; a handle design make it easy to carry. portable power station, perfect power companion for outdoor enthusiast!
  • ac/sun/car recharge: easily powered from ac wall outlet, dc12v/24v car charger or compatible solar panel (input voltage must be 14v~40v and mc4 connector,solar charging cable not include).
SUNGZU Portable Solar Generator 4USB For Home Use And Outoor Camping Road Trip RV VAN
Product Highlights:
  • q: what devices can ska1000 solar generator charge? a: ska1000 has multiple outputs. it supports any output electric devices with its dual ac output 110v or 220v which load power no more than 1000w such as coffee maker,hair dryer ,electric kettle,rice cook ,heater,electric drill. ska1000 can be used for most electric devices charging such as emergency relief, outdoor activities, uav drone battery, self-drive travelling, family backup power, lighting, military etc.
  • q: how to know the working times for my device? a: working time = 1010wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device.ska 1000 has high capacity(3.7v/273000mah)with 2 ac 2dc 4 usb power multiple devices simultaneously for a long time. such as:33hrs for lighting(28w), 60x for phone(2915mah), 14hrs for tv(80w), 11x for laptops(75w), 38x+ for drone(4480mah), 14x for tablet(11560mah), 20hrs for fan(60w), 30hrs for car refrigerator(50w) etc.
  • q: how long does it take to be full charged? a: ska 1000 is a generator which can recharge anywhere. it can be charged via the solar panel (32-45v/8a input) and wall socket. full charged only takes 5.5~7hrs by wall socket. recharged under normal sun illumination with 2 sungzu 100w solar panel (sold separately) only takes 8hrs.silent clean power, more eco-friendly than the traditional generators, fuel-free and gasoline-free, no smoke, no noise.
Krisdonia Portable Power Station Outdoors Camping Travel Hunting Emergency
Product Highlights:
  • 【ac outlet portable charger】: 110v/130w (max). ac outlet provides a good solution to ac power supply. compatible with a wide variety of laptops, phones,tvs, printers, fans, lamps, mini fridges and other ac plug devices ( less than 130w ). 2 x quick charge 3.0 usb ports ( automatically output 5v/9v/12v ) for your samll devices like phones, digital cameras and 1 type c port ( 5v/9v/12v ) for usb c devices like nintendo switch, macbook 12''.
  • 【ultra high capacity with compact size】: 60000mah/222wh with size 8.66 x 5.94 x 1.57in and weight 3.9ib, krisdonia ac power bank is your ideal power supply for camping or emergency backup.
  • 【pass through 】: this new version is compatible with the pass through function, that is to say that you can simultaneously charge the power bank and the devices ( laptop / smartphone) connected to it. the function is activated by pressing the button for 2 seconds while the power bank is charging.
Portable Power Station 230Wh62400Mah Flashlight For Camping, Travel, CPAP, Emergency Backup, Home
Product Highlights:
  • 1.【multifunctional with 62400mah high capacity】the krtotai portable battery charger with 62400mah high quality lithium battery, three usb ports, a 12v/3a dc outlet, a 19v/3a dc outlet and two isolated pure sine wave ac outlet, which is used for lamps, smart phones, laptops, pc, tvs, cpap, toast maker, coffee machine and even mini fridges.handling with the situation of power shortage, such as power cut, outdoors trip, commercial meeting etc.
  • 2.【pure sine wave ac outlet】this inverter is better than modified sine wave inverter. ⭐it provides cleaner current for your devices and prevents crashes in computers, reduces noises in fans, tv and other devices. ⭐the waveform of this inverter is the same as mains supply, and widely compatible with more kinds of electrical motor, pump and so on. ⭐high conversion efficiency and low loss.
  • 3.【emergency led light】power bank portable charger has 2 levels function of lighting.double-click the power button to turn on the lighting, then click the power button to adjust the illuminating brightness.this led light provides illumination in emergency situations such as power failure,camping,and night fishing.
Portable Laptop Charger 40000mAh148Wh Switch, IPad Pro, IPhone 11/Pro/Max, Galaxy And More
Product Highlights:
  • 【all-in-1 portable battery】upgraded portable charger is equipped with ac port, qc 3.0 usb-a port, two 5v/3.1a usb-a ports and type-c pd 45w port, supporting 5 outputs simultaneously. you can share power with your families/friends during temporary power outage or road trip.
  • 【super huge capacity】built-in lithium battery, 40000mah/148wh/100 w mobile supply, powerful enough to charge macbook pro 13 over 5 times, or charge iphone 11 over 9 times. it can meet your needs during outdoor travelling, camping, sporting, and other activities with a compact size of 7.44*4.92*1.77 in and a weight of 2.2 lbs.
  • 【lcd display & solar charging】built-in lcd digital display shows real-time data such as battery level, available time, overload alarm and high/low temperature indicator. in addition, the power supply supports solar and dc 15v charging input. to use solar charging, plug the mc4 cable (not included) into the charging port, and adjust the angle of solar according to the power shown on the display.
AC Outlet Portable Laptop For Notebook Dell HP, MacBook, IPhone, Lighting-Bluetti
Product Highlights:
  • tsa-approved power bank: capacity 99wh/26756mah. designed for travel/business power backup purpose. you can put in your carry bag and take it on airplane.
  • ac outlet portable charger & all-in-1 power bank:1* ac120v/100w (peak power:140w) output for ac powered devices such as laptops(no more than 100w), cell phone, tablet and others. 1* pd3.0 45w usb-c(5-20v) for macbook and other usb-c devices, usb-c (in/out) is not only a recharge port but also a discharge port. 2* usb 5v3a for smartphone, ipad, camera, led lamp, etc.
  • three recharge ways: ac / usb-c recharge and car recharge (optional). the power bank can be recharge from ac wall outlet or usb-c charger(charge time: about 4hrs). attention: for car recharge, you need to buy a dc12v to ac power inverter or usb-c pd car charger yourself).
MAXOAK 177Wh 12000mAh148V V Camcorder With D-tapnot For RED Series
Product Highlights:
  • 177wh high capacity 12000mah/14.8v, providing 1.8 times life time of original battery. lightweight v-mount battery for professional sony camcorders pmw-ex330k pmw-ex330l, pmw-580k pmw580l, pdw-680 pdw-700 pdw-850, pmw-td300, hdw-f900r hdw-680 hdw-800p, pmw-f55 pmw-f5,etc. can be charged from any standard v-mount charger that designed for v-mount professional camcorder batteries. ( can not used for red series camera such as red epic-w/ wooden camera blueshaped v mount)
  • made with premium quality polymer lithium ion battery, suitable for the shoulder type camcorder. use the leading technology of battery management chip of texas instruments.
  • independent 5v/2.1a usb output, available to charge smart-phone,etc.the battery also comes with a wall plug for self-charging so no extra charger is needed.4-level led indicator on the side to show remaining power.
Krisdonia Portable Laptop Charger Pack For Laptop, Smartphone, Camera And More
Product Highlights:
  • adjustable dc output: with the five most commonly used dc voltages, the krisdonia 25,000 can directly charge your laptop without needing your laptop charger. double click to set the voltage from 5v to 20v.
  • super power & portable size: loaded with a 25,000mah battery you never need to worry about being stranded without power. size 5'' x 5.9'' x 1.1'' and weight 1.5lb make it easy to carry on. you can quickly put it in your briefcase, backpack or carrying bag when you're on the go.
  • led digital display & fast recharge: bright led display built in battery to show the dc voltage and battery level. dc-in 19v/2a enables our power bank to be recharged in just 3-3.5 hours.
DUV Toothbrush Sanitizer Stylish Toothbrush Case-USB Recharged
Product Highlights:
  • 1)portable toothbrush sanitizer with advanced deep duv-c sanitizing technology: deep uvc-led is a new generation clean light source( wavelength c band light (250-280nm). the sterilization is 3600 times compared with common light.
  • 2)sanitizing efficiency reach up to 99.99%,physical, safe, intelligent and efficient. use the deep-uvc-led to sanitize daily-use toothbrush, so you can rest assured that the toothbrush that you take out is cleaned and sanitized.
  • 3)suitable for various toothbrush head including electric toothbrush(except oral b). portable and easy to use/clean. pace your toothbrush head in the case, sterilization will start after pressing the power button. the default sterilizationtime is 3mins, it will power off automatically after sterilization completion. the toothbrush container slot can be taken out to clean.
PowerOak External Laptop Battery Dell HP Toshiba Samsung Lenovo Acer Asus Laptop&Phone
Product Highlights:
  • 1.ultra high capacity power bank-50000mah/185wh(tsa are not approved for airline travel/external battery charger) adequate supply for your laptops,phones and tablets,it can charge your iphone 6 plus nearly 11 times,iphone 6 more than 17 times,galaxy s6 almost 11 times,no trepidation about power shortage, let you charge your devices any time,and facilitating your travel life more beautiful.this this battery pack can be recharged in just 6-8 hours.
  • 2. multi-functional interface-it has 6 output ports. one 20v/5a for laptops, one 12v/2.5a for digital cameras, two 5v/2.1a and two 5v/1a for most of smart phones, ipad, tablet and more usb-charged devices. it can charge several devices simultaneously and fast. laptop connector contains lenovo, dell, toshiba, sony, hp and etc. make you charge your laptop anytime, anywhere. and the best protecting devices making you use it under more secure and more assured conditions.
  • 3.improved safety technology-constructed with lithium-ion polymer, battery cells built-in 6 security protections to ensure, make it safety use and 1000+ recharge cycles. keeping constant power output for charging the devices, also with preventing overcharge/over discharge/overvoltage/overcurrent/short circuit function and restoring protection.

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