10 Best Mattress Topper Lucid 4 Inch

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Top 10 Mattress Topper Lucid 4 Inch

LUCID 4 Inch Gel ( Design-Ultra Plush-Queen)
Product Highlights:
  • 4 inches of thick, plush gel memory foam add a soft and conforming feel that will result in a deeper sink that cradles your body more than a thinner topper
  • infused with gel material that captures and distributes heat for a cooler memory foam experience
  • ventilated design improves airflow and breathability
LUCID 4 Inch Down ( Three Toppers In One - Queen)
Product Highlights:
  • 2-inch down-alternative layer and a plush 2-inch layer of gel memory foam combine for premium comfort
  • the down-alternative portion of this topper is 100 percent cotton, machine washable, and dryer safe
  • ventilated, gel-infused and hypoallergenic memory foam regulates body temperature and contours to support your body
Lucid 4 Inch Bamboo ( Mattress Topper - King)
Product Highlights:
  • plush, therapeutic memory foam helps eliminate pressure point pain
  • memory foam supports lower back, allowing spine to stay neutral
  • naturally hypoallergenic, memory foam resists bacterial growth for a clean sleep environment
Lucid 3inch Ventilated Gel ( Mattress Topper - Queen)
Product Highlights:
  • 3 inches of ventilated gel memory foam adds softness and pressure-relieving comfort to your mattress at the shoulders,hips and knees
  • special memory foam formula is extremely soft, airy and responsive
  • ventilated design improves airflow for a more comfortable sleep climate
LUCID Foam Mattress Topper ( Design, 4 Inch)
Product Highlights:
  • the 4-inch profile offers the highest degree of luxurious plushness, letting you sink into comfort and softness, perfect for a mattress that’s decidedly too firm
  • a calming lavender scent is infused directly into the memory foam to promote a relaxing and soothing sleep environment
  • this topper features a ventilated design to provide a more breathable and cooler feel than traditional memory foam toppers
LUCID 4 Inch Ventilated ( 3-Year Warranty - Queen)
Product Highlights:
  • 4-inch thick 100% premium memory foam mattress topper
  • lucid memory foam formula offers superior comfort and pressure relief
  • open cell technology prevents lasting body impressions
LUCID 2 Inch 5 ( Mattress Topper - Queen)
Product Highlights:
  • 2-inch memory foam mattress topper with five zones targeted to maximize comfort
  • memory foam is infused with cooling gel and textured to improve breathability
  • raised zones alleviate pressure at the different contact points of the body
Linenspa 4 Inch Gel ( Topper - Queen)
Product Highlights:
  • super plush 4-inch memory foam topper is infused with gel to help regulate temperature so this topper sleeps cooler than a regular memory foam topper
  • light and breathable open cell memory foam conforms to the curves of your body, aligns the spine, and relieves pressure points
  • certipur-us certified means this high-quality memory foam is made with no harmful chemicals and meets all safety standards
LUCID Ultra Plush 3 ( Breathable Cotton Percale Cover - King Size)
Product Highlights:
  • 3-inches of ultra-plush hypoallergenic down alternative fill offers the time-tested comfort of traditional down without any of the associated odors, allergens or sharp quills that usually accompany down
  • a soft and breathable 250 thread count, 100% cotton percale cover envelopes the topper in a comfortable and durable package. machine washable and dryer safe (on low) for easy cleanup and continued freshness
  • baffle box stitching helps maintain loft and improve breathability by keeping fill distribution in even uniform pockets and prevents fill from shifting or bunching in one area
Zinus AZGTFT400Q 4 ( Mattress Topper, Queen)
Product Highlights:
  • rejuvenate your mattress with memory foam and support foam for ideal comfort and support
  • green tea extract and castor natural seed oil naturally eliminate odor-causing bacteria
  • only the highest quality memory foam - memory foam is certipur-us certified for durability, performance, and content

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