12 Best Mattress Elevator For Slatted Bed

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― Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe and Everything

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Top 12 Mattress Elevator For Slatted Bed

NOAH MEGATRON Heavy Duty ( Under-Bed Storage,No Box Spring Needed (Queen))
Product Highlights:
  • queen platform bed frame; measures 80 by 60 by 14 inches (lxwxh); weighs 45 pounds
  • 3000 lbs heavy duty bed frame; constructed of strong and stainless steel, which makes noah megatron bed foundation a real noise-free, non-shake & heavy duty bed frame. supports up to 3000 lbs
  • anti-slip desgin; unique top layer design keeps the mattress from sliding, no more irritated slip
NRS Dreammaster Light Mattress ( (Eligible For VAT Relief In The UK))
Product Highlights:
  • dreammaster light mattress elevator / raiser
  • allows users to control whether they sit up, or lie down, in their own bed without the need for carers
  • can be fitted to a wide range of domestic beds including divan and slatted bed bases

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