9 Best Massage Guns for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a common health issue that affects many people. It can range from mild to debilitating, and it can be caused by a variety of factors including poor posture, poor sleeping positions, or sitting for long periods of time. Back pain can severely impact your quality of life and limit what you’re able to do on a daily basis. Luckily there are some ways to help reduce the occurrence of back pain without surgery. One such way would be getting a massage gun for your back pain.

Massage guns often offer the most affordable and accessible treatment options for those who suffer from back pain with little to no side effects associated with their use. Massage guns provide relief with just one easy-to-use device and no contact with another person required.

Massage guns also benefit those who may not want physical contact because they’re uncomfortable with touch or because it feels too good and they want to stop! In this article we will emphasize the reasons why you should get a massage gun for your back pain (and which ones are the best massage guns to take care of your lower back pain).

9 Best Massage Guns for Back Pain

How Massage Guns Work

Massage guns are one of the most popular and affordable back pain relief methods on the market. They utilize a motorized device with a small, rotating head. Massage guns come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but some general features they all have is a power button to turn it on, an indicator light that shows when it’s heating up before use, and a cord that plugs into an outlet for power.

Massage guns work by using vibrations to penetrate deep into your tissue and provide relief from muscle tension. The person using the massage gun will place it on their skin and then apply slight pressure to get results. The head of the massage gun will move from side-to-side or up and down with various motions to help release any knots in your muscles. After you use your massage gun for 10-15 minutes, you’ll feel relaxed and refreshed!

Benefits of Massage Guns for Back Pain

Massage guns offer a variety of benefits. Here are six good ones:

  1. One such benefit is the affordability of massage guns. In fact, many massage guns can be purchased for under $50. That’s a lot cheaper than going to a professional masseuse or chiropractor!
  2. Secondly, they’re easy to use. All you have to do is press a button and a soothing vibration will relieve pain in just seconds! And because they’re so easy to use, there’s no need for extensive training on how to operate one either.
  3. Thirdly, massage guns are portable, making it easy to bring them with you wherever you go. So when your back starts hurting at work or school, all you’ll need is your massage gun and you’ll be ready to go!
  4. Fourthly, many people don’t like physical contact with strangers or professionals. With massage guns there is no contact required whatsoever.
  5. Fifthly, they can help relieve pain caused by conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia in addition to back pain. Many people suffer from various types of pain in which this device can provide relief for many different things simultaneously!
  6. Sixthly, massagers are inexpensive and accessible for all individuals who experience back pain without the high price tag that comes with other devices

Massage Guns Are Convenient and Easy to Use

A massage gun is a device that delivers a heated, vibrating massage to the surface of your skin. It is easy to use and affordable. There are many different types of massage guns available on the market, including handheld models for convenience and larger, designed for deeper relief.

Although there are different methods of using a massage gun, most people find it easy to use with one hand. The portability of this device makes it convenient to take with you anywhere you go. Some models come with attachments that allow them to be used as an air pump to inflate tires or balls, so it’s two devices in one!

Massage guns are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse for on-the-go relief from back pain. They are also lightweight so they won’t cause you any pain!


Massage Guns Offer Relief Without Touching Another Person

Touch is a very intimate experience. Those who are uncomfortable with touch, or feel it’s too sexualized for their tastes, may not want to go to a massage therapist. Being touched by someone else can also be overwhelming for some people who are sensitive to physical contact.

While this type of touch can be therapeutic in some cases, it isn’t always what the doctor ordered. If you’re looking for back pain relief without having to touch another person, getting a massage gun is your best option!

Massage guns offer all the benefits of traditional massage therapy without any physical contact whatsoever. You can get instant relief from your back pain while maintaining autonomy and control over your personal space. No one has to touch you at all!


Massage Guns Are Affordable and Easy to Access

Massage guns are a relatively inexpensive alternative to expensive treatments, and if you have back pain it shouldn’t be hard to find one. There are many massage gun sellers that sell them online or at retail stores, so you’ll be able to find one without any problem.

It’s important to note that not all massage guns are created equal--some are just simple back massagers while others offer more function for the price. It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a massage gun before purchasing one so you can decide how much you want to spend.


Massage Guns Have No Side Effects

One of the most appealing reasons to invest in a massage gun is that they have no side effects. There are no needles or pills to take, and you’ll never feel anything but relief. Massage guns work by using a continuous stream of pressurized air which then delivers gentle vibrations that penetrate deep into your muscles, helping you get rid of built-up knots that may be causing your pain.


Massage Guns Don’t Require Physical Contact With A Stranger

One of the most common reasons why people avoid getting a massage is because they’re uncomfortable with touching someone, don’t want to be touched, or because they just don’t like the idea of it.

Luckily, these are all worries that you can put to rest with a massage gun. A massage gun doesn’t require physical contact with another person, so there’s no need to worry about your masseuse becoming overzealous and crossing boundaries. You can treat yourself without feeling violated or diminishing your dignity!

Top 9 Massage Guns for Lower Back Pain (Review)

ORFELD Muscle Massage Gun With 6 Massage Heads LED Indicator Black
Product Highlights:
  • 【deep muscle relaxation】-orfeld a2 massage gun has a maximum stroke of 12mm and a maximum effective massage depth of 80mm. massage gun relieves muscle pain, muscle aches, and stiffness promote blood circulation, breaks down lactic acid, hand massage gun helps warm-up and recovery, athlete massage gun, let it be a massager for your sports club, you will quickly get rid of muscle fatigue and pain.
  • 【ultra super quiet & powerful motor】-professional handheld massager adopts brushless motor and noise reduction technology, up to 3300 taps per minute, smooth sliding can effectively reduce operating noise. the running noise is less than 42 decibels. therefore, you can use it at home, in the gym, and at any time, super quiet, and enjoy your massage moments easily and comfortably.
  • 【cordless massage gun】-the cordless massage gun is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery, 2400 mah, which can work for about 4 to 5 hours after being fully charged. the lowest battery life can reach 600 minutes. when using the massage gun for the first time, please fully charge it for at least 4 hours. the massage gun with a button displays the speed level and power indicator, so you don't have to worry about power outages.
  • 【massage accessories & power settings】-the deep tissue massage gun is equipped with 6 different massage heads and 4-speed levels, suitable for all parts of the body. it can be used for different muscles, neck, back and deep tissues to effectively relax different parts of the body. with 4 speed settings, you can choose the most comfortable state for you.
  • 【perfect holiday gifts】-many professional athletes use massage guns. they like it because it is easy to use and works well. these massage devices are a gift of deep relaxation and health. the massage gun is a neck and back massager that anyone can use. if you are looking for a gift for your loved one, the best massage gun will be your best choice.
Massage Gun Deep Tissue Back/Neck/Leg,Best Gifts For Women/Men/Her/Him/Mom/Dad
Product Highlights:
  • 💖5 gears & 6 massage heads - this massage gun has 5 grades of intensity,you can choose the right gear according to your needs.equipped with 6 washable and replaceable massage heads,you can choose the right massage head for massage and relaxation according to your needs.
  • 💖3 levels of adjustable angle - say goodbye to the fixed massage position of the traditional massage gun.the 3 adjustable angle rotating massage heads can easily reach your lower back or the back of the neck without causing arm fatigue and wrist can even reach your upper and middle back.
  • 💖low noise - brushless torque motor and ultra-quiet sliding technology are used to bring high-power massage experience under low-noise working conditions,allowing you to relax yourself better in a quiet environment without worrying about disturbing others.
  • 💖long battery life - equipped with 3*2000 mah high-quality rechargeable lithium battery,in the case of a full charge,provide you with 4-6 hours of working time (low speed).give you a better massage experience.
  • 💖easy to operate & portable - equipped with lcd display,it is simple and convenient to use,you can enjoy massage with just one button to addition to the portability,it can be carried to where you want to go and used anytime and anywhere.
Massage Gun Deep Tissue Body Neck Back Pain Relief
Product Highlights:
  • muscle massager
  • powerful motor massage gun
  • lcd touch screen & suitcase
  • 6 peplacement massage heads
  • cordless & rechargeable
Mini Massage Gun Portable Shoulders,Thighs,Legs And Alleviate The Physical Aches Black
Product Highlights:
  • alleviating the aching muscles: choose the proper head among the four massage heads and apply it to different parts of the body to soothe the aches and pains of muscles. the massage will accelerate the blood circulation and helpful for the warm-up of the body and improves the quality of exercises
  • ai experience and safe mode: the frequency can be adjusted according to the force exerted on your hand, the higher the force, the higher the frequency. ps: when the power is too strong, massage mini guns will automatically stop to protect you
  • more durable and more small: the hardened aluminum alloy case renders the massage gun lighter and harder. small and portable, nonetheless, still generates energy to help the recover muscles. bring it wherever you go,no longer confined to the home or gymnasium to do exercises with the muscle massage guns
  • ultra-quiet and safer: it is safe for the body. possesses a powerful high torque brushless motor and adopts the quiet glide technique so that you will not disturb others when enjoying your exercises (as low as 30-50db). massage gun for athletes, both male and female, would it be climbing the mountains, riding the bicycles, bodybuilding, jogging, swimming, or weightlifting
  • choosing the most fitting strength level: massage mini gun provides four different strength levels, of which the highest grade is 3200rpm/min, you can choose the level that fits you most so that the percussion massage mini gun will significantly alleviate the aches and pains of the muscles and enable you to have a perfect experience of doing exercise
PENPHO Massage Gun Deep Percussion Muscle Massage Gun For Athletes
Product Highlights:
  • home intense r4 massage gun for athletes: well-built with an ergonomic grip, this muscle massage gun delivers the depth and speed of muscle treatment
  • ergonomic shape for home gym out: with an easy-grip handle and 5 adjustable angles to rotate the massage head, you can reach hard-to-reach spots without arm fatigue and wrist strain; you can even reach your upper and mid-back, hold the gun in different directions to massage easily; save effort
  • well made carrying case for workouts: storing all things in one case, it is convenient to carry and keep track of everything; the massager is good for your daily muscle massage at home or at the gym; easy and effective with two-handed operation; makes a great gift
  • lightweight & rechargable battery: weighing only 2.2lbs, this deep tissue massager gun is massaging deeply and easy to use; it comes with a high-quality lithium battery; a full charge can power a weeks' worth of workouts
  • 6 massage heads and 4 speeds: comes with 6 massage heads and 4 speed levels to target specific muscle groups and apply the right amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain
Muscle Massage Gun Deep Handheld Massager, LCD Touch Screen With 10 Heads
Product Highlights:
  • 10 professional massage heads: 10 different massage heads can suit any part of the body. give more precise and comfortable relaxation to the muscles and relief of injuries caused by muscle fatigue. interchangeable massage heads in 10 shapes not only target specific muscle groups for faster recovery, but also provide you a relaxing back neck massage experiences.
  • modern design and 30 adjustable speed levels:jamgym massage gun is designed with lcd touch screen, which provides more diverse choices for users. and the users can switch to any speed levels they want. the touch screen design also gives the massage gun a more technological and modern look.
  • quiet and powerful deep tissue massage: jamgym deep tissue massage gun has an amplitude of 12mm, allowing the percussion to penetrate deep into the deep tissue. since the high-precision design makes the head and the body of the massage gun tightly connected, the noise in the process of running can be effectively reduced. no matter what time of day you use this massage gun, you don't have to worry about disturbing others.
  • long battery life: this handheld massager is equipped with 2400mah high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which provides more than 6 hours working time. and it only takes 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge. with this massage gun, there is no need to worry about having to spend extra time recharging it.
  • 100% quality assurance: jamgym massage gun comes with a one year warranty. we promise that if there are any quality problems during the warranty period, we are willing to exchange and return the goods without any conditions. your satisfaction is our top priority. if you have any questions or issues about the massager gun. please send the seller a message through amazon without hesitation and we will give you a satisfactory solution as soon as possible.
Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle Massage, 10 Massage Heads 30 Speeds LCD Screen
Product Highlights:
  • effective massage therapy: the deep tissue massage gun is great for professional athletes as well as personal daily body massage. it generates a amplitude deep to 16mm to penetrate deep into the deep tissue, can effectively relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and pain, promote blood circulation, massage away the discomfort in muscles, help with recovery after intense workouts.
  • 30 adjustable speed levels and lcd touch screen: the percussion massage gun offers 30 different speed levels up to 3600 percussion per minute, whether for a muscle relaxation after exercise or a daily body massage, you can easily find the vibration amplitude that suits you best. the lcd touch screen allows you to make the speed adjustments quickly and easily.
  • 10 interchangeable massage heads: with the customized massage heads in 10 shapes, this muscle massage gun can meet your each muscle group need, easy and quick to remove and affix massage heads in seconds.
  • 6 hours long battery life and 1.5 hours fast-charging: equipped with a 2600mah large-capacity lithium ion battery, this cordless percussion massager can be continuously use for 6 hours(low speed) after being full-charged(1.5-2 hours).
  • quiet and easily handheld: our massager gun deep tissue provides you a super quiet massage environment that the working with low noise. silicone handle is better for gripping, lightweight and mini make it easy to carry on the way, you can enjoy the massage anywhere and anytime, and without disturbing others.
Massage Gun Deep Tissue Relaxation Electric Sport Massager Mebak 3
Product Highlights:
  • relieves muscle soreness: the percussion massage gun with 7 interchangeable head attachments and 5 speed ranging from 640 to 3,200 rpm helps athletes, long-term volt caseworker, office crowd, drivers, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and sports enthusiasts, etc. or anyone has muscle pain problem, need a deep tissue massage for back neck leg muscle sore, melt away your body fatigue and soreness after workout or long time work.
  • portable & quiet massage gun: about 35- 50db working sound level, it can be easily used at home, office, gym and will not disturb others. it is lightweight for its size(only 2.1 lb; gross weight 3.3lb with carrying case) and has a great compact carrying case to transport whenever you are on the go.
  • accurate deep tissue massage: the mebak 3 massage gun amplitude up to 12mm working back and forth provides rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue, which sends a ripple effect across the skin’s surface, the vibrations penetrate deep to relieve pain, digs into those tough knots and targets the necessary areas and relives the pain instantly.
  • 2600mah long-lasting battery capacity: can continuously working at least 2-3 hours, normal daily use can last 2-3 weeks with fully charged (depending on the massage intensity you use, and turn off from the bottom when not use). the charging voltage rate is 100v-240v 50/60hz max 1a.
  • a great gift choice: an ideal gift for valentine's day, mother's day, father's day, christmas, birthday. great for those who sit at a desk for a long time, suffer from neck tension and shoulder blade tension, calf swelling. the percussion massage gun great for myofascial trigger points and muscles sore from poor posture and exercise. also great to help recover from delayed onset muscle soreness after workouts and physical activities.
Vounel Massage Gun Deep Drill Sport Massager Super Quiet High-Torque Motor
Product Highlights:
  • deep tissue massager &the at-home muscle masseuse: the massage gun uses therapeutic percussion massage to work your deep tissues. designed and tested by professional engineers, this indispensable tool can relieve muscle spasms, reduce and prevent muscle atrophy, and boost blood circulation.
  • powerful motor & ultra-quiet: high-torque brushless motorr and quite glide noise reduction technology that brings high power but low noise (35db - 45db) experience so you won't bother others while in use. you can bring it anywhere, too, as its ultra-compact size and weight (only 2lbs) makes it ideal for home, office or gym use.
  • 4 speed levels & 4 massage heads: the percussion massage gun equipped with 6 speed adjustment provide a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage, and it offers 4 different shaped massage heads to help the user to relax different body parts.
  • long working time: the muscle massage gun is equipped with rechargeable 3600mah high-quality lithium battery, and it can keep working 6 hours after fully charging.
  • excellent after-sales service: we are confident that you will love vounel massage gun.our massage gun can provide 1 year warranty, please rest assured to buy.if you are not completely satisfied with our products, just send us an email via amazon and we can provide a free replacement or a full refund.
Youdgee Massage Gun Deep Athletes 30 Speed Levels Massager Tool
Product Highlights:
  • 30 speed levels youdgee massage gun. the highest speed is up to 3200rpm. you can adjust to the suitable speed levels. this massage gun provide a deep tissue massage, relieve lactic acid, relieve your muscle pain, 6 massage heads are designed for different muscle groups, pains.
  • muscle massage gun use type-c charging. no longer worried about the charging when you travel with it; this deep tissue percussion muscle massager can be charged by usb(type-c) with the regular phone adapter or 5v/2a adapter, it supports 110v-240v.
  • 2500mah longer battery life. the deep tissue massage gun is equipped with a rechargeable 2500mah battery, charge frequently is not necessary, it can lasts working 1 week.
  • design with brushless high-torque motor, delivering high penetration for deep muscle relaxation. working quietly let you enjoy the comfortable experience brought by deep tissue massage gun.
  • portable and easy to handle. this deep tissue massage gun features a compact design and weighs only 1.6lbs that allows you to take it outside of your home.


Massage Guns Buying Guide

1. Battery Life

What’s best about massage guns is their portability. They are battery-powered, so you don’t need to find an electrical outlet if you want to use them.

However, not all massage guns have a long battery life, especially those affordable variants. So make sure to opt for one that lasts long for those extreme massage sessions.

2. Speed and Vibration

When choosing a massage gun, make sure that it comes with different speed and vibration settings for you to tinker.

If you’re buying it locally, test it first if the store owner allows you to do so. Buying online? Read the reviews and see what previous buyers have to say about the speed and vibration. 

3. Size and Portability

Different massage gun brands come at different sizes. And if you are a travel-savvy person, then choose a massage gun that can fit in your bag without taking too much space and weight.

Some massage guns weigh around two to three kilos. So you might consider getting one that weighs less for extra portability. 

4. Design

Massage guns are all about aesthetics. And since most massage guns are pricey, why not go all the way and opt for one that is pleasing to the eyes. Some look simple, but others come with handles combined with extra buttons here and there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are massage guns safe to use?

Massage guns are perfectly safe to use as long as you rub it gently on your muscles. Avoid putting pressure on your hands to avoid accidental injury.

How many hours do you need to charge a massage gun?

It will take about three to four hours. But this also depends on the battery capacity of your massage gun. The bigger the battery, the longer it charges.

How hard should I press the massage gun on my muscles?

Massage guns already have pressure in their massage heads alone. Which means you don’t have to use force from your hands

Spine Mobilization with the Hypervolt


Although there are many massage tools on the market, massage guns are an excellent choice to address your lower back pain for many reasons. Massage guns offer a hands-free massage that can provide relief without the need for physical contact with another person. Massage guns are inexpensive and easy to access, and they offer no side effects or complications. If you’ve been dealing with back pain, it may be time to get your hands on a good massage gun.

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