11 Best Magnifying Mirror For Plucking Eyebrows

The right mirror makes all the difference, especially when you are doing something sensitive like plucking your eyebrows. We have compiled a list of 11 best-selling magnifying mirrors for various designs and budgets. We are sure you will find the right one to meet your needs.

11 Best Selling Magnifying Mirror For Plucking Eyebrows

Types of Mirror for Plucking Hair

1. Lighted Mirror

A lighted mirror also known as a vanity mirror is designed to help you achieve the ultimate glow, ease of applying make-up and doing skincare. It is our best recommendation to use when plucking facial hair; it can give you a clearer view because it has light and sometimes made with built-in magnification. 

2. 10x Magnification

You don’t need to put your face near the mirror and get your eyes strained anymore because mirrors with 10x magnification are the best if you want to pluck your facial hair quickly and easily. 

3. Trifold Mirror

Experience a perfect and clear angle of your face with these tri-fold mirrors, it has 3 main features that can zoom in on different parts of the face at once with different magnification. Some mirrors have 2x, 5x, and 10x magnification with built-in lights.

4. Wall-mounted

Wall-mounted mirrors are perfect for the bathroom, dressing room, kitchen, or living room. They are designed to provide a clear view of yourself, it has different sizes that depends on your needs.

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11 Top Rated Magnifying Mirror For Plucking Eyebrows

KOOLORBS 10X Magnifying Makeup Portable , Good For Tabletop, Bathroom, Traveling
Product Highlights:
  • 10x magnifying mirror; ideal for applying detailed makeup, wearing contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing, shaving, hair styling, facial care
  • 3 color lighting and adjustable brightness; the magnifying mirror with lights has 3 color lighting, providing different light for different makeup needed; press the touch screen switch, changing the color of light; hold the touch switch longer, brightness dim or bright
  • intelligent switching design; the makeup mirror with lights can be turned off the lights automatically when you don’t use the mirror after 30 minutes; 3 aaa batteries operated, batteries not included
OMIRO 20X Magnifying Mirror Suction Cups Magnifier Travel Set
Product Highlights:
  • 20x magnification: the pores of the face are clearly visible, which is good for makeup needs, shaving, or deep cleaning, it's a perfect mirror for him or her.
  • high-quality tweezer: made with stainless steel for durability and lasting performance, and a matte finish for a non-slip grip.
  • slant design: every pair has handcrafted filed tips, perfectly aligned to give unparalleled precision, with its 25- degree angled tip, grab every hair with ease and precision.suitable for eyebrow grooming and all-round use.
10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror Makeup Travel EssentialDiameter 3.46 Inches
Product Highlights:
  • everyone needs a mirror that suits her and sometimes even multiple mirrors. now you see this 10x make-up mirror which is very different from the ordinary mirror. it can magnify your pore,help you care your face skin better and carry conviniently. when you use this 10 magnify make-up mirror, you will feel that it is simply designed for you
  • when you receive this black 10 magnify mirror, the first you see is a lavender box, elegant and refined. when you open it, you will see the back of the mirror. two small white suction cups that the general mirror will not have. then you take the mirror out and tear off the protective film on the surface, you will be pleasantly surprised. because you have found a magnify makeup mirror that suits you, it's perfect
  • the outer shell of the mirror is black, which is an elegant and understated design that is dirty resistant. the two suction cups you see on the casing and have strong suction force that can hold the glass or tile wall tightly. unless you use super strength, you will never worry about mirror fall down. as long as you choose the right position, the mirror will add a dual function to any smooth table or wall mirror
Gotofine Double Sided Magnifying Degree Rotation- Clear & Transparent
Product Highlights:
  • high definition 10x magnification on one side and regular on the other side.
  • 5.8-inch size optical quality glass mirror which provide a clear wide view.
  • 360 degree rotation can be fixed to any angle for easy viewing as your will.
15x Magnifying Handheld Mirror Makeup Mirror With 1/15x Magnification
Product Highlights:
  • 【high definition double sided mirror】 one side is high definition normal mirror, and the other side is 10x magnification mirror ,which creates different choices for you
  • 【360°rotation pedestal】multi-use design , a flexible foldaway handle which can rotate multiple angles, can be used as a hand mirror, tabletop mirror, and hanging mirror. easy to carry and pack.
  • 【environmental abs plastic 】select non-toxic abs engineering plastic with moderate hardness, which makes it more durable, safety and light, bringing better comfortable touch than the usual acrylic material
20x Magnifying Mirror With Storage Bag, 1PC Tweezer, 1PC Reminder Card. 4Inches.
Product Highlights:
  • ❤️ mirror with 20x magnification, made with optical quality glass; 4inches round;
  • ❤️ easy mounting with 3 suction cups on your mirror window,ceremic tile etc.
  • ❤️ reminder card' don't forget me!' to prevent you forgetting to take your mirror off the hotel mirror;
Cheftick Double Sided 1X Swivel For Bathroom Or Bedroom, Transparent
Product Highlights:
  • ◇ zoom in on your beauty: on one side is the regular 1x magnifying mirror, and the other side is 10x magnification of the concave mirror, helping you take care of every little detail on the face.
  • ◇ free adjustable rotation: 360 degree swivel design of the vanity mirror can be fixed to any angle. in makeup you can choose the best angle, without missing any skin details, to create a flawless makeup.
  • ◇ stable and solid base: functional and ornamental circular desktop makeup mirror with a stable base, you can rotate the mirror at will, but it still stays in place, not easy to dump.
Updated 2020 Version 10X Mirrors For Home Tabletop Bathroom Shower Travel
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ 10x magnification & natural daylight led: vimdiff provides extra light during your grooming routine and allows you to focus on a specific section of your face to achieve a professional finish; ideal for applying makeup and other beauty treatments that require more precision extra precision, such as applying contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing, precise tweezing, shaving, hair styling and facial care.
  • ✅ 360°rotation & powerful suction cup : 360°rotation helps to adjust to any desired angle or position; strong suction cup locks your mirror securely onto any clean, smooth, and flat, clean surface with ease; such as on a table, wall, window, and even a larger mirror.
  • ✅ compact & protabel travel ready: take this cordless mirror with you wherever you go. bedroom or bathroom, vanity or wall, this mirror suctions easily to any flat & non-porous surfaces like glass, granite or marble; it's perfect for travel too, folding up for compact storage.
OMIRO Bathroom Mirror 6 Makeup Mirror Black
Product Highlights:
  • compact size with large viewing area: this travel mirror is the dimension of 6" (viewing area of 5.7"), design with the tiniest edge to offer a bigger watching surface than a similar magnifier mirror, trust us, this item is certainly your go-to mirror for face viewing.
  • 20x magnification in hd: the magnification allows the user to see every detail of the face in high definition along with extra precision and accuracy. highly recommended for personal grooming makeup application, tweezing, shaving, and or hair styling.
  • powerful suction cups: 3 high absorbability suction cups makes this magnifying mirror to mount on a flat surface strong. but, dismantling is also effortless, the cup design with a projection for tearing down.
Magnifying Makeup Mirror 8Inch Magnification, Nickel Finished ALHAKIN
Product Highlights:
  • 【1x & 10x magnification】 10x magnifying mirror ideal for applying make-up and other beauty treatments which require more precision, 1x regular side gives you an overall view.
  • 【large size hd mirror】 cosmetic mirror is only 8 inches in diameter and 15 inches in height, the base is 5.3 inches, space-saving so that you have more space for cosmetics.
  • 【360° swivel mirror】 smooth 360-degree adjustable swivel, effortlessly spin the tabletop mirror and angle it to obtain the best angle for different makeup needs.
20X 15X Magnifying Travel Ready - 6-Inch & 4-Inch Wide
Product Highlights:
  • 2 mirrors for the price of 1 - for the same price as our competitors, we're able to include two mirrors instead of one. how are we able to do this? because it costs us the exact same to ship two together instead of one. the cost of shipping is a major contributor to cost but by combining and consolidating, we are able to ship efficiently compared to other brands and we pass the savings onto you in the form of including an extra bonus magnifying mirror.
  • very strong (15x) & extremely strong (20x) magnification - is 15x or 20x better? you don't have to answer because you're getting both with your purchase. ***please be aware that due to the extreme magnification, you have to be at a fairly close distance when using or your reflection will appear upside down. this is normal and expected for any mirror with ultra high magnification.
  • 3 suction cups for secure mounting - ideal for mounting on other makeup mirrors, the 3 suction cups located on the back will ensure it stays securely in place. in fact, getting it to stick is the easy part, getting it off will require some effort.

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