14 Best Magnetic Ball Bearings

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Top 14 Magnetic Ball Bearings

BrainSpark DigitDots 222 Pieces ( Games Magnet Toys Magnetic Balls Stress Relief Toys)
Product Highlights:
  • fidgets for your digits! - the original digitdotstm! dont be fooled by imitations! digitdots fidget magnets are made of powerful, high-quality neodymium magnets. package contains 216 5mm nickel magnets plus 6 bonus magnets, carrying case, cutter card, and design instruction guide.
  • let your creativity run wild! - digitdots 5mm neodymium ball magnets attach tightly together, allowing you to create limitless designs. digitdots stimulate creativity and creative thinking, engaging both the right and left side of your brain. use problem solving skills to copy designs, or use your creativity to create your own designs. with multiple digitdots kits, build large sculpturesthe possibilities are only as limited as your imagination!
  • stress-releiving adult fun! digitdots toy magnets help alleviate stress and anxiety. digitdots are also an excellent sensory tool to improve concentration, focus, attention, and active listening. digitdots create a sense of calmness, while promoting problem solving and creative thinking skills.
DoDoMagxanadu Orbiter Fidget Toy ( Anxiety Relief Anti Depression Toy)
Product Highlights:
  • relieve stress. this magnetic orbiter hand fidget toy can help reduce stress and anxiety for kids & adults, also effective for focus and deep thought and help patients with add and adhd relieve stress and anxiety.
  • material: pure copper gear and aluminum body, the bodys material is aviation aluminum, sandblasting effect, feels good. r188 stainless steel bearing,spins about 2 minutes.
  • use way: hold the magetic balls spinner in your hand , rapidly spin it with your other hand. spin your stress away.
CMS Magnetics CMS25038 38 ( NOT MAGNETS – Pack Of 250)
Product Highlights:
  • industrial high grade g24 3/8” stainless steel balls, not magnets high precision manufacturing for a top quality sphere
  • applications include bearings
  • agricultural and many other industrial applications
BC Precision Balls Ten ( Bearing Balls G25, CH1043)
Product Highlights:
  • high precision grade g25
  • finest quality aisi 52100 chrome steel
  • manufactured in china
Uxcell 25mm Bearing Balls ( Precision Balls 50pcs)
Product Highlights:
  • 2.5mm in diameter; package includes 50 piece ball
  • precision grade g100 balls
  • made of 304 tainless steel with good resistance to corrosion
HCDIY Large Magic Big ( Development And Stress Relief)
Product Highlights:
  • it is a really funny toy for kids or for people to release stress. creativity, jigsaw puzzle, improve assembly ability. improve your brain's intelligence and imagination and stimulate your left and right brain.
  • great for relieving stress, boredom and unleashing your imagination. the product is the brain power player, the exercise patient toy, can improve the individual's imagination, creativity, willpower, has certain education significance.
  • the balls is not suitable for under 15 years children.
CMS MAGNETICS Magnet Gadgets ( Rare Earth Magnet As A Shining Ball Magnet Toy)
Product Highlights:
  • large and strong neodymium sphere magnet: 1.26" sphere neodymium magnet, made of high quality neodymium magnetic material
  • the only sphere neodymium offered: this is the only large sphere magnet available on aamzon.
  • the best coating available: ni+cu+ni heavy duty triple layer plated, nice and shinny
Hilitchi 510 Pcs Metric ( Bearing Ball Assortment Kit)
Product Highlights:
  • 🔹【quality chrome steel bearing balls】 high-grade bearing steel, well construction, high hardness, strong and durable, no deformation. corrosion resistance and high hardness, they could serve for a long time.
  • 🔹【smooth surface 】round and smooth, no residual burr, free of cracks and chips.
  • 🔹【a variety of specifications】contains 11 specifications and models for your future projects. multiple bearings for different purposes!
500 18 Inch Stainless ( Bearing Balls G25)
Product Highlights:
  • high precision grade g25
  • finest quality aisi 420 stainless steel
  • manufactured in china
FAXADELLA 6 Pieces Of ( Toys For Anxiety | Large Magnetic Balls)
Product Highlights:
  • while other magnets are not strong enough, crack easily, are rusty or come with chips rainbowmagnet is made with a high-quality hematite that make these magnetic balls very strong and very fun to play. even if they fall you won’t get chips or cracks. rainbowmagnet has the perfect size and weight so you or your kids can play with just one hand. you can toss them in the air and they will make a rattle sound that is one of the things that makes rainbowmagnet fun
  • no more boring, plain magnets. rainbowmagnet is the only large magnetic balls that has beautiful rainbow colors. rainbowmagnet will stand out from any other since kids and adults love the rainbow colors. you will be the point of attentions among your friends. rainbowmagnet has an smooth surface and curve edges which make it a safe and perfect sphere. rainbowmagnet meets the international toy safety standards so you can be sure that your kids are safe. rainbowmagnet fits perfectly in you
  • perfect present for students, kids and office people rainbowmagnet is perfect rainbow magnetic balls for kids who can’t sit still and kids with adhd. rainbowmagnet has been proven to calm down kids when they get nervous or upset. it is also great for students or adults that have a tendency to bit their nails or knuckle cracking. is of great help to improve focus skills which improve performance in adults and students. people that hate waiting and get bore easily love rainbowmagnet

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