11 Best Keyboard Trays

Top 11 Keyboard Trays

Kensington Underdesk Comfort Keyboard ( SmartFit System (K60004US))
Product Highlights:
  • set your optimal keyboarding height with 3 height adjustments quickly and easily by adjusting to match your smartfit personal comfort color
  • drawer fits all sizes of keyboard including oversize and ergonomically shaped models
  • extra-wide 26" tray can also hold a wrist rest, mouse and mouse pad alongside the keyboard on either the left or right side; wrist wrest and mouse pad included
VIVO Large Keyboard Tray ( Computer Drawer For Typing And Mouse Work (MOUNT-KB05E))
Product Highlights:
  • solid construction - this 26.8 (33" including clamps) x 11 under-desk keyboard tray is designed to hold weights up to 11 pounds and provides excellent support for your keyboard, mouse, and other small accessories. please note: the total length from clamp to clamp is 33", so please make sure you have that much space on your desk before purchasing.
  • smooth gliding motion - easily slide the tray in and out for convenient keyboard placement. extends a maximum of 9.5 from the edge of your desk and keeps your keyboard below the desk surface for ergonomic typing that relieves stress on the wrists, neck, and shoulders.
  • sturdy c-clamps - attach the keyboard tray to your workstation without causing any damage to your desk (2.1 maximum desk thickness) with sturdy c-clamps that hold everything tightly in place and are easily adjustable for user convenience. before purchasing, please make sure that your desk surface does not exceed a thickness of 2.1".
Stand Up Desk Store ( Increasing Usable Desk Space (20 X 11.5) (Black) (Small))
Product Highlights:
  • ergonomic: this adjustable keyboard tray lets you fine tune the height so you can achieve your most comfortable typing position.
  • compact design: this keyboard shelf has a narrower width and depth to accommodate desks with limited space underneath at 20" wide, 24.5" wide including clamps. three height settings: 2.69, 3.44", and 4.19 h
  • increases usable work area: the under desk keyboard tray reduces clutter on top of your desk. in addition, the retractable keyboard tray slides out of the way when it is not needed.
Seville Classics AIRLIFT 360 ( Mouse Tray, 25" W X 9.8" D, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • height adjustable keyboard tray - pull out and adjust to your ideal height for comfortable typing at home, office or school. spring-operated height adjustment
  • tilt & swivel - articulating tray can be swiveled 180 degrees left-to-right and tilted by +6/-22 degrees up and down.
  • fits standard computer keyboards with mouse - tray measures 25" w x 9.8" d and is designed to accommodate full-size keyboards with mouse pad and mouse.
3M Keyboard Tray Simply ( And Stores Under Desk, 17" Track, Black (AKT60LE))
Product Highlights:
  • simply turn knob to adjust height +1.25"/-4.5" from mounting surface and tilt +15/-15 to get to comfortable working position
  • sturdy all-in-one engineered wood platform minimizes bounce while typing and mousing
  • includes easy to clean leatherette covered gel wrist rest with and precise mouse pad with battery saving design that positions right or left
MountIt Under Desk Computer ( Drawer With Gel Wrist Pad, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • full motion design you have the ability to tilt, swivel, and raise this keyboard mouse tray to a position that is suitable and comfortable for you. adjust the drawer to an angle that is easier on the wrists!
  • ergonomic work in a healthier position by utilizing the gel wrist pad that comes with this computer keyboard drawer. adjusting the height and angle along with using the gel pad will help with arm and wrist strain, preventing repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel and arthritis.
  • heavy duty materials enjoy this under desk keyboard drawer for years to come since it is made with heavy duty, quality materials. all of the materials that are needed to install this keyboard tray are included.
VIVO Black Adjustable Computer ( Under Table Desk Mount (MOUNT-KB04C))
Product Highlights:
  • ergonomic keyboard and mouse tray that mounts under your desk using the included hardware. features a deluxe rolling track for smooth in and out movement (total tray weight is 10 pounds. be sure your desk can support this under-mounted weight).
  • enhances posture during typing and reduces wrist soreness with plush gel padding, 40 degree side to side rotations, 30 degree tilting, and 6.7" height adjustment.
  • deluxe universal 26.5" x 10" tray weighing 12.65 lbs fits most keyboards and mice. the keyboard slides forwards and back on a 18" track. (be sure to measure the under side of your desk to make sure the 18" track will fit!)
Adjustable Keyboard Tray Ergonomic ( Platform Large Space Track Cartmay)
Product Highlights:
  • manual adjustment: pull or push plate to adjust the horizontal position of the tray, picked up or down plate to adjust the height, left and right movement to adjust the working space.
  • adjustment range: the adjusting height is 5.9(150mm), plate can be higher than desktop 0.8(20mm) to lower than the desktop 5.1(130mm). the plate surface inclination angle range is 15.
  • measure desk first:the platform is 26.7 (680mm) 11.4(290mm) and the track length is 18.1''(460mm). ensure that it fits your desk. its made by phenolic compact laminate (hpl) and can back up your arms strongly. let you no longer worry about the narrow worktop by using this keyboard tray under desk.
Fersgo Under Desk Keyboard ( With Adjustable Height And 15 Tilt Angle 23" Track)
Product Highlights:
  • maximized comfort with minimum requirements - install this keyboard tray on a flat underside of wooden desks with a 23x24 surface and a floor to underside height of 27.75. this will make sure that you have enough space for your new under the table keyboard tray.
  • tuck your keyboard in and out of the way - your keyboard and mouse, conveniently within reach! neatly slide your keyboard and mouse tray under your desk and slide it out whenever you need to do some work!
  • encourages a better working posture - neck and shoulder pain at work? you can eliminate them by using the keyboard and mouse at the right angle! fersgos ergonomic keyboard tray can be adjusted to your preferred height and angle.
Fellowes Office Suites Underdesk ( Black/Silver (91403))
Product Highlights:
  • height adjustable unit features 3 height adjustments to suit preferred work position and moves keyboard and mouse off the desktop to save workspace
  • mouse tray mounts to right or left side of keyboard tray or stows underneath
  • sturdy, impact-resistant tray fits standard keyboards

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