10 Best Itech Jr Kids Smartwatch

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Top 10 Itech Jr Kids Smartwatch

ITouch Playzoom Kids Smart Animations, Educational And Active Games Pink Unicorns
Product Highlights:
  • digital camera with video record - this kids smartwatch has a swivel camera, video camera, and takes up to 50 photos that can be saved and uploaded onto your computer via usb
  • educational games and activities - with so many learning and active games, this smart watch makes the perfect gift for all children. includes sound animation to make it the perfect fun and interactive watch.
  • smart watch features - fully functional kids smartwatch has a stopwatch, alarm, timer, calendar, wallpaper, and a settings feature to help customize their watch face and edit attributes
Ameiqa Kids Smart Watch Watch, Kids Phone Watches Compatible With IOS And Android
Product Highlights:
  • [multi-function smart kids watches]: kids smartwatches have not only rich functions but also easy to operate. voice chat, flashlight, two-way call, class mode, camera, weather forecast, loving reward, historical tracker, lbs tracking, setting safe area, remote camera, sos alarm, silent monitor, precise alarm clock, low battery notification, the kids watches set up three rank math games to excitation kids learning. (positioning, alarm clock, weather forecast, and other functions need to download
  • [lbs tracking & safe area]: kids tracker smartwatch with lbs position technology provide a guarantee for kids safety. of course, you can also set a safe area for areas where children are active, such as going to school, leaving school, arriving home, staying in formation. if the child deviates the safety area, you will receive a message on your smartphone app immediately. for active learning and entertainment, parents can set the do not disturb mode of the watch in the classroom through the app
  • [sos emergency call]: there is an sos button on the right side of the kids watch. when they are in trouble, long-press the sos button to quickly call the family, and the sos button can cycle through the three numbers until they answer. your phone number must be on the list of kids smartwatch phone. you can set three numbers. parents can view the kid's current location in real-time through the app, even if they leave home and know the kids' areas. in an emergency, the sos button device can ensur
GPS Waterproof Kids Smart Help Anti-Lost Calling Phone Watches S16 Blue
Product Highlights:
  • 🚩 2019 gps tracker watch: this is a true gps children's smart watch, which is more accurate than lbs mode positioning. the error will be less than 240 feet / 80 meters, parents can view the child's location through the mobile app, and can set an activity safety fence, the app will issue an alarm when the child's activity leaves the range. you can also view the history of one month. with built-in camera, parents can watch photos remotely. voice chat, pedometer, night flashlight, clock, etc.
  • 🆘 one-touch sos key call: parents set 3 number emergency contact numbers in the app. in an emergency, when your child presses the button for 3 seconds, it will dial 3 sos phone numbers twice in succession until the call is answered. at the same time, the alert notification will be launched to the app. this is very helpful for an emergency. in addition, you save 10 frequently used contacts for your watch in the app for your child's use.
  • 📞 two-way communication: children can make and receive calls through the watch, and can also send voice messages to the parent mobile phone app. parents can also send voice/text messages to their children via the app. when your child is not around, it is the most convenient tool for connecting the two parties.
PROGRACE Kids Smart Watch Digital Wrist Watch For Girls Electronic Learning Toys
Product Highlights:
  • best kids smart watch - our kids smartwatch is specially designed for 4 to 12 years old children, with 1.54" ips touch screen, kids-friendly band, built-in games, rotatable camera, perception time, fm radio, flash light, pedometer, calories, support earphone and audio music player. hope to enjoy the fun of learning in entertainment.(tips: add prograce 32gb micro sd card to cart together, only $5.50 now!)
  • kids watch with camera - 90rotatable camera allows you to take pictures and selfies with one camera, just adjust the angle, which is really a big fun for your children.(tips: please insert a 1gb-32gb micro sd card before taking any photo, card is not included)
  • kids game watch - built-in 4 funny games(whac-a-mole, ninja run online, welcome the god of wealth, brave money), children can play through the touch screen and select the game for their prefer, training them in coordination and thinking with our kidsdigital watch.
Zqtech Smart Watch For Watch Smartwatch Girls Boys Birthday Presents
Product Highlights:
  • waterproof smart watch for kids: with international dustproof level, support two-way call, lbs positioning, sos emergency call,camera, flashlight, voice chat, anti-throw, remote voice monitor, clock, math game, etc. parents can control and set the watch through the app.
  • agps+lbs position: double position technology based on agps, location base on cell tower station means double safety for kids. realize all-day real-time location tracking, more accurate positioning, children just click sos to connect the phone, at the same time, parents can check the location anytime, anywhere by sms, ios or android app. *provide an approximate location.
  • two way communication: kids can make and received call via parents have set contacts phone number. moreover, when kids in danger. setting emergency function that press sos key for 3 seconds in any mode, it will call 3 phone numbers for sos calls alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the call. certainly for emergency situation. in addition, parents can via app to send voice /text message to kids.
Kids Waterproof Smart Watch Birthday Gifts Toys Watches For School Boy Girls Pink
Product Highlights:
  • sos emergency call: when in distress, kids can press the sos key for 3 seconds to circularly call families' numbers for help. you can set up to 3 sos numbers. great help for kids in emergency situation!
  • not include sim card: kids watch support micro sim card, we only provide smartwatch, but no sim card. please purchase additional gsm network sim card. we recommend speedtalk sim (belonging to t-mobile network), watch sim card needs to be enabled caller id function, must be compatible with 2g of data traffic, watches currently only use 2g of data traffic.
  • more useful features: (1). time and date (2). sos (3). alarm clock (4) camera (5). voice chat (6). album (7). group chat (8). flashlight (9). calculator (10). find my watch. we believe this smart watch will bring a healthy and happy childhood to the children.
HuaWise Kids Smartwatch AntiLost Camera Alarm For Boys And Girls … Blue
Product Highlights:
  • two way call&sos emergency: kids can make calls and receive calls, parents can save 10 phone numbers in this watch. and the watch can be 3 emergency numbers , when kids in trouble, kids can press the sos button, it will call 3 phone numbers for sos calls alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the addition, parents can send voice /text message to kids via app.
  • real-time position:local base station (lbs) tracker smartwatch, with double position technology, give your children double security. realize all-day real-time location tracking, more accurate positioning.the positioning of the watch is based on your location's lbs signal transmission station and is also related to the network signal in your area. provide an approximately position, the error will be caused by local signal place, error will be 0.3 ~ 4 miles.
  • multi-functions:lbs location, phone book, voice chat, footprint, alarm clock, safe area, one button sos emergency, alarm, low-power alarm, remote shutdown, math game, love reward, electronic fence, camera, photo album, self-dialing.
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 Packaging, Purple
Product Highlights:
  • two cameras allow you to take video and selfies that can be customized and made into new watch faces
  • helps kids learn to tell time and has 55 digital and analog clock faces that they can customize
  • new monster catcher game creates an augmented reality gaming experience where you can capture monsters in the real world

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