10 Best Itech Jr Kids Smartwatch

The Itech Jr Kids smartwatch is an even smarter watch for kids with more fun games and activities. Some kids smartwatch are perfect for young photographers because it has more memory so the kids can take tons of pictures and videos.

10 Best Selling Itech Jr Kids Smartwatch

Smartwatch for Kids Buying Guide

1. Age Range

Before buying a smartwatch for kids check the recommended age range to make sure that it is appropriate to your child. Purchasing a smartwatch for a toddler that is designed for 6-years old is not a good idea. Because toddlers don’t have the motor skills needed to use it, or it may include apps or games that are inappropriate for someone that young.

2. GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is a must-have for parents because it allows them to know the location of their child anywhere they go especially if they are at school or playground. Some smartwatches have a geo-fence that will notify you when your child is outside the range you have limited.

3. Communication

If you are looking for a smartwatch that can receive text and call or vise versa – allows your child to communicate with you then we recommend that you purchase a smartwatch that has a sim slot with a data plan. Most smartwatches allow you to control the ones who can contact your child, which is great for toddlers and kids.

4. SOS

Another most important feature that smartwatches offer is the SOS Button. It is a power switch that sends out notifications and calls the emergency contact when pressed several times or pressed in a few seconds. It is one of the ways that can secure your child’s safe all the time.

5. Durable

Purchase a smartwatch that is tough enough to keep up with a child. It is because we all know that children are too active and energetic so it is better to choose those who offer waterproof, impact-absorbing housing and durable wristband. The best way to check the durability of the watch is to check the product reviews, this way you can describe if the smartwatch is durable.

6. Battery Capacity

Choose a smartwatch that offers a long battery life so you no longer have to charge it all the time. Most parents said that they are charging their child’s watch every night. Most smartwatches recommend a charging time before the first use.

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Here is the best Itech Jr Kids Smartwatch that your kids will surely love to have:

Top 10 Itech Jr Kids Smartwatch

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