iPhone 6 vs. Other iPhones – The Top Features

In this post, we take a look at the top features of iPhone 6 that were either not or only minimally available in previous iPhones.

iPhone 6 is BIG

iphone 6 is Big

iPhone 6 is BIGGER Than All Other iPhones

iPhone 6 is Bigger than All other iPhones

iPhone 6 is Very Thin

iPhone 6 is very thin

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iPhone 6 Has Bigger, Better Display

iphone 6 has bigger, better display

iPhone 6 is Powerful & Efficient

iPhone 6 is powerful & efficient

iPhone 6 Has Better Focus & Takes Amazing Video

iPhone6 takes amazing video

iPhone 6 Offers Faster LTE Downloads & Better Wi-Fi

iPhone 6 has faster LTE Downloads  and WIFI Connectivity

iPhone 6 Lets You Access Your Phone & Approve Purchases with Fingerprint

iPhone 6 lets you access your phone with fingerprint

iPhone 6 Lets You Pay with Touch ID

iPhone 6 lets you pay with touch id

Interested in buying iPhone 6? Here are some useful resources:

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