9 Best Infrared Amethyst Mats

Top 9 Infrared Amethyst Mats

MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst ( Negative Ions - FDA Reg Manufacturer - FIR Heating Pad)
Product Highlights:
  • the main feature of the medicrystal mat 18 layers system is a thick layer with thousands of untreated, unpainted, 100% natural purple amethyst crystals. fir mini mat contains 6-7 pounds of 2-7 mm tumbled, polished gems from brazil. when stones get warm they naturally release negative ions & far infrared deep impact heat. the set includes mini mat, controller with wires, multilayer waterproof protective cover, 3-d air mesh cushioning pad, carry & storage handbag, and user guide
  • cover and pre-heat the mat for 30-40 min. warmed amethyst crystals isolate & concentrate healing infrared rays in the most absorbable wave length 4-16 m to go up to 8 inches deep. mat reveals crystals' powers & brings vital natural forces of fresh air, mountains, waterfalls, sun warmth & ocean beaches into your home in the middle of modern civilization. it can become an essential part of your healthy & active lifestyle no matter how old you are. mini mat is portable. it's great for back or legs
  • this mat is not flexible or bendable. it protects from harmful electromagnetic fields. warmed crystals conduct anions directly to the body to alkalize and restore the natural electrical field. it helps to create calming setting to relieve stress, tiredness & fatigue, relax and revitalize. the mat provides professional results at home in natural way without medicines side effects. using this mat at higher temperatures can reverse hypothermia & restore an optimal body temperature & strength
Ereada FIR BioMagnetic Amethyst ( 100% Natural Crystals - FDA Reg Manufacturer - Gray)
Product Highlights:
  • 17 layers with a thick entire mat layer of 20 pounds 100% natural certified jewelry grade crushed & polished amethysts from korea or brazil. the crystals release deep penetrating far-infrared heat and negative ions. the net weight of the compact pro ereada amethyst mat is around 34 pounds. the size is 24x59. heating area covered by heat resistant suede tubes with crystals is 21x47. this mat works only with 110-120v / 60hz north american electricity. select the 220-240v variation for europe
  • original quality from korea. ereada mat emits deep penetrative far-infrared heat & negative ions. it has 3 pcs of 100-400 gauss bio magnetic pulsation coils with 8 levels of variable frequencies adjustable to pulse 8- 64 times per second. mat blocks electromagnetic radiation. it is great to create reenergizing environment for wellness & relaxation, skin, bones, nerves, joints, tendons comfort & rejuvenation, maintain optimal activity, immunity & body strength. use it flat on your bed or floor
  • heated amethysts generates fir and mid infra-red rays with 93% efficiency in the most body absorbable wave length range 4-15 m. healing warmth penetrates tissues up to 8 inches deep. the mattress produces air and negative ions by built-in anion layers. it creates intense heating setting helpful to improve circulation, metabolism and enhance the bodys own healing & revitalizing powers on a cellular level. the mat comes with a carry & storage handbag 24x20x8 & 2 protective waterproof covers
Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst ( Crushed Natural Amethyst - FDA Reg Korean Manufacturer)
Product Highlights:
  • 18-layers system with a thick entire mat layer of jewelry grade untreated unpainted natural amethyst from korea and brazil. crushed and polished a+ 1/8-1/4 gems fixed without glue by durable heat resistant mesh fabric. 21 pounds of crystals per 24x59 healing mattress. highest value in the industry. the heating area with gemstone measures 48 by 21 inches. heavy duty industrial grade parts and materials. 1 year warranty. 10-20 years life span. no harmful emissions, smell or off-gassing
  • original made in korea product. manufactured with industrial grade quality parts by famous in korea hyundai medical factory with 20 years experience in hot stone mats. many old mats still working perfectly. this amethyst mattress emits far-infrared heat., pulsed & static magnetism, red light & negative ions. blocks electromagnetic radiation. it features advanced emf free titanium heating system with seven levels of adjustable heat 86 to 158f & eight levels of adjustable pemf from 8 to 64 hz
  • the purple ereada mat comes with 3 new functions: static permanent magnets - very low-frequency pemf pulsed magnetic therapy - monochromic 660 nm red light bio photon leds. variable magnetic pulsation from 8 to 64 times per second. great for relaxation, skin, bones, nerves, joints, tendons comfort & rejuvenation and to maintain optimal body strength. rare to find exceptional old time quality top end product and premium ceo-level customer service. use this mat flat on your bed or floor
PHYMAT Amethyst Far Infrared ( Off,Adjustable Timer And Temp,(70"X31"))
Product Highlights:
  • phymat natural amethyst infrared heating pad provides pemf ,far infrared light, and negative ion to warm and relax your body.
  • built-in pemf device,this pemf mat supplies magnetic waves at the same frequency as the earth (7.83 hz),pulsed electromagnetic field is beneficial for relaxing joint , muscle stiffness, and upper or lower back etc.
  • emf radiation protection&smart led controller,emf radiation protection through advanced filtration system and extra emf- blocking layers;smart controller,led display,86-158f (displayed as 30-70c) adjustable temperature; 3, 6, 12 hours timer setting.
Far Infrared Mini Heating ( Settings - Comfortably Flexible Order Today & Feel Better!)
Product Highlights:
  • the charmed far infrared amethyst and tourmaline mat is durable & designed to last, featuring a 17-layer construction that contains 6.5 lbs of natural amethyst & tourmaline crystal and emits radiant heat that is absorbed up to 6 inches into the body. that means deep penetrating hot rock fir heat therapy for more significant, lasting results for you effective relaxation and relief from chronic muscle, nerve, & joint pain.
  • research shows amethyst crystal utilizes infrared energy extremely effectively, allowing thorough absorption for deeper healing. amethyst is also gentle on the body & known to be the best stone for relaxation & comfort. pairing amethyst crystals with detoxifying, immunity boosting natural tourmaline stone, our fir mat generates healing negative ions that are absorbed directly into the body to soothe & combat free radicals in the body.
  • designed with comfort in mind, our 31 x 20 crystal healing mat isnt hard, stiff or uncomfortable. the small, tumbled untreated stones are encased in a long-lasting, 17 layer padded cover with a flexible backing for the utmost comfort & versatility, total relaxation on soft surfaces like a bed or sofa, and a good nights sleep. our infrared heater pad also includes a manual, timer control button and a waterproof carrying case for easy transportation!
Far Infrared Amethyst Mat ( Registered Manufacturer -Negative Ion -FIR Heating Pad)
Product Highlights:
  • the top layer of the medicrystal mat 20-components system comprises thousands of untreated, unpainted 100% natural amethysts from brazil and 53 pcs of 1.2 inches dome-shaped natural agates. mesh fabric fixes 11.5 pounds of 2-7 mm crushed & polished amethysts and 1.2 pounds of agates without glue by artisan sewing process. the mat features 12 red light leds with 660 nm wavelength and six coils generating 50-100 gauss intensity pemf. midsize mat is 59 by 24 inches with 48 by 21 inches heating area
  • warmed crystals & gems naturally release ions & far infrared deep impact heat. amethyst concentrates crystal rays in the most absorbable wavelength range 4-16µm with energy peaks at 6 and 12 microns to go 8 inch deep into tissues. agates were believed to heal wounds & provide blood and water with magic powers. red light rejuvenates & improves look & appearance of skin. pemf restores healthy electrical & bio magnetic fields. use midsize mat for the whole body if your height is less than 5 ft 6 in
  • reveal crystals powers & bring vital natural forces of fresh air, mountains, waterfalls, sunshine, ocean beaches, and earth magnetism into your home in the middle of modern civilization! make it an essential supplement to your active lifestyle, no matter how old you are. use this mat only flat on your bed mattress, massage table or floor to make a pleasant, comfortable & calming setting to rest, relax, revitalize, rehab, relieve stress, tiredness, overtraining, blue feelings. feel forever young!
MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst ( Natural Healing Crystals - Gentle Support - Purple)
Product Highlights:
  • this high end b-shape pillow 20l x 12"w x 4"h contains around 2.7 pounds of 100% natural purple amethyst gemstones of brazilian origin known for ability to emit fir crystal rays and generate negative ions. the total weight of the pillow is around 5.5 pounds. there is a zipper on the back side of the pillow case to remove insert. the cover is made of luxury eco-leather soft but yet durable matching color of the purple medicrystal mats collection.
  • medicrystal fir amethyst pillows come from fda registered manufacturer. it consists of 2 parts, the core insert made of special heat resistant regular memory foam for gentle cervical support and the valuable cover with precious natural tumbled crystals of natural amethyst infused along the whole length of the pillow case. you can take off the case with gems from the pillow insert and put on your own pillow. for better firm cervical support you can chose our hard pillow.
  • the soft core pillow is preferable for long use, sleeping or relaxing, it holds head and neck in elevated position during fir heat therapy sessions on hot stone mats and heating pads. amethyst pillow recaptures far-infrared heat from the fir mat and radiates it at a lower intensity particularly beneficial for high heat detoxification procedures on your medicrystal amethyst mat at high heat levels.
Ereada Far Infrared Amethyst ( Registered Manufacturer - Hot Crystals EMF Free Heating Pad)
Product Highlights:
  • 15 layers with thick entire mat layer of jewelry grade korean and brazil crushed and polished grade a+ natural amethyst crystals. 20 pounds of 3-9 mm gems per mattress. hot gemstones naturally emit negative ions and far-infrared crystal 4-16 microns rays
  • original made in korea product. manufactured with industrial grade quality parts by hyundai medical factory. with 20 years experience in hot stone mats and many old mats still working perfectly. 7 levels of emfs free deep heat. adjustable 86 to 158 f
  • 2 years warranty. you can also purchase 5 years extension. rare to find exceptional old time quality top end product with premium ceo level customer support. use flat on bed or floor. comparable with infra-red sauna but no space needed

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