11 Best Humidifier 1500 Sq Ft

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Top 11 Humidifier 1500 Sq Ft

HOmeLabs 1500 Sq Ft ( Moisture To Prevent Mold, Mildew And Allergens)
Product Highlights:
  • 1,500 sq ft dehumidifier - our dehumidifier removes up to 22 pints (30 pint 2012 doe standard) of moisture from the air per day. this moisture-removing, energy star certified beast is fit for medium to large rooms, to quickly and effectively absorb moisture without racking up your energy bill.
  • designed for the modern home - that most dehumidifiers are clunky eyesores is news to nobody. we designed with the modern consumer in mind: a sleek clean look, convenient built-in wheels and handles, and a quiet fan that won't drown out your current binge-watching obsession. durability is key, too, which is why we offer a 2-year warranty, plus an extra 6 months if you register on our website.
  • super easy to use - dehumidifiers don't need to be complicated, so ours isn't. adjust to your ideal moisture setting, then let it run its continuous 24-hour cycle until the tank is full, at which point it will automatically shut-off. don't got time for that? there's also a drain hose outlet for continuous draining. the hose is not included; we recommend a ⅝" diameter garden hose with an internal threaded end, and optionally teflon tape for extra security
AIRCARE 831000 SpaceSaver White ( Humidifier 2700 Sq. Ft)
Product Highlights:
  • digital controls with auto humidistat. the maximum run time is 70 hours and the capacity is 6 gallons
  • automatically shuts off when desired humidity level is reached or when unit is empty
  • trapmax filter technology with protection
Elechomes UC5501 Ultrasonic Humidifier ( Display, Sleep Mode, 12-40 Hours, 550ml/h Max Humidity)
Product Highlights:
  • ultrasonic cool & warm mist: stay cozy and comfortable year round with cold and warm mist humidification! cool mist mode for soothing moisture and improved sleep, while warm mist mode is perfect for providing extra heat in the winter.
  • smart humidity sensing: a state-of-the-art humidity sensor will detect the humidity of the room quickly and accurately. you'll know exactly how much humidification you need to reach your desired humidity level. the humidifier will turn off when the desired humidity is reached and will turn on again when the humidity drops.
  • ultra-efficient,long-lasting design: the elechomes cool and warm mist humidifier is the best of the best. equipped with a large 6l tank and dual 360° rotatable nozzles, this humidifier can humidify rooms up to 750 sq ft! one tank will last for up to 40 hours of continuous use.
AIRCARE 826000 SpaceSaver White ( Humidifier For 2300 Sq. Ft,)
Product Highlights:
  • analog controls
  • adjustable humidistat
  • trapmax filter technology with antimicrobial protection
COLZER 30 Pints Portable ( 1500 Sq Ft, Continuous Drain Hose Outlet (30 Pint))
Product Highlights:
  • keep your home comfortable by removing humidity with this portable home dehumidifier with included 3.2-foot drain hose and wheels
  • reduces humidity in rooms up to 1,500 square feet, making it great for large rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements
  • removes up to 30 pints (about 4 gallons) of moisture from the air every day
AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital ( Evaporative Humidifier, Espresso)
Product Highlights:
  • pedestal-style humidifier for a whole house up to 2,400 square feet. assembled product weight: 27 pounds.
  • digital humidistat automatically maintains your desired humidity level with digital accuracy
  • digital readout displays actual humidity level, desired humidity level or fan speed ,voltage - 120 volts
Coway Airmega 400 Smart ( 1,560 Sq. Ft. Coverage)
Product Highlights:
  • air mega is designed to accommodate room sizes up to 1,560 square feet and it cleans the air two times in one-hour.
  • air mega max2 filter - combined activated carbon and true hepa filter - captures and reduces up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in the air, including pollen, pollutants and other allergens. it also reduces more than 99% of volatile organic compounds and reduces fumes such as nh3 and ch3cho. it also includes washable and permanent pre-filter to catch larger dust particles.
  • conway airman's pollution sensor communicates indoor air quality in real-time. the brightly colored led ring lets you know how clean or dirty your indoor air is every minute of the day.
TOSOT Energy Star Dehumidifier ( Removes Moistures For Home, Basement, Bedroom, Bathroom)
Product Highlights:
  • work smarter, not harder: the tosot 30 pint dehumidifier is perfect for bathrooms or other smaller-sized rooms. in one day you can remove up to 30 pints (4 gallons) of moisture from your home. you can also use the gravity drain hose connection to empty water into your sump pump or floor drain, eliminating the need to empty the collected water by hand every few hours.
  • basement dehumidifier: by removing excess moisture from your home, you will create a more comfortable environment for your family. excess humidity can also increase the lifespan of your furniture, fabric, and other material possessions; things such as musical instruments, books, photographs, as well as shoes and clothing items.
  • energy star rated: we don't have to all become tree-hugging hippies to agree on climate change (it's real) but one thing we can all agree on is the sweet relief of saving a few bucks on your monthly energy bills, am i right? energy star-rated appliances are not just better for the environment, but also for your wallet.
AIRCARE MA1201 WholeHouse ConsoleStyle ( Evaporative Humidifier, White)
Product Highlights:
  • console-style humidifier for a whole house up to 3600 square feet
  • digital humidistat automatically maintains your desired humidity level with digital accuracy
  • automatically shuts off when desired humidity level is reached or when unit is empty
Vremi 30 Pint Energy ( Prevent Mold And Mildew, 1,500 Sq. Ft, White)
Product Highlights:
  • a 30 pint 4-gallon room dehumidifier - our dehumidifier removes up to 30 pints from the air per day. if you like to measure in gallons as in milk (or beer) this dehumidifier can remove up to 4 gallons. this energy star certified dehumidifier is fit to quickly and effectively absorb moisture with minimal energy consumption in medium to large rooms
  • designed with you in mind - we designed the moisture maniac with convenience and style in mind. this dehumidifier sports a sleek, clean look with convenient built-in wheels and handles as well as a quiet fan that will do its job without you hearing it
  • real easy to use - it's a dehumidifier, not a rocket ship and our design reflects that. simply adjust to your ideal moisture setting, let it run its continuous 24-hour cycle until the tank is full, where it'll then shut-off automatically. for added convenience, there's also a drain hose outlet for continuous draining (note: hose not included)
AIRCARE H12600 Digital WholeHouse ( Evaporative Humidifier, Copper Night,)
Product Highlights:
  • humidifies 3,700 square feet; 11.9 gallons of output per day
  • evaporative system uses natural humidity; no white dust
  • protects skin, plants, furniture, electronics from harmful, dry air

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