How to Use Massage Gun for Weight Loss

The best thing about massage guns is its versatility. Not only can it help ease out body pain and make you feel relaxed, but it also can be used as a tool for weight loss too.

This is all thanks to what they called ‘percussion therapy’ that massage guns give. But of course, you can’t just rely on a massage gun alone. It needs to be paired with a proper diet and exercise as well.

5 Best Massage Guns for Weight Loss

Mebak 5 Percussion Massage Gun

Aching muscles and body pain no more when massage guns are here. This versatile portable massager is all you need to get that much-needed relaxation.

But the best part of owning one is you can use it for weight loss too. But how is that possible? And that’s what we are going to explore more about today. 

Benefits of Massage to Weight Loss

Massage therapy can make wonders for those people who want to lose weight. But keep in mind that it cannot be done alone. You must still include a proper diet and exercise. Massage is also an excellent way to give yourself relaxation for all the hard work you have done. Here are the benefits of massage to weightloss:

  • Improve Sleeping
  • Reduce Stress Level
  • Decrease Muscle Pain
  • Helps Reduce Anxiety
  • Improve Back Pain

Weight Loss and Percussion Therapy Explained

Percussion therapy’, we often hear this term when it comes to massage guns. They are plastered everywhere no matter the brand of the massage gun.

So what is this percussion therapy, you asked? Simple! It is the term for a rapid pressure burst to ease out painful muscle tissues. 

Dicfeos Massage Gun

And this is what massage guns are made for, which is to provide successive rapid pressure bursts in an automated way. This is vastly different from a massage therapist, where they tend to do it slowly and more gently to soothe your body and ward off aching muscles. 

So how does ‘percussion therapy’ help aid in weight loss? The vibration you will feel through the massage gun’s vibration provides a metabolism boost. Thus, resulting in more calories to be burned. And it’s even more effective if you do this with physical activity too. 

Always remember that there is no shortcut to weight loss. No matter how you use your massage gun on your body, it still needs to be paired with a proper diet and exercise.

Without these two, your weight loss journey won’t be as effective as you thought it would be. So don’t be a couch potato all day and start moving too. 

Keep in mind that a massage gun only ‘aids’ in weight loss, but not a solution to get rid of fats completely.

So whenever you hit the gym, always bring your massage gun with you. In the next section below, we are going to guide you how to power your workout sessions with massage guns.

The Ultimate Duo: Massage Guns and Workouts

Dicfeos Massage Gun

The weight-loss benefits of massage guns are perfect for those who want to start living an active and healthy lifestyle. In this guide, we are going to teach you how to use a massage gun for your workout sessions.

1. Before Workout

After warming up, grab your massage gun and gently rub it on the muscle groups you are targeting for today’s session.

Doing so encourages blood circulation on your muscles, making your workout more efficient and fulfilling. For example, if you’re going to do leg day, then use the massage gun on your legs for about three to five minutes. 

2. During Workout

Workouts can make your muscles stiff, especially if you are doing intense training sessions. To prevent your muscles from getting stiff and last long in the gym, massage gun those muscles again after each set.

Doing so prevents muscle spasms in the middle of your workout session. Thus, letting you do more and lift more. Do this for about one to two minutes before hitting those weights again. 

3. After Workout

The extreme intensity you’ll feel after a workout is normal. So to relax yourself down, use the massage gun again and run it gently on your muscles.

This encourages your body to relax and gives you that drowsy feeling to help you sleep better after your workout session.

The more you use the massage gun after workouts, the better your recovery time will be. Which also helps get rid of muscle spasms too, which is a common occurrence every after workout. 

All It Takes Is a Gentle Touch

Massage Gun, Handheld Electric Deep Tissue Body Muscle Massager

When using a massage gun, you need to be gentle as you run it through your muscles. Putting too much pressure on it won’t do any good.

And you can’t completely get rid of fats even if you use that massage gun for hours. Do keep in mind that this is not an instant solution for weight loss as mentioned earlier.

Play around its speed and vibration settings too. This helps you determine which is the right setting configuration that suits you best.

After starting the massage gun, leave it spinning/throbbing for about 90 seconds before rubbing it on your body. Doing so helps the massage gun to prepare before it delivers. 

Always remember not to put too much pressure on the massage gun using your hands. The pressure of the massage gun head is already enough to soothe those muscles and fatty areas of your body. So be gentle, and let the massage gun do its thing.

Even More Benefits of Massage Guns

Handheld Electric Deep Tissue Body Muscle Massager, Cordless

A massage gun is indeed your ultimate companion in your weight loss journey. But it doesn’t end there!

Aside from aiding weight loss, there are still tons of benefits you can get from a massage gun. This includes helping you be more flexible, improves blood circulation, and boosts lymphatic flow.

It also promotes a healthy state of mind too. Constant massage gun usage helps ward off anxiety and depression. It also helps you sleep better at night too, especially after a tiring day at work.

Beware of Accidental Injury

Even though massage guns are great for all-around usage, keep in mind that accidental injury is possible when not used correctly. That said, always read the manual that comes with it when purchasing a massage gun. You can also ask for help if you are unsure about its uses.

The internet is your best friend and there are a plethora of YouTube videos about all things massage guns. If you ever feel pain or experienced no benefits from a massage gun, then you might as well go to a massage therapist instead.

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