How to Use Massage Gun by Yourself

Warding off stress and getting that much-needed relaxation is as easy as using a massage gun. Though not that complicated, there are various ways as to how you can use a massage gun on your body.

It all depends on the vibration settings and the area you are going to point the gun onto. But if ever you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, tone down its vibration to prevent further issues. 

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Massage guns took the world by storm for years. This handy massaging device is loved by many since it started to hit shelves. And if you are eyeing on getting yours, then being in this article is no accident.

Why You Should Buy a Massage Gun

There are so many reasons to love a massage gun. And with a myriad of massage gun brands flooding the market, there’s plenty of choices for everyone.

Here are some of its benefits:

1. Keeps Muscle Cramps at Bay

If you are an athlete who has a very active lifestyle, you’ll probably experience muscle cramps more often. Muscle cramps are the number one cause of injuries. But with the help of a massage gun, muscle cramps will become a thing of the past.

Massage guns help keep blood and oxygen flow circulation at an optimal level. Thus, reducing the risk of getting muscle cramps, especially in the middle of training.

2. Helps Ease Body Pain

Massage guns use vibration to keep your body soothed and relaxed. And if you ever feel any kind of body pain deep inside your muscles, then a massage gun is your best friend for that. The vibration from the massage gun gives your muscles a therapeutic sensation that helps ease the pain. 

3. A Great Tool for Post-workout Sessions

Ever wondered why your muscles feel stiff after working out, this is caused by muscle spasms. To help keep your muscles relaxed after an intense workout session, use a massage gun for that. The pressure of the massage gun keeps your muscles from getting stiff and ward off spasms. 

4. Makes You More Flexible

Frequent use of a massage gun will help make your joints more flexible, which is important for athletes, especially gymnasts. This is because massage guns help improve your blood circulation. Enabling you to move freely and flexibly with ease. 

5. Speedy Injury Recovery

If you are ever caught in an accident and injure your muscles, a massage gun will help speed up its recovery. But remember, you should never rely on massage guns alone. It needs to be paired with adequate rest and meds that are prescribed by your doctor too. 

Steps On Using A Massage Gun

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1. Start with the Lowest Settings First

When starting the massage gun, make sure that it is set to the lowest settings. This helps you determine if the vibration suits best for your relaxation needs. Work your way up to the middle until you reach the highest settings if your muscles can take it. 

Avoid starting on the highest settings first because doing so is a recipe for disaster. High pressure from the massage gun’s vibration can result in injury and may damage your muscles even more. 

2. Massage the Muscles Gently

Don’t point the massage gun directly to your muscles. Instead, let it float a bit without applying too much pressure from your hands. Too much downward pressure can cause soreness instead of relaxation. Let the gun do its thing since it already applies pressure from its massaging head.  

Move the gun in an up and down manner for the optimal massaging experience. You can also move it in a spiral way forming a circle around your muscles. Whatever massage style you choose, make sure that you do it gently without applying excessive pressure.

3. Stay Relaxed

Make yourself comfortable while using the massage gun. You can either sit on your couch or lie down in your bed as you see fit. The purpose of using such a device is to soothe and relieve our muscles, not to worsen it by staying tense. 

Just breathe in and out occasionally as you move the massage gun in your body. Stay calm and feel the sensation of the massage gun running across yourself. Just make sure you won’t fall asleep while still holding the gun since you are already in a relaxed state. 

More Things You Should Know About Massage Guns

Massage Gun, Mini Percussion Body Massager Back Neck Shoulder Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle Relaxation for Gym Girl Office Home Post-Workout Pain Relief.

1. Quality Matters

There’s no denying that massage guns come with a hefty price tag. Most massage guns in the market today are sold around $600 to $700 depending on the brand. But fret not because there are also cheaper massage guns available too.

Just make sure to check its quality first and compare its features from its pricier competitors. Do keep in mind that not all affordable products are on par with high-end ones. 

2. Avoid Pointing It On the Same Spot for Too Long

There’s a common misconception that if ever you have injured or painful muscles, you should let the massage gun stay at that spot for longer. However, doing so is just a disaster waiting to happen. 

Letting the massage gun stay on the same painful spot for prolonged periods can cause muscle numbness and even more pain. And when this happens, it’s time to visit a massage therapist to ease it out. Always remember that a massage gun is not a replacement for massage therapy. 

3. There are Different Massage Gun Heads Available Too 

We often see massage guns having a round massage head by default. However, there are also different variants that you can buy separately too. This includes the flat, bullet, and fork heads. Each type of massage gun head has specific muscle group functions. 

The flat head is suitable anywhere in your body. The round head is for larger muscle groups, bullet head for severely injured muscle areas, and the fork for the spine and neck.

Whatever massage head you choose for your massage gun, make sure to apply it gently without using excessive force.

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