How to Use a Massage Gun on Neck

Got sore and aching muscles on your neck? Take the pain away with the help of a massage gun. These portable massaging devices are storming supermarket shelves today. And if you’re planning to get one, then now’s the time to do just that. Using a massage gun on your neck is easy. Point it on the painful area and leave it there for about five to ten minutes.

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A massage gun is your best friend for all your relaxation needs. This handy device is thrice the massaging power than using your bare hands alone. So if going to fancy massage centers is not your thing, then you better buy yourself a massage gun. 

What Causes Neck Pain?

What Causes Neck Pain?
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One of the most common uses of a massage gun is to soothe neck pain. But before we dive into that, let’s see what are some factors that cause neck pain. 

1. Poor Posture

There is a reason why proper posture should be followed as we go on in our everyday lives. With proper posture, it helps the muscles and blood flow to coordinate accordingly.

Sitting or walking with a hunched back is a recipe for disaster. Doing this more often can strain the muscles and can result in neck pain. 

2. Aging

Our joints get worn out as we age. This is the time where your body will create bone spurs, especially around the neck where it can lead to neck pain. Although not fully preventable, it’s important to live healthy when we’re still young to lessen the pain when the time comes.

3. Diseases 

Diseases are inevitable and can occur anywhere in your body. And if you happen to catch a disease that targets your neck, then it’s time to make changes to your lifestyle. Such an example of neck pain-causing diseases is rheumatoid arthritis and meningitis.

Massage Guns Are Here to Save the Day

But fret not because massage guns are here for that reason. Do keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution for people with diseases that affects the neck.

But if you are only experiencing neck pain because of improper posture or aging, then a massage gun is a must-try. 

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Before you get excited, massage guns are expensive. High-end brands will cause you around $600 or more. But if you are lucky enough to spot an affordable one, then do a quality check first. Remember that not all affordable items are built to last.

Some manufacturers tend to cut features or materials used to save costs. So always check its quality before adding it to your cart. Massage guns are pretty much everywhere. You can either buy them locally or online if you prefer it digitally.

It’s also viable to do your research first before buying a massage gun. Doing so helps keep worries at bay if you bought the right massage gun or not. Remember that brands these days love to play around with words to entice you of buying their product. 

Using a Massage Gun on Your Neck the Right Away

Using a Massage Gun on Your Neck the Right Away
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1. Stay Relaxed

First things first, you need to stay as relaxed as possible. This helps you easily determine the painful area around your neck. Try to sit erect comfortably on a chair. You can also lay flat with your face down on the bed too. But we highly suggest the former because it is easier.

2. Use your Hands to Locate the Painful Area

Once you are in a comfortable position, lean your head a little bit and determine where the pain in your neck is using your hand. Do not push the painful area as it can create discomfort. It might be tempting to do so, but leave that one on the massage gun.

3. Massaging the Area Using the Massage Gun

If the painful area is on the left side of your neck, then hold the massage gun using your right hand and begin massaging. Holding the massage gun on the same side of the painful area of your neck and reaching it creates muscle tension. 

And this is why you should use the massage gun on the opposite side of where the painful area is. Doing so makes your neck more relaxed while using the massage gun.

4. Adjust Its Vibration Settings As You See Fit

Massage guns come with different adjustable vibration settings. So select one that is just right for your neck. Play around the vibration settings and determine which one makes you feel more relaxed that works best for you. 

If you feel nauseous using medium or high settings, turn the vibration very low and work around with that configuration. Not every one of us can take high levels of vibration in our necks since this area is filled with sensitive tissues.

Few Tips to Get the Best Neck Massaging Experience:

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TIP1: Don’t Put too Much Pressure

When using the massage gun, hold it lightly to prevent putting too much pressure. Failing to do so can strain your neck tissues and may lead to health complications. 

TIP2: Gently Massage Your Neck Tissues

Run the massage gun on your neck tissues in a gentle up and down manner. Doing so keeps the tissues soothed without using pressure from your hands. Do this for about three to five minutes before exchanging the position of your massage gun. 

It’s Not Just for Neck Pain

A massage gun is an all-around massager for your whole body. Even if you don’t experience any kind of neck pain of some sort, you can still use it for relaxation. Came home after a tiring day from work? Grab that massage gun and give your body its much-needed soothing. 

But keep in mind that a massage gun is not a replacement for a massage therapist. It is only a tool for home use if you don’t have the time and money for a massage service. It’s still better to experience a massage from a certified massage therapist for that ultimate relaxation feeling.

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