How to Fold Up a Nordic Track Treadmill

If you are just like most people, you probably won’t feel like leaving the house to workout every day. Maybe it’s because you’re too tired after a long day at work, maybe it’s because you woke up late, or maybe you just don’t feel like it. 

But one of the ways by which you can reduce the friction between you and your workout is by having workout equipments right in your own home. And one of the best equipments you can probably get is a treadmill. 

Nordic Track Treadmill

Treadmills have become a must in home gyms. They allow you to walk or run miles right inside your own living space, even while doing something else such as watching your favorite show on Netflix or working on your laptop. Another great thing about treadmills is that you can get foldable ones that free up a lot of space if you’re not using them. NordicTrack produces some of the best foldable treadmills in the market. 

How To Fold Up A NordicTrack Treadmill

Step 1: Put in the safety key and lower the incline of the treadmill until it is completely flat. 

Step 2: Take the safety key off the treadmill and disconnect it from the power source. 

Step 3: Position yourself behind the treadmill. Grab the metal frame under the deck. 

Step 4: Lift the deck up towards the display. While doing this, make sure to keep your posture straight to avoid hurting or damaging your back in the process. 

Step 5: Push frame such that it is perpendicular to the floor. Ensure that the latch knob in the middle of the frame has clicked into place. The latch knob is important since it is the part that will keep the treadmill folded. 

How to Unfold a NordicTrack Treadmill

Step 1: Hold onto the upper end of the treadmill. 

Step 2: Pull the latch knob that keeps the treadmill folded to the right and hold.

Step 3: Lower the deck. 

Things to Consider If You’re Planning on Getting a Treadmill 

1. Price

There are many treadmills available in the market from different brands, with different features, and they also come in different types and sizes. These factors affect their price. 

Of course, it goes without saying that cheaper ones tend to have poorer quality than those that are more expensive. Make the right choice when getting a treadmill. 

2. Size

Treadmills come in different sizes. There are those with smaller tracks, and while these save a lot of space even though they are not folded, they may be a bit uncomfortable particularly for those who are used to larger treadmills. Fortunately, there are larger treadmills for those who want such. 

When getting a treadmill, measure its size both when it is folded and unfolded and make sure that either way, you have enough space for it. Also, consider the length and width of the track. 

3. Stability

Not all treadmills are made the same. There are those that are more expensive because they do not feel hollow and because they tend to feel more stable under your feet no matter how much you weigh or how hard your foot lands on the belt every single time. 

To ensure that the treadmill you are planning on getting is as stable as you wish it to be, it would be best if you try it out before handing over your hard-earned money. 

4. Features

Features may be a very minute detail to others, and there are those who probably do not mind what features are present in the treadmill they are getting if they’re only concerned about getting their workout done, but there are also those who want something with speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and a holder for gadgets, to allow multitasking. 

If you are going to get a treadmill, make sure you find something that suits your needs. 

5. Warranty

No matter the quality or the brand of the treadmill you purchase, there will always be those unexpected moments when malfunctions occur. Thus, it is important to find a treadmill with a warranty so that you don’t have to give your treadmill up the second it breaks down. 

Most treadmills come with at least a year-long warranty. 

Best Folding NordicTrack Treadmill

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills 30-Day IFIT Family Membership
Product Highlights:
  • 30-day ifit membership included; stream live & on-demand workouts on your equipment with global workouts & studio classes; elite trainers adjust your equipment (15 dollar value)
  • immersive 10-inch interactive hd touchscreen streams on-demand ifit workouts directly to your equipment and provides easy stats tracking; smart-response motor for effective running and cardio training
  • 10 % onetouch incline control; 10 mph smart onetouch speed control; your ifit trainer auto-adjusts your smart treadmill’s speed and incline for a fully optimized workout that meets your goals
  • innovative spacesaver design with easylift assist means your treadmill can fold up after your run for compact, simple storage; 20” x 50” tread deck; bluetooth headphone connectivity for in-ear audio

NordicTrack treadmills that are part of their T series come with a 1-year iFit Membership to help you meet your fitness goals. With iFit, you get to workout with the help of world-class instructors right in the comfort of your own home. The app also allows you to vary your workout each day so that you do not get bored doing the same workout routine every single day. 

NordicTrack T series treadmills can hold up to around 300 pounds of weight. They are highly stable, which means that you won’t have to worry about feeling like they are going to break apart soon while you are jogging. 

Of course, these treadmills have speakers so that you can listen to music while working out. They also have very useful auxiliary music ports and a display that shows important data. 

Other Folding Treadmills You Can Buy 

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Folding Treadmill
Product Highlights:
  • large 16" x 50" walking/running surface accommodates users of many sizes and stride lengths
  • intuitive 5" lcd display is easy to read and keeps you updated on speed, incline, time, distance, calories and pulse
  • 12 preset programs and 3 manual incline settings offer unmatched variety for your workouts
  • easy pull knob releases the deck to fold or unfold for convenient storage when not in use

If you are looking for an excellent alternative to NordicTrack folding treadmills, this one would be a great choice. 

It has a pretty large running surface, so that you do not feel cramped while working out. The length is a little more than 4 feet and the width is 16 inches. It has an LCD display that shows data such as speed, incline, time, distance, and pulse. 

As for the settings, it has 3 manual incline settings, 12 preset programs to give some variety to your workout sessions, and a speed range of 0.5 to 10 mph. 

This one is stable, sturdy, and it is also pretty easy to assemble, so soon after purchasing this one, chances are, you will be running in no time! 


If you want to get a treadmill and you have a small living space, then buy a folding treadmill. One of the best brands to buy a folding treadmill from is NordicTrack. NordicTrack treadmills are easy to fold and unfold, just follow the aforementioned instructions. It is important that these two steps be done correctly so as to keep your treadmill from getting damaged. 

How to Fold up a Treadmill
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