12 Best Heart Rate Chest Straps

Top 12 Heart Rate Chest Straps

Garmin HRMDual Heart Rate ( Rate Monitor)
Product Highlights:
  • hrm-dual features a soft strap that is comfortable and adjustable.
  • simply remove the heart rate module, and it's washable, too.
  • don't worry about running out of juice.
Garmin HRMTri Heart Rate ( Rate Monitor)
Product Highlights:
  • compact and comfortable - hrm-tri is the smallest and lightest heart rate monitor from garmin. designed with rounded edges and no exposed seams, the strap remains comfortable during extended hours of training.
  • swim heart rate1 - stores up to 20 hours of heart rate data during swims, then forwards it to a compatible device at the end of the session. it also sends real-time heart rate to the watch when the monitor is out of the water
  • running dynamics2 - provides feedback on running form by measuring cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time when paired with a compatible device
POLAR H10 Heart Rate ( Android Compatible, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • built-in memory: heart rate monitor stores 1 heart rate training session. perfect for sports and activities where a wrist unit would be difficult to use.
  • gopro compatible: pair your h10 polar heart rate sensor directly to the gopro hero 5 compatibility camera and overlay your heart rate data onto the recorded video.
  • updateable firmware: heart rate monitor contains firmware updates that enhance the functionality.
Garmin Garmin HRMRun ( HRM-Run)
Product Highlights:
  • hrm-run provides 6 different rynning dynamics metrics: cadence, vertical oscillation, ground contact time, ground contact time balance, stride length and vertical ratio
  • the strap is comfortable and easily adjustable
  • real-time data can help athletes take their performance to the next level by showing them where they can improve their running form
CooSpo Fitness Tracker Ant ( Strava Zwift DDP Yoga Map My Ride Peloton Bike)
Product Highlights:
  • ant+ bluetooth heart rate monitor - this h6 supports both bluetooth 4.0 and ant+ protocol, allow for wireless connection to both smartphones and gps devices
  • workout efficiently - view real-time heart rate, training zones and calories burned, maximize your workout
  • app compatible - strongly compatible with main stream apps like wahoo, strava, zwift, endomondo, ipbike, nike+ running, elite hrv app, icardio and others
Heart Rate Monitor Chest ( Strap Replacement)
Product Highlights:
  • soft heart rate chest strap replacement
  • works with most common chest straps for exercise
  • transmitter not included
Heart Rate Monitor Chest ( Bluetooth 4.0 Enabled Fitness Devices)
Product Highlights:
  • accurately measures heart rate in real-time with advanced, ultra-low-power consuming technology and precisely transmits your heart rate data wirelessly to your paired smartwatch, fitness tracker, smartphone and or tablet.
  • compatible with most gps fitness watches, fitness trackers, smartwatches, smartphones, tablets and exercise equipment equipped with ant+, and or bluetooth 4.0 ble including: garmin, apple watch, iphone 4s and newer, ipad 3rd gen and newer, android, suunto, polar, peloton, timex, samsung, and many more.
  • compatible with hundreds of third party smartphone, smartwatch and tablet health and fitness apps including: strava, zwift, heart graph, wahoo fitness, cyclemeter, map my ride/ run, endomondo, runtastic, peloton, trainerroad, and many more.
Garmin Premium Heart Rate ( Monitor (Soft Strap))
Product Highlights:
  • wirelessly transmits your heart rate to your compatible device for instant feedback. does not transmit heart rate data to your device while swimming. operating temperature: 23°f-122°f (-5°c-50°c)
  • soft elastic strap provides a comfortable fit
  • once it's paired with your compatible device the first time, it will automatically recognize it each time
Garmin Heart Rate Monitor ( Triatletes)
Product Highlights:
  • specifically designed for triathletes
  • garmin's smallest and lightest heart rate monitor (hrm)
  • comfortable, easily adjustable strap. soft rounded edges and covered seams
Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate ( Bluetooth / ANT+)
Product Highlights:
  • personalized heart rate training - workout efficiently - view real-time heart rate, training zones and calories burned on your smartphone or tablet with compatible training apps. official hr monitor of team sky, defending champions of the tour de france.
  • bluetooth 4.0 and ant+ compatibility allows tickr to connect to smartphones and tablets, as well as gps watches by garmin, polar, and more. tickr works with iphone 4s and later, and with select android devices using android 4.3.
  • works with wahoo runfit + 50 smartphone apps including nike+ running, mapmyfitness, runkeeper, strava, apple health, cyclemeter and more.
Polar T31 Coded Heart ( Transmitter And Belt Set)
Product Highlights:
  • transmits heart rate data to polar heart rate monitors using 5khz transmission and compatible gym equipment. compatible heart rate monitors include, but are not limited to: ft1, ft2, ft4, ft7, ft40, ft60, ft80, rs100, rs300x, rs400, rcx5
  • compatible products:elastic straps.individually coded to pick up your heart rate monitor and not others nearby. this eliminates cross-talk with other electronic devices in the same area.
  • slim, lightweight, and waterproof design
Polar Ft1 Heart Rate ( Monitor, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • shows heart rate on large and easy-to-read display
  • helps improve your fitness with manual heart rate target zone
  • displays a summary of your latest workout

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