12 Best Handheld Cb Radios

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Top 12 Handheld Cb Radios

Uniden PRO401HH Professional Series ( Clip And Strap Included, 2.75in. X 4.33in. X 8.66in.)
Product Highlights:
  • the uniden pro401hh delivers the convenience of a handheld cb radio with the security of knowing you have the longest range possible so you can always stay in touch.
  • features a low-power setting to conserve battery life and a high-power setting so you can extend your range when needed.
  • designed for use in the citizens band (cb) radio service, the pro401hh mobile radio will operate on any of the 40 cb frequencies authorized by the (fcc).
Cobra HHRT50 Road Trip ( Channels, Dual Watch & 40 Channel Access)
Product Highlights:
  • magnetic mount mobile antenna - allows mobile operation from your vehicle. mount the magnetic antenna to the roof of your car and use your radio easily from inside your vehicle.
  • sound tracker system - dont miss any important information due to interference or static, with the sound tracker system cutting 90% of the noise, you'll hear crystal clear communication
  • 10 noaa weather channels - be the first to know of incoming hazards or changing weather w/ instant access to noaa weather channels 24 hours a day and audible tone if an emergency or threatening weather is nearby while monitoring up to 3 channels at once
Midland 75822 40 Channel ( CB-Way Radio)
Product Highlights:
  • portable cb radio with 40 cb channels, 10 noaa channels, and 4 watts of output power
  • power with six aa batteries or included cigarette lighter adapter for mobile use
  • instant access to noaa radio, channels 9 and 19; dual watch monitors channel 9 and additional channel
Cobra HH50WXST Hand Held ( Noise Reduction & NOAA Alerts)
Product Highlights:
  • sound tracker system - dont miss any important information due to interference or static, with the soundtracker system cutting 90% of the noise, you'll hear clearer communication
  • stay informed - noaa alerts for weather and emergencies. built into the radio so you can be prepared for anything.
  • channel scan - find the channel with the best signal automatically, with 40 channels to choose from. you won't have to manually search for a strong signal again.
Uniden PRO505XL 40Channel CB ( Speaker Jack, Large Easy To Read Display. - Black)
Product Highlights:
  • unidens professional series pro505xl is a compact and affordable full 40 channel cb radio featuring cb and public address functions with an easy-to-read large backlit lcd display.
  • this compact durable radio is easy to use and will fit into virtually any vehicle with its compact size.
  • monitor your transmit power and check the relative strength of incoming transmissions with the built-in signal/rf power indicator, and use the public address function to be heard outside your vehicle with an optional external pa speaker.
Midland 75785 40Channel CB (40-Channel CB Radio)
Product Highlights:
  • padlocks, lockout/tagout & security equipment
  • made in america
  • commercial brand: midland radio
Uniden MHS75 Waterproof Handheld ( USA/International And Canadian Marine Channels - Color Black)
Product Highlights:
  • jis8 waterproof level - uniden mhs75 vhf hand held radio won't give up no matter how wet it gets. whitecap splash, gusty spray, tidal wave, whatever, this radio can take it. the uniden mhs75 2-way marine radio is built rugged to take the rigors of being out on the water, day in and day out with a full jis8 submersible waterproof rating. submersible for up to 30 minutes at five feet.
  • 1 /2.5/5 watt switchable - select between 1, 2.5, and 5 watts for short- and long-range communication--this is also a convenient way to save a little battery life. in most situations, the 1 watt transmission power is all you need. if you find yourself far away from other stations and have trouble getting a response, you may need to boost the transmission power from 1 watt to 2.5 watts or 5 watts
  • all usa, international, and canada channels - the mhs75 covers all usa, international, and canadian marine channels, keeping you up-to-date with all the latest marine activity
Midland Radio 75822 Portable ( Rugged Construction, Up To 40 Channels)
Product Highlights:
  • 40-channels, channel scan - automatically checks channels for activity
  • 4-watt output power - delivers maximum communication range
  • squelch control - eliminates unwanted background noise
Radioddity CB27 CB Radio ( Gain With Removable Microphone)
Product Highlights:
  • ultra-compact and portable; easy to use for beginner; owns better sensitivity and rf gain control; am radio station
  • squelch control: 9 levels automatic squelch (asq) and 29 levels manual squelch, make this radio more flexible to block out the background static.
  • instant emergency channel 9 (for emergency use), channel 19 (for truckers). equipped with removable microphone, easy to package and carry.
Uniden BEARCAT 980 40 ( Noise Cancelling Mic, Wireless Mic Compatible)
Product Highlights:
  • stay connected: the bearcat 980 ssb cb radio allows you to stay connected while out on the road and is great for people with a long drive ahead of them
  • large easy-to-read display & channel: illuminated control panel with 7 color personalized display options for easy use in all lighting conditions. also features easy-to-read laser etched keys
  • 40 channel: full spectrum cb operation & instantly switches to emergency channel 9. features noaa weather channels with the push of a button

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