11 Best Gold Facial Masks

Top 11 Gold Facial Masks

Rotus 6PCS 24K Gold ( Moisturizing, Deep Tissue Rejuvenation And Hydrates Skin)
Product Highlights:
  • to ensure you receive 6 pieces authentic crystal collagen facial masks, please order from rotus direct.
  • gold facial mask is an excellent anti aging and anti wrinkle formula based on powerful ingredients that help in reducing sign of aging and brightening & firming up your skin.
  • affordable anti-aging facial gold mask; it's wonderful anti aging & anti wrinkle powers help maintain skin youthfulness, reducing toxins that cause the skin to sag and speeding up skin repair.
The BEST 24 K ( Minimizer, Acne Scar Treatment & Blackhead Remover)
Product Highlights:
  • luxurious anti-aging treatment: our gold mask lifts and firms your skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and brighten the skin. our facial masks provides intensive care and moisture for skin, tightens up skin. it leaves you a healthy and bright look.
  • powerful ingredients: 24k gold is one of our main ingredients that makes the skin radiant and bright. portulaca oleracea extract is another main powerful antioxidant components will immediately counteract damaging radicals to remove all toxins from your skin. trehaloseis an excellent protection active agents, or remain an important component of cell activity, moisturizing cosmetics. vitamin e will immediately counteract damaging radicals to your skin.
  • recommended for all skin types: our gold facials mask is alcohol and oil-free..
24K Gold Facial Mask ( Pores, Moisturizes And Firms Up Your Facial Skin)
Product Highlights:
  • a gold anti-aging formula: we can't make your fine lines and wrinkles disappear, but we can definitely reduce their appearance! the 24k gold facial mask is first and foremost an anti-aging facial treatment mask that will increase your collagen production and make your skin smoother and firmer. everyone will tell you how rejuvenated and refreshed you look!
  • no more acne and scars: do you want to have flawless skin even when you're not wearing makeup? all you need is the 24k gold facial mask! the moisturizing face mask has anti-inflammatory properties, which will reduce your blemishes,heal your acne scars,clean your clogged pores and minimize them.your face will soon be clearer than ever!
  • pamper your facial skin: dry skin can be so annoying and it can even be painful. the 24 k gold facial mask by white naturals will help you moisturize your skin and restore its elasticity once again! your skin will look healthy and glow, all thanks to the brightening 24k gold face mask!
Blackhead Remover Mask Blackhead ( Blackhead& Pore,Reduces Fine Lines& Wrinkles-120g)
Product Highlights:
  • do you want to get healthy skin and make yourself glamorous? - our blackhead remover face mask works as a deep cleansing purifying face peel and nose mask to visibly minimize the appearance of pores, absorbs excess oil, and gently exfoliates for a bright, fresh-faced appearance.
  • deep cleansing : loose porous structure enhances its adsorption capacity. shrink the skin pores and bring deeply cleansing. effectively clear skin problems such as blackheads and wrinkles.
  • high-quality formula: 24k gold is an excellent anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formula based on powerful ingredients that reduce signs of skin aging, lightening and tightening. formulated with a cleansing formula for a healthier skin look.
MyM 24k Gold Collagen ( Of Facial Mask +10pck Of Eye Mask)
Product Highlights:
  • repairs the signs of aging by rejuvenating it
  • long lost vital ingredients to help you look and feel radiant
  • supplies you with an immediate stretching result
Majestic Pure Gold Facial ( Ancient Gold Face Mask Formula - 8.8 Oz)
Product Highlights:
  • majestic pure 24k gold facial mask is an excellent formula based on powerful ingredients that help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. brighten the appearance of skin; made in usa
  • luxurious facial gold mask with powerful beneficial ingredients such as real 24k gold and vitamin e
  • safety warning: for external use only. rub a very small amount on the inside of your elbow area to test for any allergic reaction before use. avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children. if pregnant, consult with your health care provider before use.
EBP Medical 24K Gold ( Masks. Firm, Tone, Brighten Skin)
Product Highlights:
  • increases cellular repair and regeneration.
  • brightens, firms, moisturizes and tones the skin.
  • boosts collagen production.
EMILYSTORES 5PCS 24K Gold ( Deep Tissue Rejuvenation, Spring Summer Cool Feel)
Product Highlights:
  • 24k gold foil facial masks 70g per pieces
  • collagen facial masks anti ageing puffiness skincare
  • anti wrinkle moisturising
24 Collagen Gold Mask ( - Korean Peel Off Moisturizing Mask)
Product Highlights:
  • look younger - treats dark circles, under eye bags, wrinkles, and puffiness, anti-aging face mask!
  • professional beauty formula - heigh quality hyaluronic acid treatment for face - gold collagen mask!
  • help your skin - your skin will look healthy and glow, all thanks to the brightening gold mask for a face is the right choice for you!
Genuva 6 Pieces 24K ( Puffiness Skincare Anti Wrinkle Deep Tissue Rejuvenation)
Product Highlights:
  • anti-aging face mask will dramatically brighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.
  • the anti-wrinkle facial mask will gradually dissolve under body temperature and permeate quickly into the skin. increase fibre flexibility and strengthen the nutrient uptake. enable the skin keep balance radiant and elastic; stimulate cells regeneration and repair
  • this facial masks are especially designed for refrigeration, adding a concentrated dose of cold to decrease puffiness. we recommend refrigerating them for 1 hour before applying.designed for fast rejuvenation of skin with moisturizing & anti-inflammatory effects. anti-wrinkle formula stimulates cellular regeneration and promotes ph balance in skin.
Rotus 30 Pairs Gold ( Aging, Dark Circles & Puffiness)
Product Highlights:
  • anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, lifting, blackhead remove, powerful reduces dark circles & puffiness.
  • stimulates collagen production for firmer more youthful facial contours and increases skin elasticity.
  • refirming eye bags; deep moisturizing and wrinkle smoothing.

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