25 Gift Ideas Perfect for Mother’s Day

Yes! It’s here again. The day marked out to celebrate mothers! Mother’s day presents an opportunity to appreciate your mom for all her contributions to your success story. What better way to do this than using gift items. This article provides you with 25 gift items capable of making your mother delighted.

25) Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Coffee enthusiasts pay special attention to the kind of coffee they take. If your mother is a coffee person, this could be an ideal mother’s day gift for her. With the pour over coffee maker, she could brew her coffee to perfection the classical way. It gives that rich taste of coffee capable of making Starbucks uneasy. This HIC pour over coffee maker has a durable glass carafe. It is marked with different water levels so she can make just the coffee she needs. It also comes with a reusable filter to remove sediments. Check out this great gift idea here.

24) Silver Polished Triple Heart Pendant Necklace

Jewelry always elucidates emotion in women, and your mom is no exception. So if you want her all teary and happy then perhaps this necklace might be all you need. It comes with three heart shaped diamond studded pendants. All of which is aligned with a polished silver chain. The sparking nature of this necklace would make your mom the centre of attention. Check out this necklace by clicking here.

  23) Kindle E-Book Reader

If your mom has a whole lot of eBooks she reads perhaps with her 5” phone screen, this might be uncomfortable. The Kindle eBook reader could make an exceptional mother’s day gift item. The Kindle eBook is lightweight, with zero distractions from the internet. The battery lasts for weeks on a single charge. With this, your mom can just keep on reading until she gets tired. The Kindle eBook reader enables her to learn new words with the smart look up feature. This integrates the American Oxford English Dictionary. For more details about the Kindle, click here.

22) Fitbit Flex 2 Accessory Bangle

Some of our moms are fitness geeks and love to keep track of their daily activities. Well, if your mom belongs to this category you can make her extremely thrilled. Just get her a Fitbit Flex 2 accessory bangle, and you will be surprised. It records all your mom’s daily activities including sleep hours. Even better, this bangle is waterproof, so your mom doesn’t have to worry about water damage. The Fitbit Flex 2 comes either gold or silver plated making it quite stylish. The accessory ensures you are aware of calls, and text and some events you have prioritized for the day. This it achieves through the use of subtle LED indicators. No doubt, mom would feel astonished with this bangle. You can check out the Fitbit Flex 2Accessory Bangle here.

21) Gaiam Premium Print Reversible Yoga Mat

The health benefits of yoga are tremendous according to scientific research. Little wonder many moms have taken an interest in it. If your mom is a yoga enthusiast and she doesn’t have a comfortable yoga mat or perhaps needs a new one, then you have found the ideal mother’s day gift item. This reversible yoga mat imprinted with the Gaiam design is beautiful. It is lightweight and long lasting. It also comes fairly thick making it quite comfortable for your mom’s yoga activities. She can use the reverse side as well without the possibility of any unfortunate incident. Check out the Gaiam Reversible Yoga Mat here.

 20) Instant Pot

Who doesn’t love food? I know I do. When mom loves cooking, delicious meals happen. If your mom loves cooking, you have found the perfect mother’s day gift her. The instant pot is a pressure cooker which cooks faster than conventional cookers and consumes less power. That means she can cook whatever she wants without concerns about the electricity bill. It is also hygienic and healthy making it an ideal gift for your mother. Check out the instant pot here.

19) Nikon D330 Camera

Having a hobby which not only makes you happy but comes with numerous benefits like the financial gains is a dream everyone wants as their reality. This includes mothers. For mothers interested in photography the Nikon D330 camera is a dream come true. It captures events, faces, incidents and moments with an appearance analogous to the human eye. The Nikon D330 comes with a 24.2mp camera which puts forth high quality pictures all the time. Also, your mom gets to records videos of any event she wants to remember weeks or years later. The Nikon D330 would make a great gift for your awesome mom. Check out the Nikon D330 here.

18) Brother Sewing Machine

It is common knowledge women love sewing, with most women into this craft being mothers or potential mothers. Should your mother be one of those with interest in sewing, then the Brother Sewing Machine might be a great gift item for her on mother’s day. This multipurpose sewing device is relatively simple. The brother sewing machine is compatible with 27 different stitches such as stretch and zigzag. It comes with a working needle and an adequately illuminated sewing section. The anti-jam feature ensures your mom can keep sewing without the needle getting stuck. Click here to check out the Brother Sewing Machine.

17) Cameo Make-Up Kit

The transformational ability of make-up is a visible reality in today’s world. Women are aware of this and have taken advantage of it, and moms are no exception. The improved self-esteem that comes with make-up is one every woman should avail themselves. Perhaps, your mom is yet to explore the potentials of a makeover or has since quit using make-up. The Cameo make-up kit might be an ideal mother’s day gift for your mom. It comes with a blusher, body glitter, eyeliner, lipstick and an eye shadow. Take a look at the Cameo make-up kit by clicking here.

16) Green Works 20” Lawn Mower

Taking care of the lawn is a necessary task in most homes and mothers often oversee that it is done and appropriately too. Perhaps, you want to ease the stress your mom goes through in keeping her home, the Green Works lawn mower might be a valuable gift to her on mother’s day. It comes with a 12 Amp motor capable of ensuring the lawn is adequately cut and without problems. The 20” steel cutting deck helps cut the lawn evenly. The multipurpose lawn mower also comes with a grass collection feature which comes handy in mulching. The single lever gives you the ability to decide the resulting grass level of lawn with seven positions available. So, if the lawn has always been a problem for your mom this Green Works lawn mower might not be a bad choice. Check it out here.

15) Ted Baker Multipurpose Bag

It isn’t rocket science why fashion accessories are prized assets of both sexes especially women. These accessories compliment your appearance emphasizing the fashion statement of your outfit. Mothers being women also pay special attention to their appearance including these accessories. The Ted Baker multipurpose bag is made from Polyvinyl Chloride only. It is glossy and can be used as a shopping bag or a handbag. It comes in both black and pink colors making it exceptional. Check out the Ted Baker Multipurpose Bag here.

14) Jacqueline 3-Hand Leather Watch

Besides telling the time, wrist watches do a lot more like making a fashion statement and complimenting an attire. Women including mothers are aware of these additional functions of a wristwatch. If you value the appearance of your mother and you want her to remember this mother’s day for a long time, perhaps, the Jacqueline 3-hand Leather watch is worth considering. The glass surface is resistant to scratch marks. It is impervious to peripheral water damage though it can get damaged when immersed in water for a long time. The straps are pure leather making this watch durable. Think your mom would like it then check it out here.

13) Earth Bay Sandal

Stepping out without shoes is a big turn off. Aside from protecting your feet, shoes could also make your outfit stand out or just seem out of place. Yes, they are quite essential. Mother’s day presents an opportunity to give your mother something capable of making her happy. Shoes belong to that category. The Earth Bay Sandal is classy and functional??? Its unique design gets people staring and talking. Its zipper and elastic parts ensure it fits perfectly. The latex arch support and cushioning provide comfort to your feet. So, want to surprise your mom? Get her this Earth Bay Sandal for mother’s day. Click here to check it out.

12) Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush

No one can claim ignorance of the important of oral care. What many are unaware of is the inefficiency of manual toothbrushes. Innovation has taken oral care to new heights. Who wouldn’t want to own a battery powered toothbrush, I am sure your mom would. This rechargeable toothbrush carries out all the brushing motions for you. It removes more plaque than the conventional toothbrush. It whitens your teeth in less than a month. It comes with five brushing modes. This makes it capable of maximum plaque removal. You can check out this innovative toothbrush here.

11) Round Cut Tennis Bracelet

Mother’s day isn’t every day. Even if it were our mothers are worth it. Finding what could make your mother happy shouldn’t be difficult. Also, they are women, and we know how they value their appearance. Why shouldn’t they? The Round Cut Tennis Bracelet is an accessory every woman who likes looking classy will value. It’s a tennis bracelet plated with silver. It comes with Swarovski Zirconia decorative bridges. You can check out this beautiful bracelet here.

10) Fire HD 8 Tablet

Technology has made life less exacting. You have access to more information, entertainment and knowledge. The Fire HD 8 Tablet is a gadget that allows you access to all of these and more. Want your mom to be more informed, entertained and less stressed? Then, perhaps the Fire HD 8 Tablet would be the perfect mother’s day gift for her. It comes with access to live TV series like the popular Game of Thrones, the Netflix movie series, and a lot more. She can also enjoy Alexa, an artificial intelligence incorporated into the tablet. Not to forget the battery last for hours. Think she would like it? Get it here.

9) Kitchen Supreme French Press

Starting your day brightly affects how the rest of it turns out. Thus the reason behind the common beverage ritual. Coffee remains a popular beverage among people of different climes??? Aside the coffee variant, the method of preparation plays a part in the taste of coffee. If your mom is a coffee person, then she probably doesn’t joke with her coffee. The Kitchen Supreme French Press is a beverage maker which churns out quality drinks all the time. It comes with four filter screens to eliminate possible sediments. A solid carafe made from German double glass. This is perfect for making your mother’s day a happy one. Check it out here.

8) Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

Besides the awesome taste, the health benefits of fruit and vegetable juice are numerous. Most mothers would likely prefer fruit and vegetable juice extracts to the synthetic drinks on sale. With this Juice Extractor, your mom can have the juice from her favorite fruits and vegetables extracted. The device comes with a juice cup for collecting the juice extracted. This kitchen tool is easy to clean. The stainless steel blades within the Extractor are rust proof. This is perfect for your mother’s well-being. Click here to check it out.

7) Sunny Health and Fitness Twister Stepper

Exercises are good for the body. Your mother can also retain her hour glass figure with the proper exercise. If your mother is a fitness geek this equipment would be a perfect mother’s day gift to her. The equipment focuses on workouts for the lower and upper segments of the body. This equipment improves your mother’s general muscle tone. Also, her weight is kept in check. This equipment comes with an LCD connected to a motherboard within it. This provides figures about the exercise routine and the weight of the user. You can check out this fitness equipment by clicking here.

6) Gardening Hand Tool Set

Gardening was once considered a hobby for the elderly, but that has changed. The world is going green and mothers are at the forefront of this development. Does your mother have a garden? If yes, a set of gardening hand tools might be a perfect gift for her on mother’s day. This gardening tool bundle consists of a Cultivator, an ergonomic Trowel, a Transplanter, and a Weeder. Each of which is lightweight and rustproof. This makes them ideal for all gardening chores. You can check out this set of gardening tools by clicking here.

5) Venice Turkish Towel Set

The importance of towels is undervalued. Towels serve a lot of purposes with the popular function been wiping fluid of the body. The Venice Turkish Cotton Jacquard Towel Set consists of 6 towel piece: two bathing Towels, two hand Towels, and two Washcloths. Aside from been very absorbent, these towels are tear resistant. Also, they are made purely of Turkish Cotton. All the towels are washable by machines. You can check out this towel set by clicking here.

4) Calily Organic Anti-Fungal Tree Body and Foot Scrub

Is your mother having issues with skin? Perhaps it’s time you did something for her. Calily Life Anti-Fungal Tea Tree Body and Foot Scrub is made from natural oils and dead sea minerals. Natural ingredients with antiseptic and antibacterial abilities form the major constituents of this body and foot scrub. This scrub removes dead cells and enhances skin replacement. This alone aerates the skin making it radiant. It also improves blood circulation around the body. The antifungal function removes infections with fungi origin. The antioxidants and other chemicals in this foot and body scrub eliminate the free radicals. Free radicals are the causative agents of wrinkles and many other skin problems. You can check out this body and foot scrub by clicking here.

3) Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

Jewelry remains a common gift item women appreciate greatly. Mothers are certainly not an exception to this practice. Earrings create a fascinating picture of a woman. The Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings are beautiful. They make the wearer stand out from the crowd. The earrings consist of real flowers pressed and preserved in resins. The Fishhook backings ensure it fits perfectly into the wearer’s ears. The earrings come in different colors. This gives you the benefit of choosing your desired color. If you think you mom would love this, check it out by clicking here.

2) The Gifts of Imperfections by Brene Brown

Reading is a hobby for some and not exactly the case for others. Regardless of the situation, books form a core part of our existence. Most happy and fulfilled people read. Their taste might vary, but the fact remains books of whatever format are important. If your mother loves reading then perhaps your mother’s day gift search ends here. ’The Gifts of Imperfections’ by Brene Brown is a lovely book. Dr. Brown carefully outlined how our shortcomings are a blessing in disguise. This bestseller is worth every cent spent on it and more. So, do you want to make your mom happy? Then you should get her this paperback. Check it out here.

1) Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Technology has brought a lot of changes to the way we do things. Wireless gadgets are becoming relatively popular. Beats Wireless headphones make listening pleasurable. Does your mom love to listen to music, videos, and audio-books? Beats Solo3 might be a good mother’s day gift. It comes with cushioned ear cups for comfortable listening. The battery lasts more than a day on a single charge. The integration of Apple’s artificial intelligence, Siri takes comfort to a whole new level. Since you can make calls, choose music and do a lot more by speaking the headphone. Think mom would like this? Take a look by clicking here.


In conclusion, buying your mom, a gift is a good idea. However, you need to be aware of her preferences before you do. You can’t buy your mom a piece of jewelry when she clearly values books more. Also buying her a gift is important but so also is giving her a treat. Take care of her. After all, it’s not every day you get to celebrate your mother.


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