12 Best Gas Fireplace Valve Remote

A gas fireplace valve remote are all on the rage these days, it is more convenient than wasting your time lighting up a fire all by yourselves. Remote control devices are so robust that they can convert your ordinary-looking fireplaces to remote-controlled working.

12 Best Selling Gas Fireplace Valve Remote

Gas Fireplace Buying Guide

Gas fireplace entertainment centers come in a variety of different types, depending on their specifications. That is why we are here, to help you get the product that you won’t regret buying afterward. This buying guide is specially written to ensure that you get the best gas fireplace entertainment centers. Getting the perfect heater requires you to check various factors.

1. Type

Checking the type of heater before purchasing it is very important. If you want to buy a heater and don’t like noise, then getting an electric heater is definitely a good investment. But if you don’t mind noise that much, and need an effective heater, then getting a standard heater is a better option.

2. Heat Intensity

Heaters also come in different heat intensity models. If you are buying a heater for a small area, then you should consider getting a small-sized heater with a medium heat intensity. But if your requirements are for a bigger room, then you should consider getting one with greater heat intensity. But this will cost you.

3. Protection

Fireplace heaters, just like other products, are prone to damage. To ensure that your heater remains in good shape, get a heater that has tip-over protection.

4. Warranty

Always consider buying a warrantied product. This helps ensure that the product is indeed durable and of good quality.

5. User Reviews

User reviews are a great way to reveal the truth about anything. Always check user reviews from authentic websites. Do not fall for fake reviews posted by most sellers.

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In this article, we are going to list down and review the best gas fireplace valve remote:

Top 12 Gas Fireplace Valve Remote

Ambient OnOff Fireplace Remote Remote Control RCB
Product Highlights:
  • battery operated fireplace remote control for millivolt gas valves
  • remote control transmitter features standard on & off buttons
  • transmitter operates on (3) aaa batteries, receiver box operates on (2) aa batteries
Durablow TR1001 Gas Fire Switch, Electronic Ignition Module
Product Highlights:
  • ★★ attention: this device is not a power supply unit. it is a switch designed for connecting to millivolt valve, or to electric spark ignition module, or can replace wall switch.
  • ▼ all battery powered r.f. 2-button transmitter and receiver box kit gives wireless remote control to a gas heating appliance, such as gas fireplace, fire pit, stove. ▼ this is a simple on/off remote control, gives an instant & manual control of the flame and heat.
  • ▼ receiver with learn function, snap-on wall plate, and 18-inch wires with connectors to connect millivolt valve, or electric spark ignition module, or to replace wall switch. ▼ receiver box dimension: 2.6"x2.4"x1.54". (measure your wall outlet box first)
SkyTech Millivolt Wireless OnOff And Receiver - 1001TH-A
Product Highlights:
  • remote allows you to turn your gas logs on or off or set the temperature
  • lcd screen shows the room temperature
  • remote can operate receiver up to 20 feet away
SkyTech AFLMFR Remote Controlled Gas Valve Control Kit
Product Highlights:
  • millivolt safety pilot kit with remote for use with 18 to 30 inch gas logs
  • manual on/off gas valve kit with on/off remote control
  • 225 degree rated valve with exclusive safety seal within the gas valve
RealFyre Remote Basic System Basic System
Product Highlights:
  • gas fireplace remote control
  • premium construction for long-lasting durability
  • millivolt wiring easily installs with any standard millivolt valve appliance
Amazing Deals And Donations Receiver Kit For Millivolt Gas Valves
Product Highlights:
  • 🔥 remote allows you to turn your gas logs on/off or set the temperature displayed on your lcd screen
  • 🔥 remote can operate receiver up to 20 feet away that includes a wall clip to hang remote and child proof lock-out
  • 🔥attention: this does not work with latching solenoid gas valve systems please read your gas fireplace manual for correct application before you purchase. it's a direct replacement for skytech fireplace ;ambient fireplace;majestic fireplaces; monessen fireplaces; vermont castings fireplaces and stoves suitable for use with millivolt safety pilot valve or electronic spark ignition gas appliances
Skytech CONTH Fireplace Remote Latching Solenoid Gas Valves
Product Highlights:
  • thermostat function control for operating latching solenoid gas valve systems
  • lcd displays room and thermostat set temperature in *f or *c
  • battery powered receiver box with learn function and on/remote/off slider switch
Hearth Products Controls Acumen Fireplace Remote Control RCK-K
Product Highlights:
  • thermostatic gas fireplace remote control with lcd display for standard millivolt valves
  • remote features on-off/auto on-off/clock/timer/up/down buttons & clear lcd display
  • lcd screen displays current room temperature, set thermostat temperature, and time
Real Fyre SPK26 Manual Low Profile, Natural Gas
Product Highlights:
  • model #: rdl-15tc
  • no. of logs: 1
  • top center log
SkyTech SKY3301 Fireplaceremotesandthermostats Blower Fireplace-remotes-and-thermostats, Blower Control, Grey
Product Highlights:
  • the battery powered r.f. transmitter and receiver give wireless remote control to a gas fireplace
  • thermostat feature operates the fireplace whenever the room temperature swings 1 °f, 2 °f, or 3 °f a
  • battery powered receiver with learn function, snap-on wall plate, and 18 inch wires with connectors
Skytech 9800322 SKY1410A Fireplace Fireplace Remote Control
Product Highlights:
  • 2-button on/off handheld transmitter remote control
  • all battery operated r.f. with 1,048,576 security codes
  • 110v ac receiver box with learn function and on/remote/off slider switch
Hearth Products Controls Dexen MVK-EI, Natural Gas
Product Highlights:
  • electronic ignition gas valve
  • battery powered operation (uses 2 d-cell batteries)
  • rated for 175°f

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