12 Best Gas Fireplace Valve Remote

A gas fireplace valve remote are all on the rage these days, it is more convenient than wasting your time lighting up a fire all by yourselves. Remote control devices are so robust that they can convert your ordinary-looking fireplaces to remote-controlled working.

12 Best Selling Gas Fireplace Valve Remote

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In this article, we are going to list down and review the best gas fireplace valve remote:

Top 12 Gas Fireplace Valve Remote

Ambient OnOff Fireplace Remote Remote Control RCB
Product Highlights:
  • battery operated fireplace remote control for millivolt gas valves
  • remote control transmitter features standard on & off buttons
  • transmitter operates on (3) aaa batteries, receiver box operates on (2) aa batteries
Durablow TR1001 Gas Fire Switch, Electronic Ignition Module
Product Highlights:
  • ★★ attention: this device is not a power supply unit. it is a switch designed for connecting to millivolt valve, or to electric spark ignition module, or can replace wall switch.
  • ▼ all battery powered r.f. 2-button transmitter and receiver box kit gives wireless remote control to a gas heating appliance, such as gas fireplace, fire pit, stove. ▼ this is a simple on/off remote control, gives an instant & manual control of the flame and heat.
  • ▼ receiver with learn function, snap-on wall plate, and 18-inch wires with connectors to connect millivolt valve, or electric spark ignition module, or to replace wall switch. ▼ receiver box dimension: 2.6"x2.4"x1.54". (measure your wall outlet box first)
SkyTech Millivolt Wireless OnOff And Receiver - 1001TH-A
Product Highlights:
  • remote allows you to turn your gas logs on or off or set the temperature
  • lcd screen shows the room temperature
  • remote can operate receiver up to 20 feet away
SkyTech AFLMFR Remote Controlled Gas Valve Control Kit
Product Highlights:
  • millivolt safety pilot kit with remote for use with 18 to 30 inch gas logs
  • manual on/off gas valve kit with on/off remote control
  • 225 degree rated valve with exclusive safety seal within the gas valve
RealFyre Remote Basic System Basic System
Product Highlights:
  • gas fireplace remote control
  • premium construction for long-lasting durability
  • millivolt wiring easily installs with any standard millivolt valve appliance
Amazing Deals And Donations Receiver Kit For Millivolt Gas Valves
Product Highlights:
  • 🔥 remote allows you to turn your gas logs on/off or set the temperature displayed on your lcd screen
  • 🔥 remote can operate receiver up to 20 feet away that includes a wall clip to hang remote and child proof lock-out
  • 🔥attention: this does not work with latching solenoid gas valve systems please read your fireplace directions for correct application before purchase. it's a direct replacement for skytech fireplace ;ambient fireplace;majestic fireplaces; monessen fireplaces; vermont castings fireplaces and stoves suitable for use with millivolt safety pilot valve or electronic spark ignition gas appliances
Skytech CONTH Fireplace Remote Latching Solenoid Gas Valves
Product Highlights:
  • thermostat function control for operating latching solenoid gas valve systems
  • lcd displays room and thermostat set temperature in *f or *c
  • battery powered receiver box with learn function and on/remote/off slider switch
Hearth Products Controls Acumen Fireplace Remote Control RCK-K
Product Highlights:
  • thermostatic gas fireplace remote control with lcd display for standard millivolt valves
  • remote features on-off/auto on-off/clock/timer/up/down buttons & clear lcd display
  • lcd screen displays current room temperature, set thermostat temperature, and time
Real Fyre SPK26 Manual Low Profile, Natural Gas
Product Highlights:
  • model #: rdl-15tc
  • no. of logs: 1
  • top center log
SkyTech SKY3301 Fireplaceremotesandthermostats Blower Fireplace-remotes-and-thermostats, Blower Control, Grey
Product Highlights:
  • the battery powered r.f. transmitter and receiver give wireless remote control to a gas fireplace
  • thermostat feature operates the fireplace whenever the room temperature swings 1 °f, 2 °f, or 3 °f a
  • battery powered receiver with learn function, snap-on wall plate, and 18 inch wires with connectors
Skytech 9800322 SKY1410A Fireplace Fireplace Remote Control
Product Highlights:
  • 2-button on/off handheld transmitter remote control
  • all battery operated r.f. with 1,048,576 security codes
  • 110v ac receiver box with learn function and on/remote/off slider switch
Hearth Products Controls Dexen MVK-EI, Natural Gas
Product Highlights:
  • electronic ignition gas valve
  • battery powered operation (uses 2 d-cell batteries)
  • rated for 175°f

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