15 Best Gas Fireplace Nepoleon

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Top 15 Gas Fireplace Nepoleon

Durablow MFB003 GZ550 GZ552 ( Napoleon, Kingsman, Rotom R7-RB58)
Product Highlights:
  • fits heatilator: a36c, a36ch, a42c, a42ch, adi60s, adi-zc-fb, adi-zcfb-s, bcdv36, be-36-c, be-36-cipi, bv4236dbi, bv4842dbi, cb4236ir, cb4236mir, cb4842ir, cb4842mir, cd4236ilr, cd4236ilr-c, cd4236ir, cd4236ir-c, cd4236lr, cd4236milr, cd4842milr, cd4236mir, cd4842mir, cd4236mlr, cd4842mlr, cd4236mr, cd4842mr, cd4236r, cd4842ilr, cd4842ilr-c, cd4842ir, cd4842ir-c, cd4842lr, cd4842r, cnxt70e, cnxt90e, dv3732sbi, dv3732sbil, ec36, ec36i, ec39, ec42, ec42i, fp28, fp36, gbi25 series, gc100, gc100e, gc100l, gc100le, gc150, gc150e, gc150l, gc150le, gc200, gc200l, gc300 series, gc300e, gc300le, gc300fl, gc300fle, gc300flle, gc300st, gc300ste, gc300stle, gc361, gc421, gc400 series, gcbc36, gcbc36le, gcbc42, gcbc42le, gcbc60, gcbc60i, gcbc60il, gcbc60l, gcbc80, gcbc80i, gcbc80il, gcbc80l, gcdc36, gcdc42, gcdc60, gcdc60e, gcdc60l, gcdc60le, gcdc80, gcdc80e, gcdc80l, gcdc80le, gdst3831i, ggbc36, ggbc36e, ggbc36l, ggbc36le, ggbc42, ggbc42e, ggbc42l, ggbc42le, ggbc42r, gnbc30, gnbc30le, gnbc33, gnbc33le, gnbc36, gnbc33le, gndc30, gndc33, gndc36, gndh30, gndh33, gndh36, gndh36e, gndh36le, gnrc33, gnrc36, gntc50, gntc80, gntc80le, hb36, hb42, max60, max60-ffmax1, max60-ffmax2, max60l-ffmax2g, maxus max60e, maxus max60ef, maxus max60f, maxus max60l, maxus max60le, maxus max60lef, maxus max60lf, mh36a, mh39a, mh42a, na36, na42, nb3630m, nb3630mi, nb3933, nb3933i, nb3933m, nb3933mi, nb4236, nb4236i, nb4236m, nb4236mi, nb4842, nb4842i, nb4842m, nb4842mi, nbv3630i, nbv3933, nbv3933i, nbv4236, nbv4236i, nbv4842, nbv4842i, nd3630, nd3630i, nd3630l, nd3630il, nd3933, nd3933i, nd3933l, nd3933il, nd4236, nd4236i, nd4236l, nd4236il, nd4842. nd4842i, nd4842l, nd4842il, ndv3630, ndv3630i, ndv3630l, ndv3630il, ndv3933, ndv3933i, ndv3933l, ndv3933il, ndv4236, ndv4236i, ndv4236l, ndv4236il, ndv4842, ndv4842i, ndv4842l, ndv4842il, nevo3630i, nevo4236i, nnxt3933i, nnxt3933il, nnxt4236i, nnxt4236il, novus^fits heatilator: novi30, novi30l, novi35, novi35l, olympus, sc60, sl-350trs-ipi, sl-550be, sl-550be-ipi, sl-550trs-e, sl-550trs-ipi-e, sl-750trs-e, sl-750trs-ipi-e, titan^upgraded replacment blower fan cfm for continental heat n glo heatilator lennox vermont castings majestic monessen hearth napoleon northern flame security quadra fire tjernlund; the "fits" brand and model # are reference only! please check the size & ratings of your originals before buying^cross reference numbers: blower only, gz550, gz552, ep621, fk15, r7-rb59, hb-rb59, hb-rb37, hb-rb82, hb-rb61, r7-rb58^length x width x height (inches): 9.75 x 3.73 x 3.23, insulation: class h (rated to 392f / 200c), motor rpm: 3000, airflow in c.f.m: 110, volts: 120, frequency (hertz): 60, power consumption (watts): 35, certifications: motor ul approved

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