12 Best Gas Fireplace Draft Stopper

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Top 12 Gas Fireplace Draft Stopper

Magnetic Fireplace Vent Cover ( (ONE) 40" X 4")
Product Highlights:
  • stop fireplace drafts instantly ! save money on your heating and air conditioning bills with these attractive and functional magnetic fireplace vent covers. keep cold drafts out in the winter - keep hot air out in the summer - keep bugs out all year long. made in usa
Fireplace Blocker 32Inch H ( Blanket, Medium)
Product Highlights:
  • saves energy
  • fire resistant
  • secures to fireplace screen with magnets
DECOREALM Decorative Door Draft ( Light And Smoke Blocker For Home Windows)
Product Highlights:
  • superior door and window insulation: able to be utilized as a window, sliding door, and fireplace cover, the decorealm under door pillow prevents cold air from getting in and warm air from escaping.
  • weighted, durable: perfect for cold drafts or excessive heat, our energy-saving door seal is heavy so it doesn’t move out of place easily and promises outlasting performance.
  • attractive look: these outside wind stoppers are comprised of a sleek, herringbone pattern, wool blend that provides an added touch of sophistication to any home or commercial decor.
6 Round Chimney Flueblocker ( Saves Energy Blocks Drafts Fireplace Smells And Debris)
Product Highlights:
  • the 6” round chimney flueblocker is your fast and easy energy saving solution to stopping drafts, odors and debris from coming into your home through the fireplace or wood stove.
  • easy installation & removal – no more fussing with an ineffective balloon, pillow or fabric fireplace covers – simply insert the chimney draft stopper into your fireplace flue just above the firebox to block the drafts and start saving money on your energy bill.
  • energy savings – you wouldn’t leave a window open 24/7, yet an open or leaky chimney damper is just the same. the 6” round fireplace flue plug can save you as much as $250 per year on your energy bills by stopping drafts from coming in and out of your home.
Fireplace Blocker 36Inch H ( Blanket, Large)
Product Highlights:
  • saves energy
  • fire resistant
  • secures to fireplace screen with magnets
Plow Hearth Medium ( Heat Loss, Reduces Cold Draft)
Product Highlights:
  • fire-resistant - made from pavenex, a fire-resistant carbon fiber material you can place this over your fire screen.
  • easy to attach - this fire-resistant blanket attaches to your metal screen with heavy-duty magnets
  • reduces heat loss - by adding this to your fire screen it helps conserve energy and saves money by reducing nighttime heat loss
MEECOS RED DEVIL 1105 ( Insert Insulation)
Product Highlights:
  • 10' x 1-1/2" wide strip of fiberglass insulation
  • use between a fireplace insert and the surrounding masonry
  • forms a smoke and gas tight seal
Direct Vent Fireplace Termination ( Cap Cover 2)
Product Highlights:
  • fits over trapezoid shaped termination cap or termination cap shroud shown in details. two/four soft twist ties hold the shield securely to the cap/shroud. an attached insert of ½” energy star approved polystyrene foam fits over the bottom screen area to close it off. the full cover top accommodates different top vent designs or the full shape of the shroud. 13 ½” height x 10 1/2" w x 8" deep be sure to measure before ordering!
  • cap cover is a double-sided, multi-layered industrialized-strength, lightweight solid (non-breathable vapor barrier) aluminum radiant barrier approximately 6.5 mils in thickness that reflects (blocks) 97% of the radiant heat that strikes its surface! we use radiantguard radiant barrier foil and insulation products which are beneficial in any application where the goal is to control heat. when placed between a source of heat and an area you wish to keep cool, the surface of our radiant barrier
Minuteman International Draft Guard ( 47-in X 35-in, Black)
Product Highlights:
  • package length: 37.0" l
  • package width: 17.75" w
  • package height: 4.0" h
Plow Hearth Large ( Overnight Heat Loss, In Black)
Product Highlights:
  • large pavenex fireplace blanket stops overnight heat loss, in black
  • attaches to your metal screen (sold separately) with heavy-duty magnets
  • conserves energy and saves money by reducing nighttime heat loss

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