14 Best Gas Fireplace Crackling Sound

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Top 14 Gas Fireplace Crackling Sound

Comfort Smart Fire Crackler ( Sound System - CS-FC)
Product Highlights:
  • simulates pop and crackle sounds of a real fire
  • small and lightweight
  • manual on/off operation
Stanbroil Vermiculite Granules For ( Unvented Fireplaces - 12 Oz Bag)
Product Highlights:
  • made of high quality exfoliated vermiculite.
  • use in vented gas log set fireplaces utilizing propane gas.
  • add sparkle and shine to the fireplace for additional effect.
Midwest Hearth Vermiculite Granules ( Gas Logs - 12 Oz Bag)
Product Highlights:
  • high quality - midwest hearth vermiculite uses high-quality exfoliated vermiculite
  • increased performance - vermiculite helps in spreading gas throughout the entire burner pan of propane gas logs
  • adds realism - adds realism to your gas fireplace | sparkles and shines in the fire!
MEECOS RED DEVIL 585 ( Embers, 12 Oz)
Product Highlights:
  • renew the realism of your log set; when the flames hit the embers they glow red like real wood embers
  • a beautiful addition to any vented gas log set
  • long lasting, should never need replacing
FIREWOOD Crackling Wood ( Black Lid 9 Oz .Since 2012)
Product Highlights:
  • no fireplace in your home? light this candlewood candle and enjoy!
  • remember the heart-warming smell of a good fire burning in the fireplace! this is the most realistic, best smelling firewood candle anywhere! this candle smells like a real wood fire!
  • clean burning soy wax + dual wood wicks + handmade
Skyflame Black Vermiculite Granules ( Fireplace, 12 Oz Bag)
Product Highlights:
  • made of high quality vermiculite
  • use in vented gas log set fireplaces utilizing propane gas
  • enhanced the real wood burning effect and evenly distribute the flame
Plow Hearth Fireplace ( Wood Burning Accessories)
Product Highlights:
  • color cones change any fire's flames to beautiful blue and green hues for a fun special effect
  • toss one into a fireplace, fire pit or campfire and watch a rainbow of colors appear in the flames
  • each coated pine cone creates a myriad of blues and greens for up to 10 minutes
Midwest Hearth Rock Wool ( Log - 6 Oz. Bag)
Product Highlights:
  • enhance your fireplace - creates a realistic glowing ember effect in your gas fireplace or gas log set!
  • adds realism - glows like real coals where the flame touches the embers.
  • natural gas & propane - compatible with ng and lp gas appliances.

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