12 Best Fireplace Remote Thermostat

The fireplace remote thermostat gives wireless remote control to a gas fireplace. It has a backlit LCD display room and set temp, flame icon, and low battery indicator.

12 Best Selling Fireplace Remote Thermostat

Fireplace Remote Thermostat Buying Guide

1. Compatibilty

Before buying a remote make sure to check if it is compatible with your fireplace coz there are two types of remotes available in the market. One is a simple handheld controller that is for a specific model of fireplace only and the second is a universal remote control that is compatible with different types of the fireplace.

2. Installation

When looking for a remote consider buying those that are easy to install. Most remotes are universal that simply require you to place the receiver in such a way for ignition and some are too unique that requires a special installation by technicians.

3. Range

Most fireplace remotes do not have a long range. It is only an ideal range that you can control on your living room or few rooms away.

4. Features

Finally, before buying a fireplace remote, look closely on the features it offers. check if it is versitile and offers a good features.

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Here are the best fireplace remote thermostat available in the market today:

Top 12 Fireplace Remote Thermostat

Ecobee3 Lite SmartThermostat Black SmartThermostat, Black
Product Highlights:
  • save up to 23% annually on heating and cooling costs (compared to a hold of 72°f)
  • control from anywhere using your android or ios device
  • add smartsensor to manage hot or cold spots and deliver enhanced comfort to the rooms that matter most
  • automatically pauses your heating or cooling when a door or window is left open (requires ecobee smartsensor for doors and windows and a smart security subscription)
  • integrates seamlessly with your preferred smart home system
Emerson Sensi WiFi Smart Alexa, Energy Star Certified, ST55
Product Highlights:
  • privacy protection*: sensi won’t sell your personal information to third parties
  • save about 23% on hvac energy*: the energy star-certified sensi smart thermostat can help you save energy with features like flexible scheduling, remote access, and usage reports
  • easy diy installation: use the built-in level and step-by-step app instructions for a quick installation. works with hvac equipment found in most homes. common wire (c-wire) is not required in most applications
  • smart maintenance: sensi can help monitor the performance and efficiency of your hvac system by delivering valuable usage reports, alerts about your equipment, and maintenance reminders like filter replacement
  • simple configuration: looks and feels like a thermostat. has buttons and fits the same space as a traditional thermostat so you don’t have to patch and paint your walls
Portable Electric Space Heater Square Feet For Office Room Desk Indoor Use
Product Highlights:
  • 2 in 1 heater fan: this ceramic heater provides two heat levels, 1500w or 750w and one cool air fan, you can use it both for winter and summer. thermostat control of the heater will turn the heater off when it reaches a preset temperature and turn the heater back on when the temperature dips below the thermostat setting. it will cycle on and off. adjust the setting of thermostat from 0℉ to 158℉ to keep room comfortable
  • multi protection safety system: these heaters are made of flame retardant material avoiding any fire hazard. automatic safety shutoff system will shut the heater off when the heater overheat. the tip over protection system will also shut the heater off when the heater was knocked over by accident and it will come back on automatically if it is up righted
  • compact and powerful: 7.9 inch x 6.2 inch x 10.2 inch, 2.9 pounds portable mini heater with build in carry handle helps to reinforce the potential of rather low electrical bills by using at the place where you need when you don't want to warm the full house with other centralized heaters
  • quiet and fast heating: the noise this ceramic heater makes is lower than 45 decibels, quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom while sleeping. with ptc ceramic heating tech and high speed fan, this heater put out tons of heat to heat up 200 square feet in seconds
  • upgrade abs material: upgrade abs material applied, which is more flame resident. the room heater with six feet lead cord and 2 prong connection has a long lasting life
Dreo Portable Space Heater Heating, Small Heater For Bedroom, Office, Indoor Use
Product Highlights:
  • keep the chill at bay: when winter comes calling, a good space heater is crucial to get you cozy and warm. bring an effective boost of heat with our small heater that features advanced ptc ceramic heating, with a 10.3-inch size plus a hidden handle; this electric heater is meant to sit by your feet on the floor, near your hands on a desk, or carry around your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or office. a powerful warmth like a mother's hug
  • a little piece of wonder: nothing is worse than a central heater that isn't up to scratch on a dark, cold night. with a unique design, a 70° oscillating, an adjustable digital thermostat, led display and touch control, providing a targeted warmth and zero complications when customizing the ambient temperature. it boasts a detachable and easy to clean filter to be sure that you will always breath a clean air. a space heater to walk around your house and forget that it's winter
  • more warmth, less noise: forget those noisy heater fans that stop you from getting a good night's sleep. our portable electric heater has a dc motor and a 9-blade fan, what makes it extremely quiet. energy-efficient is quieter than traditional ones, works with a noise level down to 40db and cover more areas. with 3 heating modes & fan mode, this ceramic heater is designed to offer you a maximum comfort in any way you look at it
  • safe and worry-free: the last thing you would want is for your ceramic heaters to overheat and cause a fire in your house. designed with an electronic and more sensitive tip-over switch, our small portable heater reacts fast with an alarm when tipped over, it carries a sensor and automatically shuts off when the 122°f is reached. cold to touch, reinforced prongs and v0 flame retardant materials makes this fan heater a must have in each household
  • save energy in the warm days: dreo exclusive eco mode, will always adjust its output based in the temperature of the ambient it is in, keeping it cozy and comfortable all the time. the adjustable thermostat offers accuracy in terms of control and its auto turn off timer, will be sure that your space is never overheated. we know that our bills go up during the hard winter but dreo desk heater is well designed to save space and dollars in your energy bill
Space Heater 1500W Electric And Fan Modes For Bedroom, Office And Indoor Use
Product Highlights:
  • get nice & toasty faster: the advanced ptc ceraming heating technology combined with the ultra-efficient fan will heat up any space faster and distribute the heat more evenly. just turn on your space heater, count to 3, and enjoy your warm living room, bedroom or office.
  • cut down on electric bills without having to freeze. our energy-efficient interior space heater features 3 different heat settings (low, medium, high) as well as a fan-only mode, so you can tailor it to your exact needs. instead of wasting a fortune on central heating, you can warm just the spaces you actually use.
  • adjust the temperature to your needs: equipped with an adjustable thermostat, our space heater will keep you comfortable at all times. just set the dial to the desired heat setting and let the thermostat monitor the surrounding air temperature and keep you comfy.
  • perfect for your home or office: the compact and portable design combined with the ergonomic built-in handle, will allow you to easily move your space heater to any room you want. make sure your office, kitchen, bedroom, guest room, study or living room is nice and warm.
  • your peace of mind is our priority: we have ensured the safety of you and your loved ones by adding an advanced overheat protection sensor as well as a smart tip-over switch, which will automatically turn off the heater in case it overheats or gets tipped over by your kids or pets.
Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space 7.25″W X 23″H, Silver
Product Highlights:
  • 2 quiet settings - including high heat and low heat plus an auto setting make this electric space heater ideal for warming up an area in your home or home office. with widespread oscillation this heater distributes warm air throughout the room
  • adjustable thermostat - with digital display allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element. with an easy to read digital temperature display you can select a wide range of temperatures in fahrenheit or celsius
  • remote control & built-in timer - allows you to adjust the heater's temperature, timer, oscillation and more from a distance. while the easy to program timer allows you to select 1 hour to 8 hours, in 1 hour intervals
  • built-in safety features - overheat protection ensures the space heater does not overheat even if left on for an extended amount of time. while a cool touch exterior keeps the heater cool to the touch even after running for hours
  • fully assembled - allows you to take the heater out of the box and have it working it minutes. simply plug the heater into a wall outlet, adjust the thermostat, and enjoy the warmth from your new lasko space heater
Andily 500W Space Electric With Safety Power Switch PTC BLACK
Product Highlights:
  • small heater: 4.33’’l x 3.63’’w x 6.39’’h.this portable heater is very easy to carry. you only need one hand can take up. manual controls. fully assembled. it’s the ideal choice of an indoor heater.
  • 500w ceramic heater with fan: up to 500w power is can create comfortable temperatures at the moment for your room. the power indicator light lets you know when it’s plugged in. the fan was extremely quiet.
  • mini heater: the whole heater only has one power switch is very easy to control. the fan at the back is efficient for heating and ventilation. the plastic floor mat is under the heater make sure this heater is freestanding.
  • for office or room use: this small heater is very easy to carry and control, can affect different surroundings. for example, when you are in the office, you can put it on or under your desk, then have a warm work environment. when the evening, you can put it near your pillow, feel the wind over your body, then have a warm dream.
  • for safety: 1. an automatic overheat system will shut the unit off when the parts of the heater overheat. 2. tip-over protection:the tip-over switch in the bottom will shut off the heater automatically when tipped forward or backward. 3. power indicate light can lets you know at a glance that it’s plugged in. 4. etl certified.
Kismile Small Space Heater Bedroom With Adjustable Thermostat ETL Listed,1500W
Product Highlights:
  • heating with 3 modes: kismile space heaters have 3 settings, including high heat, low heat, and fan mode. fan mode will provide cool air.
  • adjustable thermostat: the small portable heater can according to the thermostat setting let your room remain at a comfortable temperature with combined with an adjustable thermostat control, also allows you to adjust the heater's 1500 watt ceramic heating element.
  • tip-over protection and overheat protection: the small space heater for indoor use quipped with a switch to switch off the machine if it is over returned, the design of overheat protection will switch off the appliance automatically in case of severe overheating.
  • suitable for anywhere: light weight makes you more convenient to bring the portable heaters to anywhere you want, the compact design of the space heater allows it to be installed everywhere, suitable for living room, bedroom or office.
  • low noise to use: the noise of the electric heater is lower than 50 db level, the small space heater is use in the bedroom and office when falling asleep and working. our space heater can warm up space you need when studying, reading, working, and watching the movie without disturb.
Honeywell Home RTH2300B 52 Programmable Thermostat
Product Highlights:
  • the display panel is backlit with an intuitive interface for one-touch access to setpoint temperature.
  • precise temperature control of +/- 1 degree fahrenheit.
  • separate programs for the weekdays and weekends with 4 program periods per day including wake, leave, arrive and sleep.
  • easy to install yourself and works with many heating/cooling systems, plus heat pumps without auxiliary heat.
  • built-in battery change and filter change reminders.
Dreo Space Heater For Timer, 70° Oscillating Portable Heater For Office Bedroom
Product Highlights:
  • etl-certified safety: made of v0 flame-retardant materials with multiple safety features including built-in smart tip-over protection, overheat protection, 12-hour timer, 24-hour automatic power off without interaction, v0 flame retardant 2-prong plug, and sturdy 6ft long flat power cord. safe and worry-free all-day use
  • fast heating: powerful 1500w ptc ceramic heating allows this space heater to heat up in seconds, suitable for warming up spaces in the home including bedrooms, basements, garages, living rooms, and can also be used in offices, dorms, hot yoga studios, etc
  • quiet heating: 40db - almost as quiet as a library. the fan wheel uses oblique airflow technology, which effectively reduces wind noise and makes the room heater 12% quieter than traditional electric heaters. calm airflow lets you sleep soundly and work undisturbed during the cold winter
  • uniform heating: the exclusive trackball system helps create smooth and quiet oscillation. the 70° wide-angle oscillation, with a lifespan of over 750,000 cycles, boosts heating coverage by 20%, which helps distribute the warm air more evenly towards the room's corners
  • energy efficiency: save on energy bills and live more sustainably. with a built-in precise temperature sensor, the smart eco mode adjusts the working mode independently (with a low of 900w and high of 1500w) based on the ambient temperature
Honeywell Home WiFi 7Day Requires C Wire, Works With Alexa
Product Highlights:
  • easy-to-use-app. choose from the total connect comfort app or the honeywell home app to control your wifi thermostat anytime, anywhere.
  • smart home integration. the wi-fi 7-day is compatible with voice assistant devices like amazon alexa, google assistant, microsoft cortana, and more.
  • simple install for a diy project. the wi-fi 7-day programmable thermostat is easy to configure and install yourself.
  • energy star certified. honeywell home wi-fi thermostats are energy-efficient without sacrificing performance.
  • easy operation and intuitive. big, backlit digital display and easy controls make for a user-friendly experience.
Honeywell Home RTH7600D 7Day Touchscreen Thermostat
Product Highlights:
  • large touchscreen display makes it easy to set your preferred temperature or set a weekly schedule for automated adjustments.
  • set home and away temperatures to help save energy when you're not home. temporary and permanent hold settings are also available for extended absences from home.
  • 7-day menu-driven programming with 4 periods per day.
  • backlit touchscreen display shows current room temperature and set point temperature simultaneously.
  • simple and straight forward to install and use. the thermostat also has a real-time clock so it will automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

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