8 Best Filtrete Under Sink Water Filtration System

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Top 8 Filtrete Under Sink Water Filtration System

Filtrete Maximum Under Sink ( Lead + Much More (3US-MAX-S01))
Product Highlights:
  • maximum level filtration reduces 99% lead, 99% microbial cysts, 97% chlorine taste & odor, 0.5 microns of sand, sediment, rust & soil
  • tested and certified by nsf international against nsf/ansi standard 42 and 53 in 3us-max-s01 model for the reduction of the claims specified on the performance data sheet
  • installs in less than 30 minutes and offers 6-month filter life
Filtrete High Performance Drinking ( With Dedicated Faucet (4US-MAXL-S01))
Product Highlights:
  • maximum level filtration reduces select vocs including the herbicide atrazine and the pesticide toxaphene, lead, select pharmaceuticals, cryptosporidium & giardia cysts, sediment, rust, & dirt
  • 1/4 turn change filter replacement lasts 6 months or 750 gallons.
  • includes dedicated faucet
CuZn UC200 Under Counter ( Capacity - Made In USA)
Product Highlights:
  • incredible capacity/lifetime: 50,000g or 5 years! cuzn backs the uc-200's performance with a 5 year pro-rated warranty and all cuzn products carry a 90 day satisfaction guarantee. the uc-200 is designed for use with municipal water only - do not use with private well water. the uc-200 is a water purification system, it is not a water softening system. this uc-200 is not designed to resolve excessively hard water issues.
  • no third faucet hassle & simple to install: connects directly to your kitchen sink's cold water line. only takes a few minutes. all you will need is an adjustable wrench for tightening connections. new install video instructions available, see product description for details. questions or non-standard under counter plumbing!? send us an email or call cuzn's customer support team @ 800.345.pure (7873)
  • 3 stage filtration process: micro sediment membranes, kdf-55 & coconut shell carbon. the uc-200's process purifies the water without removing health beneficial hardness minerals, the uc-200 does not reduce tds readings, a ppm or tds meter is not effective for testing. to monitor the uc-200 with testing, utilize dpd#1 chlorine test strips and replace when chlorine breakthrough is detected. want tds removal? search asin# b019n7vg1w on amazon to view cuzn's reverse osmosis system.
Woder 10KDC Ultra High ( Contaminants For Safe, Fresh And Crisp Water, USA-Made)
Product Highlights:
  • this filter should be used in conjunction with municipally treated drinking water or water that has been properly disinfected prior use.
  • no plumbing required - comes with 'direct connect' hoses that fit standard 3/8" water valves under us kitchen and bathroom sinks. the 3/8" direct connect hose are made to install directly to the existing cold water valve and faucet stem under your sink.
  • no more bottles in the fridge. eliminate lead (99.9%), heavy metals, chlorine (99.9%), chromium 6, vocs and other contaminants (99.9%), odors and bad tastes, mercury and turbidity. the woder 10k gives great smelling and tasting water, cold and fresh from the tap.
ISpring US31 3Stage Under ( CTO Carbon Block Filters (Newest Version))
Product Highlights:
  • up to 20x more effective than the common water pitcher dispenser , feed water temperature - 40-100 f
  • universal 10 inch sediment filter and 2 x 10 inch carbon block filters
  • removes sediment, chlorine, organic chemicals (vocs) and more to produce colorless, tasteless and odorless purified water
APEC WFS1000 Super Capacity ( Under-Sink Water Filter System)
Product Highlights:
  • high quality, designed, engineered and assembled in usa system with super capacity filter for long lasting dependable filtration
  • super capacity filters guaranteeing to remove chemicals, taste and odors. feed water pressure: 20-85 psi
  • premium long-lasting filter used to treat tap water, well water. provide unlimited refreshing water
Brondell H2O Coral UC300 ( Filtration System With LED Faucet)
Product Highlights:
  • powerful filtration: 3 stage carbon block removes over 99 percent of lead, wqa gold seal certified
  • high capacity filters: 12 month filter life, 600 gallons
  • smart design: elegant chrome faucet with integrated led filter change indicator included
Culligan USEZ1 EZChange Undersink ( Basic 3,000 Gallon Filter Included)
Product Highlights:
  • undersink water filtration system that includes a dedicated faucet that can be installed in most sinks providing cleaner filtered water for cooking or drinking
  • ez change replacement filter cartridge with quick connect fittings, just twist on and twist off
  • the included rc-ez-1 filter cartridge reduces: particulates class iii, chloride and removes bad taste and odor from water

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