15 Best Fart Spray – Spray & Laugh Away

Smelly goodness! Spray the liquid and laugh away with the best fart spray in the market. We are warning you that these products smell like ass!

15 Best Selling Fart Spray

Fart Spray Application Ideas

1. People

Direct application on the target person is one of the best pranks to do. You must be careful to get caught, the fart spray is silent and hard to feel. When you succeed in doing this idea will make the patience and effort worth it!

2. Vehicle 

Choose a vehicle with an enclosed area, fart spray is very effective there. The problem is that when doing a fart spray prank inside the car, it is hard to watch the reaction of the victim unless you are recording it or you were also inside. Be sure to ready your cotton balls to stuff on your nose when you decided to prank the victim beside you. 

3. Elevator

Make them the victim of the one who is farting inside the elevator or let them ride on a smell like ass elevator. 

4. Birthday Balloons

Let them experience the big surprise by letting them pop the balloon that you inflated with fart spray. 

5. Electric Fan

Let the air do the job of spreading the smell or you can spray it on a rug then put it beside the fan.


  • Fart spray is very effective when used in a closed area or indoor.
  • Avoid spraying on smoking areas or room with cigarettes because it can eliminate the odor quickly
  • Do not waste your fart spray on a ventilated area. Fart spray is made with air when the air leaves. so is the stinky ass.

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So what are waiting for? Check our best fart spray and grab yours now!

Top 15 Fart Spray

Liquid Ass Iquid Ass
Product Highlights:
  • liquid ass is made in the usa and never ships from china
  • highly concentrated, super-horrible smelling fart spray
  • smells like ass; only worse
Liquid Ass Spray Mister Smell Bomb - PRANK GAG
Product Highlights:
  • authentic butt crack smell in a spray bottle — for the ultimate fart and stink prank liquid ass is an overwhelming, stinky, funny prank product.
  • once unleashed, this power–packed, super–concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poop. the pranks you can pull with liquid ass are unlimited. this gagging stench will have people laughing until it hurts!
  • liquid ass will spray out in a nearly clear liquid. apply to any surface. a little goes a very long way, and this bottle can be used for many applications, yet is small enough to be used discreetly.
Halloween April Fools Day Spray 30ml 1 Fl Oz ,Single
Product Highlights:
  • this is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to have fun with pranks.and the neighbor. let the games begin!
  • our prank sprays smells like the most toxic potion in the world, but it’s actually safe.
  • the super strong smell that will linger for quite some time, best to use indoors.
Forum Novelties Liquid Fart Gas Crap Net WT .25 Gm 2 Pack
Product Highlights:
  • works in the dark!
  • guaranteed results!
Fart To Go Extra Seconds - Super Potent Stink Bomb Practical Joke
Product Highlights:
  • a never before seen level of concentrated stench: this new formulation is like nothing you’ve ever smelled before. it’s a devastating blast of nose torture from the world’s most noxious sewer, created to be so wretchedly rank that even our stink bomb experts can’t stand the smell.
  • extra strong prank - clear a room in less than a minute: during testing, the horrendous smell of fart to go engulfed the entire building. just a few sprays can create a hilarious, chaotic atmosphere in any situation. be prepared for the most noxious odor imaginable!
  • completely non-toxic: fart to go smells like the most extreme toxic potion in the world, but it’s actually completely safe. it’s also totally non-flammable. warning: this product has such a mind-blowingly strong stench that it should still be used with caution.
Who Sh Their Pants Oil Prank Stuff Gag Gift Spray
Product Highlights:
  • diarrhea scent: highly concentrated dreadful diarrhea smell. not so much a fart or rotten egg smell but more of a loose, watery stool kind of smell.
  • medical training essential: prepare future medical and care-giving professionals on the awareness of loose, watery stools (diarrhea) smell and train them on the proper procedure if faced in similar situation. use as job ready simulation tool.
  • eliminate anxiety and embarrassing situation: show how committed you in your relationship by pretending to be able to defecate in front of your partner even though you find it extremely awkward to go "number 2" in the presence of others.
Air Wick VIP PrePoop Gifts, White Elephant Gifts, Stocking Stuffers
Product Highlights:
  • keep nasty smells in your bowl: creates a layer that traps embarrassing odors in the bowl before they escape
  • odor free: backed by our odor free guarantee
  • lasts up to 300 sprays: for 100 uses per bottle
Dash Fun Liquid Prank Humor Bad Ass Smelly
Product Highlights:
  • highly concentrated, super-horrible smelling stink spray
Forum Novelties Liquid Fart Gas Crap ~ Gag Prank Joke
Product Highlights:
  • brand:forum occasion:birthday, party, wedding, anniversary, function,
  • upc:721773524455 mpn:does not apply
SummitLink Realistic Gross Party Prank Toy Novelty Gift Joke
Product Highlights:
  • very realistic fake poop
  • fool your friends
  • hilarious prank, make your friend scream.
Fart Spray And Fake Deal Prank Gag Joke
Product Highlights:
  • fart spray and fake turd poop combo
  • put fake poop on toilet seat, then spray the fart spray!
3 Liquid Stink Bombs Fart Spray ~COMBO SET~
Product Highlights:
  • each order placed is for a combo set of 1 can of fart spray and 1 box of 3 stink bombs!
  • 1 fart spray can: simply spray a few times and watch them run! can measures approximately 5" inches. weight is 25 grams per can. many pranks can be done per can! high quality item and is made in the usa! don't be fooled by other sellers that carry the cheaper knockoff version, the ones we sell are the best fart spray cans made!
  • 1 box of 3 stink bombs: glass stink bombs are sure to gross out your intended victims. just throw them on the ground and watch everybody run. yes, i really mean run~! these smell just like rotten eggs - but worse! buy multiple cases and save on shipping as you will want to do this prank many times~! any stink item always works best indoors vs. outdoors, the more you use the stronger the smell, the smaller the space the more it will stink.
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