14 Best Fart Machine

Press the remote button that is small enough to keep in your pocket and watch the embarrassment begin with the best fart machine listed below. We are warning you that you may have a stomach ache because of laughing!

14 Best Selling Fart Machine

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Check out the best fart machine that will make you the best prankster:

Top 14 Fart Machine

Forum Novelties Fart Machine Version With Remote New
Product Highlights:
  • fart machine # 2 new version with remote
  • makes 15 farting sounds
  • realistic fart sounds
NPWUSA Sound Effects Fart Machine, 9 Sounds
Product Highlights:
  • hand-held sound effects device with 9 high-fidelity sound bites
  • 4 x 2. 5 x . 8-inches
  • requires 3 ag13/lr44 batteries (included)
BigMouth Inc Le Tooter Machine, Funny Gag Gift
Product Highlights:
  • this little gadget makes the most realistic fart sounds without batteries, bluetooth, or burritos.
  • easy-to-grip, pocketable fart noise maker
  • just give it a squeeze, then watch for priceless reactions
Balai Pooter Fart Machine Best Novelty Gag Gifts Joke Toy
Product Highlights:
  • the tooter makes the most realistic farting noises known to man! using this soft rubber device is a gas! just squeeze for funny, farting fun.
  • do you like making fake fart sounds embarrassing others? so you definitely need this smart gadget! just squeeze it, the air inside out, creating a high simulation fart sound! funny fart is on your fingertips.
  • put the empty face up to the palm of your hand, and squeeze it, and you can hear the fart sound.
Talkie Toys Products Fart Hilarious Prank, Joke, And Gag Toy
Product Highlights:
  • the blame game: they say whoever smelt it dealt it, but with the fart button, you can giggle at funny noises without covering your nose! it’s perfect for playing sneaky pranks – just press the button, unleash the backdoor breeze, and blame it on whoever’s nearby!
  • realistic sound effect: preparing to perform a comedy skit? be sure to keep the fart button on hand! the sound of bubbling flatulence will have everyone cracking a smile. at home, school, or even in the office, listeners will find it hard to keep a straight face!
  • high quality: as a gag gift, wacky stress reliever, or a simple desk paperweight, our funny button is always reliable with clear, easy-to-hear sound clips. the durable design featuring bright colors means it was built for long lasting fun everyone can enjoy!
Forum Novelties Set2 Remote Sounds Gag Gift, One Size, Black
Product Highlights:
  • remote controlled fart machine no. 2, blows our original fart machine away
  • new boom box technology features 15 louder sounds and works up to 100 feet away
  • caution: you may die laughing
Doctor Poo Pilot Pilot
Product Highlights:
  • amazon prime video (video on demand)
  • liam n, aria n, mr n (actors)
  • mr n (director)
Forum Novelties Remote Control Joke Gag Gift Prank
Product Highlights:
  • remote controlled fart box is a classic novelty toy
  • works through walls up to 50 feet, so you can hide it in your pocket and have a great time
  • caution: you may die laughing
Liquid Ass Iquid Ass
Product Highlights:
  • liquid ass is made in the usa and never ships from china
  • highly concentrated, super-horrible smelling fart spray
  • smells like ass; only worse

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