9 Best Electric Fireplace 40 Inch Wall Mount

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Top 9 Electric Fireplace 40 Inch Wall Mount

Tangkula 40 Electric Fireplace Temperature Control&Timer Crystal Heater 40 Inches
Product Highlights:
  • realistic multicolor flame effect : this electric fireplace simulates the real flame effect in order to create the warm atmosphere as the traditional fireplace without ash and smoke. more, high intensity led light reflect to the crystal stone and there are 9 flame color to choose from. plus, for the needs of different scenes, our flame brightness has 5 setting for you.
  • touch screen and remote control: this electric fireplace can be operated through touch screen as well as a remote control. in the cold winter, you can operate it without leaving the warm bed. there are power, color change, dimming, heating, temperature, timing six function buttons. furthermore, comes with a high-definition led display allows you easy-to-read your operation.
  • two heat setting & adjustable temperature: featuring two heating setting, the fireplace heater can be set to high (1500w) and low (750w), the temperature can be controlled from 62℉ to 82℉. this electric fireplace is equipped with upper front vents, which is more conducive to heat transfer and better warm your room.
PuraFlame Alice 40 Inches Set & Crystal, 1500W Heater, Black
Product Highlights:
  • dimension: overall dimension (including glass): 40 9/16 width x 20 1/4 height x 6 1/6 depth, firebox dimension (without glass): 35 3/4 w x 18 1/33 h x 5 11/16 d. for more information, please see specification sheet in technical specification section below
  • installation: in-wall recessed installation only, cannot be hanged on the wall or freestanding, a perfect fit for 2 x 6" wall. two electrical connections: plug-in or hard-wiring. just plug in 110v outlet and enjoy
  • realistic flame effect: ultra high intensity led lights provide very bright and realistic flame effect. two options for ember bed: log set or crystal stones to suit your need. total 4 different flame settings cater to your desired ambience (1. yellow with a little bit blue low brightness 2. all yellow brightness 3. yellow with a little bit blue brightness 4. all blue brightness). the flame effect can be operated with or without heat for year-round ambience
GMHome 40 Inches Wall Colors, With Remote, 1500W Fireplace, Black
Product Highlights:
  • two options ember bedthis wall recessed electric fireplace equipped with both log sets & crystals to create an authentic feel & bring interesting diy assembly. different ember bed and flame color to match your mood. gorgeous realistic dancing flames create an amazing ambiance when have party and family gathering in your home.
  • nine colors of realistic flame effect: realistic log set &crystal flame effect for perfect ambiance with up to 9 changeable flame color (yellow, green, blue, white, yellow & green, yellow & blue, yellow & white, green & blue, green & white). adjustable flame brightness-5 setting, from a soft ember glow to a full blazing brightness.
  • elegant tidy & modern fireplace with two installation choices: front face heat vent allows both flush in-wall recessed and on-wall mounted installation. black glass panel add a tidy and modern look to your room. ideal fireplace for living room, bedroom, and office both for warmth and ambiance.
Maxhonor 40 Inches Electric With Remote Control, 1500/750W, Black
Product Highlights:
  • 🌈modern home dÉcor, 100% energy saving led technology; brighter and more realistic led flame: 9 color options; brightness setting: 5 levels.
  • 🔥recessed mounted electric fireplace insert or freestanding heater, choose any style you like.
  • 🔥electric fireplace with thermostat can control the room temperature from 62°f to 82°f. timer setting: 1h to 8h; provides supplemental heat for up to 400 sq. ft. have safety cut-off device for overheat protection.
Touchstone 80027 Sideline Watt Heater - Black - Log & Crystal Hearth Options
Product Highlights:
  • designed for in-wall installation: this electric fireplace is specially created for recessed mounting in walls. recessed mounting is simple. build a simple rough frame in your wall, move existing studs, then the right and left side have mounting brackets, which take 2 screws on each side. the 40-inch fireplace comes with easy-to-follow instructions to help homeowners install the unit on their own. wiring can be hard-wired or plugged.
  • stylishly slim frame – combining functionality and state-of-the-art design, the crystal-clear glass panel of this electric fireplace is encased in a sleek black exterior that complements both classic and contemporary interiors. the dark-colored frame perfectly accentuates the vibrant hues of the flames to create a colorful fire display.
  • two innovative heat settings – engineered with high and low heat options, you can use this fireplace any time of year. the heat level can be adjusted according to the user’s preference, making the fireplace a practical fixture. turn the temperature up during the cold season to keep you snug and toasty and set it on low in slightly chilly weather to provide ample warmth. the fireplace can also be operated with flames only, no heat!
GMHome 40 Inches Electric Color Fireplace, With Remote, 1500W, Black
Product Highlights:
  • 🔥this fireplace adds black gloss painting steel on the outside of the tempered glass as the front panel, which is more high-end and harmonious than ordinary ones. 3d flame technology requires no gas, no oil, and it is smokeless.
  • 🔥one fireplace, two options: it can be wall mounted &simply use as a freestanding unit in any rooms. the wall mounting bracket is fixed on the back of the unit, and the freestanding feet are fixed on the left & right side of the unit. this fireplace is wall mounted model, vent on the top, not wall recessed one.
  • 🔥more color options for perfect ambiance: realistic crystal stone flame effect with up to 9 changeable flame color (yellow, green, blue, white, yellow & green, yellow & blue, yellow & white, green & blue, green & white)
GMHome 40 Inches Wall With Remote, 1500W, Metal Panel - Black
Product Highlights:
  • three installation choices: this metal and glass panel electric fireplace is specially designed for recessed mounting in wall, flush mounted; it can also be wall mounted heater, like a picture frame; it can also be used as free-standing fireplace with the legs in package. it is ideal for living room, bedroom or office for warmth and ambiance.
  • nine colors of realistic flame effect: realistic crystal stone flame effect for perfect ambiance with up to 9 changeable flame color (yellow, green, blue, white, yellow & green, yellow & blue, yellow & white, green & blue, green & white). adjustable flame brightness-5 setting, from a soft ember glow to a full blazing brightness.
  • two heat settings: flame effect can be operated with or without heat. can work as non-heat fireplace. 1500w / 5,100 btu's. fits for room coverage up to 400 sq.ft. the heat setting can be adjusted according to your preference, high in freeing cold weather and low in not so cold season.
Best Choice Products 1500W Mounted W/Remote, Logs, Crystal Stones
Product Highlights:
  • in-wall or mounted installation: with hardware and easy-to-follow instructions included, you can customize your setup by hanging the fireplace on the wall or performing an in-wall recessed installation
  • crystal stones & faux fire logs: set comes with faux logs and crystal stones for an authentic look, which can easily be replaced once they become worn
  • realistic flame visual: a bright, realistic flame effect is produced by high-intensity led lights, with 3 flame color settings (orange, red, blue) that create a scene just as beautiful as the real thing
XtremepowerUS 1500W Recessed Electric Multicolor Flame, Remote Control
Product Highlights:
  • dual installation wall/insert - in wall recessed design specially designed for fully or partially recessed in wall, also can be wall mounted and freestanding. the black and larger linear glass design offer a sleek and modern look.
  • all year around ambiance - perfect for the cold seasons, features two heat settings: high and low. heat vents are located on the upper front area. the heat level can be adjusted according to the users preference, making this fireplace a functional and practical fixture. the fireplace can be turned all the way up in freezing weather to keep you snug and toasty. for slightly chilly weather, it can be set on low to provide ample warmth without being too hot
  • realistic flame effects to create the cozy atmosphere of a traditional fireplace, this electronic unit emits authentic-looking flames that emulate a real fire. it has three color changing options, along with multiple settings, from a soft ember glow or an intense blaze. heat and flame settings can be operated through a remote control

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