10 Best Dual Temp Glue Gun

There are three types of glue guns and one of them is dual-temperature. These dual temp glue guns are very ideal for household use and an essential tool for every crafter. In this article, we have compiled all the best dual temp glue guns that have tons of reviews and feedback!

10 Best Selling Dual Temp Glue Gun

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“His face appeared to have been massaged with an industrial cheese grater and then retouched with a glue gun.”
― Carl Hiaasen, Star Island

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Take a look at our best dual temp glue gun available in the market:

Top 10 Dual Temp Glue Gun

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Nozzles For Crafts, Shrinking PVC, Stripping Paint5.2FT
Product Highlights:
  • ▶ 【strong power with 2 modes】 seekone 1800w heat gun provides strong power quickly heat up to 1202℉(650℃) in 1.5 seconds. two modes: i: 50-450℃, 190-210l/min; ii: 50-650℃, 250-500l/min
  • ▶ 【variable temp control & overload protection】 unlike other dual temperature heat guns, our heat guns provide variable temperature control. the black dial provides rheostat-type heating, the high / low switch on its handle provides air flow control. temperature range from 122℉ to 1202℉; our heat gun also possess overload protector to avoid damaging your heat gun and circuit
  • ▶ 【scientific ergonomic design & wide applications】 seekone heat gun has a scientific ergonomic design handle can prevent repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders; ideal use for shrinking heat shrink tube, shrinking wrap, heating pvc, electronics, cell phone repairs, removing paint or floor tiles, loosening rusted bolts, and other heating or thawing purpose
  • ▶ 【four nozzles accessories】 deflector nozzle directs a long, narrow heat pattern to the work surface; two concentrator nozzles direct a concentrated heat flow to the work surface; reflector nozzle disperses heat flow evenly around the whole work surface.
  • ▶ 【100% satisfaction guarantee】 full refund or return guarantee with lifetime free warranty. anything happened about the product, please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be always here for you
AdTech Hot Glue Sticks Clear, 50 Sticks
Product Highlights:
  • versatile application: these hot glue sticks bond to virtually all materials including paper, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, ceramic, foam, lace, ribbon, synthetic fabric and more. perfect to use at home, office or school. ideal for scrapbooking, crafting, diy and school projects
  • multi-temp: adtech 4 inch full size glue sticks work in high, low, dual and multi temperature hot glue guns. use low temperature hot glue guns to bond delicate materials like paper, lace and fabric. use high temperature glue guns to bond porous and heavier materials like glass and metal
  • quick bonding: adtech glue sticks bond to virtually all materials in as little as 30 seconds
  • fits all full size glue guns: fits all full size hot glue guns. contains 50 hot glue sticks. length 4 inches, diameter 0.44 inches
  • made in the usa: adtech glue sticks are made in the usa and glue guns are usa engineered
Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks Count, Clear, Pack Of 1
Product Highlights:
  • weather resistant: for indoor and outdoor use. moisture resistant – water resistant – not recommended for continual water exposure
  • high temperature for strong bonding: wood, plastic, metal, glass and more
  • low temperature for delicate materials: floral, fabric, foam, jewelry and more
  • all temperature: safe for both high and low temperature glue guns
  • 45 second extended working time
Assark Glue Gun Mini Arts Quick Home Repairs, 20W Blue
Product Highlights:
  • 【super-fast heating】: this glue gun takes 3 to 5 minutes to warm up and fits for 7mm-diameter glue sticks, keeps the temperature constant automatically.
  • 【anti-drip and heat resistant】: thermal insulated cap on glue gun is covered by heat-resistant rubber to prevent burns. anti-drip nozzle releases glue smoothly with no drips or glops and is easy to control and place a small amount of glue.
  • 【easy to use and operate】: press the trigger of glue gun to release melted glue, safety fuse offers overheating protection. the longer anti-drip nozzle allows you to be more precise when it comes to hot glueing something.
  • 【ultimate convenience and safe】: this glue gun has the fold-up holder and it makes the glue gun stand steady on bench top for better use. the on and off power switch makes it safe for your children.
  • 【set creativity free】: this mini glue gun is capable of bonding multiple materials together, which is ideal for diy crafts and arts with unlimited imagination and endless fun.
Gorilla Dual Temp Mini 30 Hot Glue Sticks
Product Highlights:
  • glue gun features: dual temp, precision nozzle, easy squeeze trigger, enhanced safety features, built-in stand, wide base, do not pull glue sticks from glue gun. if changing glue, feed remainder of glue stick through glue gun.
  • gorilla hot glue sticks: weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use, safe for both high & low temperature glue guns, 45 second working time, impact tough
  • gorilla mini dual temp glue gun uses mini sized glue sticks (. 27" diameter)
  • this set includes: (1) dual temp mini hot glue gun plus (1) 30 count 4" mini hot glue sticks
SEEKONE Mini Heat Gun Craft Embossing, Shrink Wrapping And Stripping Paint
Product Highlights:
  • ★【high power tool】: electric mini heat gun with 3.0amp motor can reach temperature 662℉ (350℃)and air flow 300l/min within seconds to make your work more efficiently. 4.9ft ultra long cable helps you do crafting in large area more conveniently.
  • ★【premium quality & safe】: built in over-heat protection, the current of this heat gun tool will be cut off automatically when temperature is overheated to avoid melting and fire. made of high quality impact-resistant pa6+30gf body and with nozzle safety shield to ensure maximum security for you.
  • ★【ergonomic design】: pencil-like design and light weight make the hot air gun fit comfortably in your hand. and the mini heat gun is especially ideal for getting into hard-to-reach places and concentrating high heat on the tight area. retractable bracket lets this heat shrink gun stand on the table stably and use it hands-free.
  • ★ 【versatile application】: wide use and perfect for diy projects. this mini heat gun can be used for shrink wrapping, soldering, paint removing, air bubble removing, candle making, electronics repairing, watercolor drying, defrosting and so on. if you like diy, it is a great tool for you to make your own handmade work.
  • ★【what you get】:1 x 350w heat gun, 1 x reflector nozzle, 1 x user manual, our worry-free and friendly customer service. anything happened about the product, please feel free to contact our team at any time, we will be always here for you.
ROMECH Full Size Hot Storage Case For Crafting, DIY And Repairs Pink
Product Highlights:
  • ✅[dual power outputs] romech hot glue guns offer dual temperature setting, feed glue at your pace. the simple power switch allows quick temperature adaptation for all your projects. 60w is suitable for crafting projects and delicate materials, maintains 300°f heating temperature and 0.35 oz/min flow rate. 100w is ideal for wood and heavier material, heats up fast at 410°f and higher 0.53 oz/min flow rate.
  • ✅[clean and smooth] the copper nozzle provides a uniform and fast heat disspation for the glue, ensures a clean and smooth gule flow.
  • ✅[industrial grade] suitable for hobby, crafting, home, office, school diy, commercial and industrial use. the hot glue gun kit comes standard with the drip free brass nozzle, offers durability and mess free experience.
  • ✅[handy kit] the package includes a dual temp hot melting glue gun, 21 high viscous odor free hot glue sticks (7/16" d, 5.9'' l), a premium oxford carry/storage case.
  • ✅[romech brand quality commitment] we stand behind the quality of our products. if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. we provide 30-day money back and 12-month warranty. 100% satisfaction guarantee for risk-free shopping!
GoGonova Cordless Hot Glue Premium Mini Glue Sticks And USB-C Charging Port
Product Highlights:
  • ✅【15 second fast preheating & cordless design】- with only 15s, the heating system of gogonova hot glue gun is almost 10 times faster than ordinary ones! saving your time waiting for preheating. the cordless design gives you more portability while gluing items. saving more storage room and freedom of use.
  • ✅【automatic power-off protection】- your safety is always our priority concern. the built in smart sensor will make the glue gun power off automatically when it has been inactive for more than 5 minutes! protects your safety and saves energy.
  • ✅【5ah built-in long-lasting battery】- our rechargeable cordless glue gun with stand is powered by 5ah lithium-ion battery and only takes 2 hours to fully charge. it supports up to 180 minutes work after fully charge. led power indicators on the top of this wireless hot glue gun help you check the remaining battery power at any time. charging with usb-c cable.
  • ✅【ergonomic & compact design】- ergonomic design with soft gripping surface, two-finger length switch both allow you to easily press and hold the lever. compact and lightweight feature of it help you work easily and reduced fatigue.
  • ✅【25 pcs premium mini hot glue sticks & widely used】- got plenty of handcraft to make? additional 25 pcs strong adhesive and high purity mini glue sticks (0.275'' x 5.51'') are perfect for your long term diy need, e.g. quick repair, mother's day gifts, crafts & arts. but also, our glue gun craft works well with majority of materials including paper, cotton, plastic, fabric.
Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks Count, Clear, Pack Of 1
Product Highlights:
  • weather resistant: for indoor and outdoor use
  • all temperature: safe for both high & low temperature glue guns
  • 45 second extended working time
  • low temperature for delicate materials, high temperature for strong bonding
  • versatile: works on hard to bond surfaces like metal & glass. store below 130° f. store out of direct uv light.
SHJADE Hot Glue Gun Projects And Quick Home Repairs, 20W White
Product Highlights:
  • 👉【super fast heating】: this mini hot glue gun heats up and releases glue within 1-2 minutes and fits φ0.28inch(7mm) glue sticks.
  • 👉【convenience and safe】: ergonomic design handle offers comfortable operation. its compact and lightweight features help you use easily. this glue gun has the fold-up holder and make it stand upright when in standby, easy and flexible to use. the on and off power switch makes it safe for your children.
  • 👉【simple operation】:just insert the glue sticks, connect your hot melt gun to the power, pull the trigger to heat up. the clever designed nozzle tip ensures precision use without dripping, preventing glue waste.
  • 👉【useful and multipurpose】: this hot glue gun with glue sticks is an ideal tool for various diy, such as crafts & arts, home repair, making christmas decoration, gifts. it can work well with plastic, glass, paper, cotton, fabric and other materials. also great for kids making crafts!
  • 👉【all-in-one kit】with 30pcs strong adhesive hot glue sticks, glue gun kit has everything to cater your passion for crafting and diy projects right away. note: never touch the nozzle during and after use, prevent scalding.if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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