10 Best Door Closer Lockdown

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Top 10 Door Closer Lockdown

Classroom Door Safety ( Model 1 (Black))
Product Highlights:
  • sos door security stops school shooters from entering classrooms
Barracuda DCS1 Intruder Defense ( System, Scissor Action)
Product Highlights:
  • padlocks, lockout/tag out & security equipment
  • country of manufacture: united states
  • manufacturer: barracuda
Betfandeful Door Closer Lockdown ( All Floor Surfaces, Door Stops With Storage Bag)
Product Highlights:
  • enjoy personal security no matter where you are. measuring 12 cm h x 9 cm w and weighing 300 g, the portable door barricade keeps you safe at home, at the office, at school and on vacation.
  • compatible with all types of flooring, the innovative system of hinges and angles anchor the door stopper firmly to carpeted, tiled and laminate floors when outside pressure is exerted on the door.
  • takes only seconds to install and remove. no tools are required to implement this revolutionary home security device. in case of emergency, you can easily remove the door stopper with an upward motion.
7 10 50 100 ( Strike Plate Safety Magnet Strip For Active Shooter)
Product Highlights:
  • apply: keep door locked at all times. simply place the magnet strip over the strike plate so that the door can freely open and close without locking in the door frame. in the event of a lockdown, simply remove the magnet strip and close the door. this allows a much faster way to lock your door when time is of the essence.
  • quality: our extra strong magnetic strip is perfectly designed to hold to the door frame without falling off. it can be applied to any commercial metal or steel door frame. the exterior part of the magnet is lamented to allow the door to open and close without catching.
  • size: a not too big & not too small, perfectly cut to fully cover the strike plate without falling off. the size of each magnet is 1.5" w x 6.5" l. this is an easy to apply, and easy to remove magnet in the event of an emergency.
DoorJammer Portable Door Lock ( (DJ4LD Lockdown (XL Edition)))
Product Highlights:
  • doorjammer lockdown - it's a portable, industrial strength door security device that prevents unwanted entry. it takes just moments to fit to any standard internal door, without the use of any tools. once fitted, it uses displacement of force to barricade the door against an attempt at forced entry.
  • tried and tested - at twice the size and a height of 192mm (7.5"), lockdown is the heavy-duty big brother of award-winning travel safety device doorjammer.
  • designed for commercial use - created for emergency deployment in public buildings, schools, offices or hotels, this is the last word in portable stopping power.
Nrpfell Portable Door Closer ( Device Safety Anti-Theft Device Door Blocker)
Product Highlights:
  • 2. the innovative system of hinges and angles anchor the firmly to floors when outside pressure is exerted on the door.
  • 4. the footpad, situated bellow adjustable foot allows the door lock to be installed on any type of surface: hardwood floor, carpet, tiles, linoleum, etc.
  • 3. the adjustable foot, situated at the end of the hinged leg, allows the lock to be installed on any type of floor: flat or inclined.
Portable Door Closer Jammer ( Portable Security Device Female Safety)
Product Highlights:
  • 1 the lock is a portable door lock that installs and remove in seconds without any tools required
  • 2 the innovative system of hinges and angles anchor the firmly to floors when outside pressure is exerted on the door
  • 3 the lock is a unique, new and innovative portable door security device for anyone needing privacy and security
Barracuda Door Defense System ( 6.75" Jamb Width))
Product Highlights:
  • for inward swinging 36" wide commercial vertical doors with an 6.75" wide jamb
  • fast and easy; installs in a matter of seconds
  • securely locks an entry point in a lock-down situation
Shepherd Hardware 9133 Heavy ( Door Wedge, Brown)
Product Highlights:
  • heavy duty door stopper is perfect for use in industrial / commercial environments
  • durable rubber construction with anti-skid base
  • non-marking to help protect hardwood and laminate floors from scratches and dents
Bearacade Lockdown Response System ( Outward-Swinging Doors)
Product Highlights:
  • named campus safety magazine's best in 2014, 2015, and 2016
  • bearacade lockdown response system
  • 1/4-inch stainless steel anchor pin

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