10 Best Dogs Dental Wash | Give Fresher Breath & Healthier Gums to Your Dog

Your dog deserves the best. Period. These best-selling dental wash for dogs are especially formulated to promote healthy teeth and gums – and maintain overall oral health.

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Top 10 Dogs Dental Wash

Petlab Co Dental Formula Fresh Drinking Oral Hygiene Care No Brush Required
Product Highlights:
  • || targets plaque and tartar ||: formulated to support teeth and gums, keeping them healthy and clean.
  • || freshen breath ||: no added sugar, alcohol, detergents or additives, which can support clean, fresh breath.
  • || optimal oral health  ||: one teaspoon daily can promote healthy gums and maintain overall oral health.
Oxyfresh Premium Pet Dental Disease! - So Easy, Just Add To Water! Vet Recommended!
Product Highlights:
  • fresh breath – finally say good-bye to pet bad breath with fast-acting patented oxygene formula. works for dogs, cats, birds, etc.
  • clean teeth and gums – the easiest way to clean your pet’s teeth, fight periodontal disease, and strengthen their gum tissue. recommended by veterinarians across the country.
  • no brushing required – it's so easy, just add a capful to their drinking water each day. completely safe to drink!
Dental Fresh Water Additive Eliminate Bad Breath And Improve Oral Health 17oz
Product Highlights:
  • toothbrush in a bottle – dental fresh advanced plaque and tartar formula is the world’s first and only clinically proven toothbrush in a bottle. best for dogs (and cats) with advanced dental issues, halitosis, swollen gums, and/or discolored teeth, it’s safe and beneficial for everyday use too! simply add dental fresh to your pet’s water bowl it’s like you’re brushing their teeth each time they drink water – but with much less hassle!
  • advanced formula - double strength, advanced formula is designed to specially target plaque and tartar build-up in hard-to-reach places. when used as part of a daily oral care regimen, it protects against the advancement of moderate to severe periodontal issues.
  • goodbye bad breath – in addition to instantly freshening even the worst dog (and cat) breath, dental fresh is the only clinically-proven formula for pet oral health that cleans and whitens teeth, freshens breath, protects gums while treating gingivitis, prevents periodontal disease and improves overall dental health.
Naturel Promise Fresh Dental Dogs/Cats, 18-Ounce 3 Pack
Product Highlights:
  • includes three 18-ounce bottles of naturel promise dental water additive
  • ingredients: purified water, glycerin, cetylpyridinium chloride, citric acid, potassium sorbate, green tea leaf extract.
  • helps clean teeth and freshen breath without the hassle of brushing your dog or cats teeth!
Premium Pet Dental Water And Gum Disease- [17 Oz] Dog Toothpaste Deodorizer
Product Highlights:
  • 17 oz formula for dogs, cats and small animals: instantly turns bad breath into sweet, fresh smelling breath without brushing or the use of alcohol or toxins. works great as a dog deodorizer and digestive aid. all natural dog breath freshener.
  • ingredients work to fight gum disease, plaque and tartar: by age 3, 80% of dogs and cats develop gum disease. our pet dental water additive helps to fight and slow the process of gum disease and gingivitus when used regularly.
  • recommended by vets as daily hygiene for a healthy mouth & digestive health: most pet water additives only cover up the smell with harsh ingredients, but our pet dental water additive fights the bacteria at the source for a fresh, clean scent. no alcohol. no toxins. contains only all natural ingredients. use 1-3 tbsp depending on the sensitivity of your pet
2in1 Dog Breath Freshener Cleaning And Fresh Breath With No Brushing, 8 Oz.
Product Highlights:
  • fresh breath = more kisses & cuddles – you’d love to kiss & cuddle your dog but his/her breath smells like dead crawfish? you can stop feeling bad about not wanting to show affection to your pet now – 100% natural ingredients in our spray work on enzymatic level to help to eliminate the cause of dog’s bad breath, so you can enjoy kissing fresh dog’s breath & show your fur baby how much you love him/her!
  • less dental problems - less plaque, less tartar + healthier gums – gum and teeth disease start slowly & silently (usually no visible symptoms) but they can cause serious pain & problems to both you and your pet. our dog breath freshener spray makes a good use of natural thyme properties, as well as green pigments found in parsley & peppermint to help to prevent gums irritation, plaque & tartar build up. because they can lead to chronic gum pain, eroded gums, missing teeth, and even bone loss.
  • no hassle with no brushing – yes, dog toothpaste and toothbrush are recommended as best daily home dental care but wouldn’t it be great to have something that makes your life just a little bit easier for dog teeth cleaning? our dog breath freshener is exactly that! green pigments found in parsley & peppermint help to prevent residue on your dog’s teeth, so your daily routine can be easy & effortless. spray directly into your pets mouth & add to water for a hassle-free dog dental care.
Petpost Dental Solution Natural Tooth Cleaning Solution 16 Fl. Oz.
Product Highlights:
  • most effective dental solution for dogs that suffer from bad breath or plaque and tartar buildup. preventative dental care reduces the risk of periodontal disease in your dog - and this easy to use dental solution is a perfect way to keep your dog’s teeth clean!
  • just add to water bowl! you can just add a splash of this dental cleaning solution to your dog’s water bowl to naturally reduce plaque, tartar, and bad breath. that’s right, cleaner mouth with no bleach, antibiotics, harsh chemicals, and no hassle!
  • low flavor profile means that your dog’s water won’t taste any different! that means your picky pup won’t even notice that they are cleaning their teeth. say goodbye to chewed up toothbrushes, spilled toothpaste, and unhappy puppies!
Merial Oravet Dental Hygiene Treats For Dogs, 30 Count
Product Highlights:
  • one (1) 30-count pack of oravet dental hygiene chews for small dogs (10-24 pounds)
  • vet-recommended: the dental chew that's the #1 choice of veterinarians for their own dogs
  • clinically proven: once-a-day low-calorie chew that's clinically proven to prevent plaque and tartar build-up
Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Remover, 32 Oz
Product Highlights:
  • liquid tartar remover for dogs
  • dog dental care that you simply add to your dog's water
  • dog teeth cleaning solution reduces plaque that harbors bacteria
Pets Are Kids Too Disease Without Brushing! Add To Water! Digestive Aid!
Product Highlights:
  • "puppy breath in a bottle” - instantly eliminate bad dog and cat breath: cure your pets’ breath on contact with the powerful breath freshener that remedies and transforms bad dog breath and stinky kitty breath into forever puppy or kitty breath! rest assured it contains no toxic grain alcohol or pesticides, but has a taste pets love.
  • "pet dentist in a bottle” – tooth spray eliminates tartar, plaque and gum disease. life threatening oral diseases show up in 70-80% of pets by age 3. while most products only freshen breath, (or contain stomach-upsetting ingredients) our alcohol-free dog breath spray and plaque & tartar remover reduces the risk of oral disease by providing daily natural plaque and tarter control for dogs and cats. also works well as a digestive aid!
  • actually works better than dog breath bones, freshener treats, breath freshener mints for dogs, dental chews, dog mouthwash, or other dog teeth cleaning and dental care products. the natural ingredients have anti-septic properties, and deliver results at an enzymatic level, eliminating the root cause of bad breathe, plaque, tarter, bacteria and periodontal disease before it’s too late. this is the easiest way to get fresh breath for dogs and cats, while offering protection as well 🙂

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