11 Best Dense Shade Grass Seed

Does your lawn areas receive a little daily sunlight? Then you must be wondering what grass seed is the best to grow. The solution is a dense shade grass seed! These grass seeds can grow in a shady area and contains insect-resistant that will help to deter insect pests.

11 Best Selling Dense Shade Grass Seed

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Here is the list of the best Dense Shade grass seed we have compiled for you:

Top 11 Dense Shade Grass Seed

Burloptuous 40x15 Feet Gardening Decorations, Center Pieces For Home, Rustic Party Décor
Product Highlights:
  • large sized roll - get more value for your money! our burlap fabric 40 inches wide comes in 2 sizes: 40”x15 ft. and 40"x30 ft. this gives you freedom to customize according to your diy needs.
  • super tough - our roll of burlap fabric is carefully crafted from natural jute fibers which is popular for its strength and durability. it is suitable for outdoor areas and can survive harsh weather.
  • versatile applications - as a heavy duty fabric, this burlap roll is ideal for all kinds of diy projects. it can be used as a burlap sack for gardening, decor for events, and material for landscaping.
  • love the planet - our burlap fabric is an eco-conscious alternative to plastic containers and pots. it naturally degrades, it's completely devoid of harsh chemicals, and our production is carbon neutral!
  • creative gift idea - this natural burlap fabric roll is a must-have for gardeners, diy enthusiasts, and stylists. you can also use it to create customized gift wrapping and envelopes for giveaways.
Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Types, 4,000 Sq. Ft, 10 Lbs.
Product Highlights:
  • scotts turf builder winterguard fall lawn food builds strong, deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring
  • fertilizer delivers the nutrients lawns need to help recover from damage caused by summer heat, drought, and activity
  • apply to a wet or dry lawn in the fall, as this is the best time to feed
  • this lawn care product is for use on any grass type
  • one 10 lb. bag of scotts turf builder winterguard fall lawn food covers 4,000 sq. ft.
Nature Jims Sprouts Wheatgrass Minerals - Non-GMO, Healthy Wheatgrass Sprout Growing Seed
Product Highlights:
  • ✅ receive your daily fiber, vitamins & minerals with this high-quality pouch of wheat grass seed for planting, which will be planted in your home garden to enrich your healthy diet with a powerful superfood.
  • ✅ all-natural organic wheat grass seeds: our 100% organic, usda-certified wheat seeds are processed specifically for home sprouting, containing zero artificial fillers, gmos, or other harmful preservatives.
  • ✅ get nutritious wheat sprouts in 6 days: plant this premium winter wheat seed in your garden and enjoy a generous crop of wheat grass for your healthy salads, sandwiches or cat grass seed for your pet.
  • ✅ protect your immune & heart health: infused with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fiber, chlorophyll, and protein, our wheatgrass seeds for planting may help lower cholesterol levels and boost your natural immunity.
  • ✅ keep your wheatgrass seed fresh for longer: our cat grass seeds are made in the usa, strictly quality tested, and offered in a clever resealable 16 oz package that will preserve their freshness and flavor.
Pennington Smart Seed Dense Grass Mix 3 Lb
Product Highlights:
  • the perfect mix of tall fescue and fine fescue to thrive in shady conditions
  • grow thick; green grass in areas of your lawn that don't receive much sunlight
  • contains just the right amount of fertilizer to help your lawn succeed
  • requires only 2 to 6 hours of sunlight
  • for a strong, durable lawn
Pennington Smart Seed Sun Grass Mix 3 Lb
Product Highlights:
  • the perfect mix of tall fescue, perennial ryegrass, kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue to survive sun and moderate shade
  • ideal grass seed for lawns that receive sun in some parts and moderate shade in others
  • contains just the right amount of fertilizer to help your lawn succeed
  • for areas getting 4 to 6 hours of sunlight
  • excellent disease resistance and very good drought tolerance
Altman Plants Live Snake Potted Succulent Plant, Houseplant In Potting Soil
Product Highlights:
  • bowstring evergreen: sansevieria superba is a drought-tolerant perennial with sharp, dark green leaves year-round. commonly known as snake plant or devils tongue plant, this hardy succulent is composed of strong fibers that have been used to craft bowstrings for generations. as a houseplant, superba is very easy to care for and delivers a strong statement through its undeniable aesthetic
  • dense succulent with buttery edges: leaves of the snake plant grow thick and wide, tapering into sword-like points. foliage edges are striped in a luscious creamy yellow, which accents green-silver ripples. mother in laws tongue house plant looks great with basket weave or ceramic pots, by itself or with other potted plants
  • creeping rhizome, rosette: similar to lotus or bamboo, superba succulents spread by way of creeping rhizome, a horizontal stem that produces roots. tightly clustered rosette leaves grow upwards from the soil and are leathery in texture. superba's compelling structure adds dimension to the indoors, grabbing attention wherever the plant is grown
  • twisting vision: devil's tongue plant grows foliage that subtly twists and turns with development. this wave effect occurs naturally and creates a sense of motion in superba's overall home decor presentation. each succulent plant is shipped fully rooted in a starter snake plant pot. this indoor house plant is guaranteed a healthy delivery
  • robust snake plant: real snake plant is hard to kill. while sansevieria indoor house plants do have their preferences, even a beginning grower would be hard-pressed to fail. superba is easy to grow and will tolerate drought and low light (not unalike other low light house plants). live plants should be unpacked gently upon arrival. each plant ships fully rooted in a 4 inch grow pot and is estimated to range from 4-6 inches tall (measured from the rim of the pot)
Advanced 1648 Balanced NPK Grass Type - Simple Lawn Solutions 32 Ounce
Product Highlights:
  • complete npk lawn food: 16-4-8 is the perfect blend of key macronutrients. this lawn liquid food turf fertilizer also contains seaweed & fish.
  • contains high quality feed grade ingredients: nourish your lawn with pure liquid nutrients in a ready to use sprayer
  • easy to use: designed to be easily applied. this complete nitrogen, phosphate and potash formula gives your grass greening & growth while providing nutrients for lush lawns
  • all grass types: including bermuda, st. augustine, zoysia, buffalo, centipede, florida palmetto, bahia, fescue, ryegrass & kentucky bluegrass
  • produced in the united states: 16-4-8 is manufactured in the united states of america, by a family owned business with 25 years of former experience in the commercial professional turf industry.
Scotts EZ Seed Patch For Bare Spots And Repair, 4 Lb
Product Highlights:
  • scotts ez seed patch & repair sun and shade is a revolutionary grass seeding product designed to fill in bare spots and repair lawn damage
  • ez seed patch & repair contains a combination of high performance grass seed, mulch that expands to surround the seed, controlled release fertilizer, tackifier to help keep seed from washing away and a protectant to help keep seedlings safe
  • scotts ez seed sun and shade grass seed grows in tough conditions such as full sun, dense shade, high traffic areas and on slopes
  • plant seed in the spring or fall when daily average soil temperatures are consistently between 55°f and 70°f, or air temperatures between 60°f and 80°f
  • ez seed patch & repair sun and shade contains a combination of mulch, grass seed, and fertilizer to cover up to 85 sq. ft. in 3 easy steps
Aurora Prime 7PCS Faux Filler For Home Wedding Decoration Blue
Product Highlights:
  • [large and fuller] you will get 7 branches of artificial pampas grass. total length is 3.75 feet/45" or 114cm. plumes consist of soft branches giving the fluffy pampas grass a soothing and fuller look. perfect boho decor for room and office vases
  • [non-shedding] no maintenance is required for this ever-lasting lush stems, simply fluff it up with your hand and place pampas grass decor tall in the vase for a romantic atmosphere. our tall pampas grass plume part has more branches than others making it dense and an ideal vase filler with non-shedding feature
  • [perfect gift idea] it is a captivating product and could add much delight to someone’s special day. large pampas grass will prove a top-notch gift on celebrated occasions like anniversaries, and birthdays of your loved ones or perfect for pampas christmas tree and can be used as halloween plants
  • [boho decor] pampas stems are bendable and detachable to fit all size vases because of metal wire so that they can be fit into any vase. use boho-style pompous grass for floor vases in room office wedding dining table or any place that you want to make more beautiful
  • [note] we ensure the lifetime guarantee of pampas grass. so do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you encounter any complications. we prioritize customer satisfaction.
Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn Spray It - Made In USA
Product Highlights:
  • hydro mousse is easy to apply and provides the perfect solution for homeowners with patchy lawns that need repair. fix dry spots, dog spots, high traffic areas and shade
  • attaches to any garden hose and eliminates guesswork by clearly showing you where you are planting
  • each kit will reseed a 100 foot square area, or 200 spots and contains: the spray head, the coating chamber (canister), the grass seed blend that is suitable for all climates, the hydro mousse liquid formula
  • grow grass anywhere (subject to proper care) - please follow all directions on package to achieve and establish a desirable lawn. achieving and maintaining a lush looking lawn is not difficult if you use hydro mousse. remember proper preparation and watering is crucial for seeding success
  • high performance grass seed blend: 59.07% stingray tall fescue, 19.74% fastball rgl perennial ryegrass, 9.96% beacon hard fescue, 9.89% merit kentucky bluegrass
Outsidepride White Dutch Clover Alternative, Pasture, Forage, & More - 2 LBS
Product Highlights:
  • white dutch clover seed is a perennial used for erosion control, lawn alternative, food plots, green manure crop, pasture mixtures, ground cover, and many other uses.
  • this perennial seed can be grown across the country for deer food plots, erosion control, pasture mixtures, and cover crops in usda zones 3 - 10
  • white clover helps boost soil nitrogen levels, taking nitrogen from the air and fix it in the soil. it can also be used an a lawn alternative.
  • white dutch clover can be seeded by broadcasting the seed on the prepared soil and raking it in lightly. keep the clover seed continually moist until germination occurs which is usually within 14 days with temperatures of 65 - 70f.
  • seeding rate: sow seed at 1/4 lb - 1/2 lb per 1,000 square feet or 8 to 10 lbs per acre

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