13 Best Decorative Candles

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13 Top Rated Decorative Candles

LA JOLIE MUSE Ylang ( Wax 65 Hours Burn, Gifts Candle)
Product Highlights:
  • fragrant fusion - this candle is jam-packed with the decadent scent of ylang-ylang fused with comforting notes of jasmine, chamomile and musk to bring you the ultimate relaxation experience guaranteed by our high-quality products at a fraction of the cost.
  • ylang-ylang aromatherapy - ylang-ylang not only has a delicate, soft and relaxing aroma but is also scientifically proven to act as a stress-reliever which is why it has become a household name and a favorite among aromatherapists.
  • size & burn time - 10oz/284g. long-lasting burning of 60-80 hours guaranteed to bring you maximized relaxation.
Gray Glass Battery Operated ( Light, Batteries Included - Set Of 3)
Product Highlights:
  • flameless candle - an elegant glass jar in gray and wax candle inside. they give a nice and cozy feeling. good choice for the house decorations, parties, weddings, christmas season and big events
  • warm white led light - they are best for room space. 1 led in each candle
  • 6hrs timer - 6hrs on and 18hrs off over each 24hrs period, 3 way switch:on-off-timer
Laura Ashley 3Piece Flickering ( Flickers, Embedded String Lights Stay Lit, Tiered Pillars)
Product Highlights:
  • soft flickering led light: these unique, modern flameless candles feature soft led lights that flicker and dance just like traditional flame candles. the bulb itself is fixed, but the light dims and brightens the way a flame would.
  • automatic daily timer: turn on the timer mode and candles will stay on for 4 hours and then automatically turn back on at the same time the following day. place them anywhere for automatic candlelight daily.
  • embedded string lights: each candle is wrapped in silver wire string lights to provide small but bright points of light and a one-of-a-kind captivating look.
Scented Aromatherapy Candles Gift ( Candle, Stress Relief Winter Christmas Candle Gift)
Product Highlights:
  • white tea candle - the opening notes are pungent but soft hints of lemon, bergamot and tea, mid notes of white tea, violet and rose, completed by a base of vetiver, cypress, musk and amber all to give you the perfect aromatic experience
  • fragrant fairytale - the tin has been lovingly crafted using a pastel palette to create a unique floral and geometric pattern combined into one which adds a special touch to the contemporary tin candles making them beautiful home décor items and wonderful gifts for any occasion -smells that tell the ultimate fairytale.
  • size - 14.25 oz/404g /60hrs - 80hrs. this is a luxurious candle that can be used in medium to large rooms because it is sure to fill a spacious place with a sweet indulgent white tea scent that will linger in the air for hours.
LA JOLIE MUSE Aromatherapy ( Candle, Winter Relaxing Candle Gift For Christmas)
Product Highlights:
  • vanilla coconut candle - the floral elegance of vanilla orchid gradually gives way to the intensity of the pod. coconut takes precedence, blending with vanilla and tonka bean to reveal a balsam bourbon vanilla with smooth and floral accents.
  • fragrant all over - vanilla infuses a pungent punch of sweetness that promotes relaxation and improves sleep quality while coconut softens the scent and possesses health-enhancing properties. it will give you hours of aromatic pleasure no matter how long you burn.
  • size & burn time - 6.5 oz/185g, size 2.4"h x 3.7"d. long-lasting burning of 40-45 hours guaranteed to bring you maximized relaxation.
Frespersy Ocean Scented Candles ( Decorative Glass Jar, Travel Gifts (Blue Ocean))
Product Highlights:
  • classic natural scent:infused with the oil of amber and citrus, it gives you a fresh ocean fragrance. blue ocean scented candles can release your stress, relax your body and help sleep efficacy.
  • 100% eco-friendly soy wax: 100% handmade candles is healthier and can better purify the air. and the 100% cotton woven lead-free wicks will not produce black smoke when burning.
  • multi place uses: perfect to put the scented candle in the bedroom, living room, backyard, bookshop, bar, restaurant and etc. when burning the candle, the air is full of fresh ocean scented and the flickering light builds a warm, tranquil ambience.
Belvedere Home Natural Scented ( Lavender, Rose, Ocean, And Orange)
Product Highlights:
  • four soothing aromas: belvedere home's relaxing candles for women contain 4 fragrant, hand-poured candles. each candle releases its own peaceful aroma ~ delicious scents of lavender, orange, rose, and ocean are guaranteed to soothe after a long day.
  • all natural and eco-friendly: our beautifully, hand-crafted candles are made using 100% biodegradable soy wax - providing a clean burn for hours. rest assured these soothing aromas are as good for mother nature as they are for your mind and soul.
  • inviting design: belvedere home delivers a relaxing scented candle set in a stylish bohemian-pattern tin case. the exotic design is an essential decorative piece to add to any house, hotel, spa, yoga studio, or salon decor.
Flickering Flameless Candles 4 ( Candles With Realistic Moving Wick Dancing Flame)
Product Highlights:
  • look exactly like real candles - flickering flame technology creates the illusion of real flames. safe, effective and beautifully ambient, these wax led flameless candles are the perfect substitute for traditional candles.
  • real wax & safe to use - the candle shell is made from unscented paraffin wax, however there is no burning wick, smoke or messy dripping wax. powered by batteries so there's no chance of little ones burning their hands or your house going down in flames.
  • remote control with timer - with a 10-key remote control, you can adjust the brightness dimmer or brighter. flickering flame effect and steady light mode available. timer feature allows you to set 2h 4h 6h 8h, timed to automatically on and off, cycling every 24 hours.
Vinkor Flameless Candles Battery ( Flame & 10-Key Remote Control 2/4/6/8 Hours Timer)
Product Highlights:
  • a complete set of flameless candles: this value pack comes with 5 beautiful flameless pillar candles, 1 remote control with 10 different keys and a super easy to follow operating manual. specifically, this set includes a 4" pillar, a 5" pillar, a 6" pillar, a 7" pillar and a 8" pillar (each 2.2" diameter) candle, all coming in an elegant blue color that matches any house. (batteries are not included in this package.)
  • energy saving, powerful leds: these impressive candles require 2aa batteries per candle, that are expected to last for about 150 hours, while the lifetime of the led lamps is up to 50,000 hours. unlike real candles, these flameless pillar candles are made to last; you buy them once, you have them forever!
  • hassle free operation: for easy operation from the comfort of your sofa or bed, you will also receive one remote control with range 16.4ft that operates all candles. this 10-key remote control allows you to set timer on your pillar flameless candles per 2h, 4h, 6h, or 8h, while you can even time them to automatically turn on or off. with this super convenient remote you can enjoy the relaxation of your candles without worries!
Swpeet 12Pcs Decorative Succulent ( Wedding Props And House-Warming Party (N0.5-Candle))
Product Highlights:
  • high quality ---- manufactured with good quality paraffin wax, produce no black smoke, the tealight holder makes it hard to spill and make sure burn longer. the faint aroma add a relaxing ambiance to your room, and the pleasant & fresh scent could bring you peace. since made of high-grade material, it won't generate any acrid smoke.
  • working time ---- standard tealight candle size for tealight holder, around 1.57 inch/ 4 cm in diameter, around 1.57 inch / 4 cm in height! the cactus or succulent part steadily burns around 30 minutes, one candle burns steadily around 4 to 5 hours in total
  • decorate you home ---- the tealight candles look like real potted succulent plant. six different shapes exclusive for you, make it your best choice for home decoration, wedding & party ornament, or just enjoying a warm family dinner.
Aku Tonpa Flameless Candles ( Control Cycling 24 Hours Timer, 4" 5" 6" Pack Of 3)
Product Highlights:
  • incredibly realistic dancing flame led candle, flame simulation technology makes the candles sway and flicker so convincingly. light is created by led, safe to use around children and pets, led candles without real fire, never worry about fire-related accidents again.
  • with one remote control, you could control all our candles.
  • 10-key remote timer, once the timer is set, the candle comes on at the same time each day and stays on for either 2 hours/4 hours/6 hours/8 hours.
Giftable Decorative Flameless Candles ( Control & Timer | Real Wax Gold Trim | Great Home Decor)
Product Highlights:
  • fall in love with the amazing realistic flickering flame of your luminicious flameless battery candles - our customers tell us the flame looks so real but doesn't have any of the drawbacks of regular candles, they are smoke free, odorless, dripless and completely safe. the diameter of all 3 candles is 2.95 inches and the heights of the candles are 3.94, 4.92 & 5.91 inches
  • impress your guests with this beautiful pillar candle set - crafted from real wax and with a stylish gold trim they will add a touch of class throughout your home and are completely child and pet friendly. ideal for weddings, parties or any event where you want to add a touch of ambience
  • sit back, relax & take control - set the brightness level and automatically turn off after 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours with the remote control's timer option (one remote control included). each led bulb delivers 50,000 hours of lamp life. use of 2 high-grade aa batteries will provide 300 hours of continuous use (batteries not included)
Bright Zeal 14 Vintage ( Lantern Battery Operated - Hanging Lantern For Gazebo BZX)
Product Highlights:
  • life-size vintage lantern with led pillar candle - the life-size vintage candle lantern, with glass panes, cross grids and distressed pp metallic bronze coating, creates an aura of old world charm - a big led bisque pillar candle with wavy edge, has the look of a real wax candle, captivating and safe - adds a gorgeous touch to any space with the graceful marriage of beauty & practicality - eye-catching prop for tables, bars, patios, porches; fabulous indoor & outdoor decor day & night.
  • toughened glass panes & pp exterior & cross grids - four clear toughened glass panes room the big pillar candle - pp plastic frames, ceiling, floor, and cross grids of the lantern are all in metallic bronze coating - a hanging ring for easy hanging, or sits on a flat surface - wireless & lightweight (1.6lbs), convenient to carry around - serves as rustic decoration indoor & outdoor - ideal for yard, pathway, driveway, shelf, table, bar, photo booths, patio, porch, etc.
  • let time be your convenience - features an on/off/timer switch at the bottom of the lantern for manual control, allowing you to turn the light on and off, or choose a timer function to have it go on and off automatically - with the set-and-forget timer function, the candle lantern can be left on for 6 hours and then remains off for 18 hours, only to light up again for another 6 hours automatically - when the timer is not in use, just turn on or off the lantern as a regular light.

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