8 Best Cotton Pillow Covers

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Top 8 Cotton Pillow Covers

4 Pack Pillow Protectors ( Style Zippered White Hotel Quality Covers Cases)
Product Highlights:
  • supreme quality & comfort- (pillow protectors only -pillows not included) (stripe pattern may differ from picture)our cotton sateen pillow cases are premium pillow protectors are non noisy pillow covers with high thread count cotton sateen fabrics. sateen weave pillow encasement ensures softness,smoothness.
  • luxury hotel quality fabric:our luxury cotton sateen hotel quality bed pillowcases protectors zippered are perfectly washable and they can bear 100s of washing without shrinking.we also have waterproof version of pillow covers zippered.
  • tightly woven: our 4 pack jumbo queen cotton pillow covers are soft pillow cases and tightly woven . our bed pillow covers are easy way to control itching,sneezing, itchy throat, stuffy nose and it help ease asthma so you can get a good night's sleep.
Mastertex Pillow Protectors 4 ( Hypoallergenic & Quiet (Standard - Set Of 4-20x26))
Product Highlights:
  • 100% cotton fabric - for a soft, smooth feel. our cotton cases are truly breathable and does not retain heat. great for allergy sufferers!
  • protects well - protects pillow from dirt, dust mites and allergens, perfect for down feather pillows and any other kind of pillow!
  • encases entire pillow - fully encasing your pillow with a durable zipper. will extend the life of your favorite quality pillows.
Home Fashion Designs 8Pack ( Cover, Zippered Pillow Protectors. (Standard Size))
Product Highlights:
  • tight weave: these anti-microbial zippered pillow protectors have a pore size of just 3-4 microns to effectively block bed bugs, dust mites and allergens from getting through.
  • allergy control: easy, affordable way to control sneezing, itchy throat, stuffy nose and other allergy symptoms so you can get a good night's sleep.
  • high-quality comfort: 100% cotton breathable for a soft, smooth and noiseless look and feel.
4Pack Pillow Protectors Allergy ( Replacement Premium Non Noisy Zip Breathable White)
Product Highlights:
  • premium 100% cotton sateen pillow protectors: usa lab certified nss pillow protectors are made from premium 100% breathable down proof ,feather proof cotton fabrics which have extreme tight weave and a pore size of 3-4 micron which provides an unbreakable barrier .
  • hotel grade anti shrinkage/wrinkle cotton fabrics: our allergen pillow covers are made with hotel grade ultra plush fabrics that will not shrink after washing. cotton white pillow cases has been treated for anti shrinkage ,exta softness and designed to bear dozens ,hundreds of washes without changing the texture of the fabrics.
  • cotton zippered pillow case protectors: our white pillow cases are make with goods quality zipper which is the easy, way to control itching,sneezing, itchy throat, stuffy nose and it help ease asthma and other symptoms so you can get a good night's sleep.
FAUNNA Lux Zippered Pillow ( (4-Pack) - Sateen 100% Cotton)
Product Highlights:
  • pure lux cotton: 100% 600 thread-count cotton with a sateen finish for a super soft and satiny look. a perfect upgrade for any bedroom.
  • allergen-free: our covers are certified standard 100 by oeko-tex which means they are third-party tested for harmful substances.
  • ethically made: our products are made in a family-owned facility that has been making sheets for over 30 years.
Precoco White Pillow Cases ( Resistant/Pillow Covers For Easy Care, Set Of 2)
Product Highlights:
  • smooth & zippered pillowcase-made of 100% organic cotton, our standard pillow cases are designed to offer a your best good sleep, help those suffer from allergies or asthma for the restful night sleep
  • luxury & breathable for elegant comfort-combed cotton with ultra-soft sateen weave finish, our cotton pillow cases are silky, soft, and lustrous & durable. perfect for down feather pillows and any other kind of pillow
  • sturdy stealthily hidden zippered design-the zipper on our white pillowcases is stitched inward. don't even see it or feel it. worry-free catching your hair. keep your pillow clean, fresh and built to maximize the lifespan. ensure dust mite pillow cover is allergy pillow covers
Allersoft Queen 2 Pack ( Pillow Cover, White)
Product Highlights:
  • fully-zipped protection | allersoft ensures full coverage with a fully zipped enclosure and auto locking zipper so you can rest easy knowing you're protected from harmful bed bugs, dust mites and allergens from all ends
  • 100% breathable cotton | our all cotton pillow protectors are woven super-tight for ultimate protection, breathability, and comfort. allersoft is the only truly breathable allergen barrier
  • comfort, meet protection | allersoft offers a truly breathable allergen barrier with a pore size of 3-4 microns, ensuring that dust mites and allergens will not get through. with 100% breathable cotton, this dust mite and allergy control pillow protector guarantees comfort and protection
Set Of 2 Smooth ( Covers - 10 Year Warranty - Standard Size)
Product Highlights:
  • 100% waterproof - total protection against perspiration, saliva, liquids and stains; 10-year quality guarantee
  • bed bug proof - super fine zipper with invisi-zip technology completely seals off your pillow from bed bugs - best used with sureguard mattress and box spring encasements.
  • hypoallergenic - perfect for down feather pillows - blocks dust mites, allergens, bacteria, mildew and mold - use together with a sureguard mattress protector

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