9 Best Cot Mattress Elevator

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Top 9 Cot Mattress Elevator

Newzealkids Baby Wedge Pillow ( Pillow,15-Degree Incline Makes Baby Sleep Better(Grey))
Product Highlights:
  • 🌛ideal for newborns that use bassinets: the deluxe baby wedge pillow is very thick with the right density to support your baby's head and torso with a 15 degree incline(recommended by pediatricians for newborns). reduces nasal congestion cased by colds and flu as well as discomfort caused by acid reflux by gently raising the baby's head to optimum height.
  • 🌛fits most bassinets! the wedge is firm so you don't have to worry if your baby rolls over, if you are worried baby sometimes ends up stuck in between the two pillows. please tie the middle tether and fasten it, if you have a breathable towel that can be placed on the pillow, the experience will be better.
  • 🌛healthy material: high quality 60d high-density stereotype sponge and breathable organic cotton cover. we refused to adopt pu waterproof fabric like others' offer,the airtight cover lead to bad air breathability of inner foam,easy to cause heat & peculiar smell,instead we adopt 100% organic cotton to wrap the inside foam,assures air great ventilation throughout the night. the cover is 100% organic cotton, no harm to your baby, ensure them have sweet sleeping.
Bassinet Baby Wedge ( Baby Safe Nursery Pillow | 13.8"(W) X 12.2"(L) X 2.6"(H))
Product Highlights:
  • 💜need more sleep? yes. meet 'sleepy' the bassinet wedge designed to give yourself & your little one the best sleep ever. delighted mothers are saying the 12 degree incline improves baby's sleep, helps reduce spit-ups, acid reflux and nasal congestion reduced
  • 💜do you have a reflux baby? yes. we help expecting & new mothers reclaim their sleep with the most ultra comfortable magical sleep pillows creating better baby sleep
  • 💜will it fit? yes. in 95% of cases sleepy cubs baby bassinet wedge fits most us standard bassinets. the size of the wedge is 13.8 in (width) x 12.2 in (length) x 2.6 in (height) ... if you're not sure just ask & we will get back to you asap.

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