10 Best Cordless Dehumidifier

Top 10 Cordless Dehumidifier

Eva Dry Wireless Mini ( Gun Safes. Removes Humidity & Helps Prevent Mold Growth)
Product Highlights:
  • easy to use: this mini dehumidifier is spill and mess free. just hang and go! non-toxic, child and pet safe! your small rooms will be dry and odor free. works for areas up to 333 cubic feet
  • mini dehumidifier goes a long way: super dry dehumidifier unit lasts 20-30 days before recharging the silica gel beads. absorbing capacity up to 6oz
  • small, sleek design: this portable small design lets you hang or conveniently place the dehumidifier anywhere to fight pesky humidity! cars, closets, boats, cabinets, gun safes, and even gym bags! a very convenient cool gift for everyone!
SEAVON New Electric 2020 ( Basement, Bedroom, Bathroom, RV, Closet, Auto Shut Off)
Product Highlights:
  • high-efficiency work: small and compact dehumidifier with 16 ounces/ 500 ml capacity tank extracts up to 9 ounces/ 250 ml daily in enclosed and small rooms and spaces.
  • auto-shutoff function: compact dehumidifier shut-off automatically when full water. led would turn red when the water tank needs draining. easily removal and back into the dehumidifier.
  • ultra-quiet& efficient: built-in thermo-electric cooling technology (peltier) operates without a compressor meaning whisper-quiet operation in bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices. perfect use at night and a small room.
Evadry E333 Renewable Mini ( Dehumidifier 2-PACK)
Product Highlights:
  • economical twin pack!
  • silent operation
  • renewable for up to 10 years
DEERMA Small Dehumidifier Moisture ( Silica Gel For Damp Air, Closet, Cabinet)
Product Highlights:
  • renewable silica gel crystals: non-toxic, safe and spill-free silica gel crystal beads efficiently absorb damp and moisture from the air and give you a dry and fresh air.
  • rechargeable and renewable: this dehumidifier can be charged for 12-15 hours in order to dry out the silica gel beads quickly for the next use. after each renewal, it can absorb damp and moisture from the air for 2-3 weeks.
  • ideal for small spaces: this compact and delicate unit is ideal for small spaces up to 5, such as wardrobes, cabinets, jewelry boxes and gym bags.
New And Improved Evadry ( Mini Dehumidifier)
Product Highlights:
  • environmentally safe
  • no messy spills or refills to buy ever!
  • 10 year life span!
Honati Small Dehumidifier For ( Dehumidifiers With Auto Shut Off (Up To 160 Sq.Ft, 600ml))
Product Highlights:
  • high efficient: this home dehumidifier with 600ml capacity can quickly and effectively remove up to 300ml (86, 80%rh) of moisture from the air per day in small spaces (100-160 sq.ft). keep your house more comfortable and healthy
  • ultra quiet: this small dehumidifier powered by advanced technology with no compressor is whisper during operation. noise is below 33db without annoying sound, offer quiet environment when you are sleeping or rest
  • good for your health: this dehumidifier is best for removing moisture from wet floor and cloths. keep your home or other spaces dry and provide a healthy working & living environment for you. energy saving and eco-friendly
Ninuo Mini Dehumidifier ( Cordless Living Room Dehumidifier For Small Spaces)
Product Highlights:
  • maintain a healthy humidity level with these 2 powerful, cordless mini dehumidifiers, which will extract water from the air, to help make your room environment healthier and safer for you and your loved ones.
  • great for your room, office or rv: just plug one dehumidifier on the wall and save your family from increased humidity effects. it is easy to carry, ideal for your closet, cabinet, gun safe, jewelry box and car.
  • easily use your dehumidifier: when dry, the beads inside the device are orange and will turn green when full of water. the dehumidifier can be renewed by plugging in for 12h until the beads turn orange again and reuse your dehumidifier.
2020 Electric Mini Dehumidifier ( Home, Bedroom, Bathroom, Gunsafe, RV, Garage, Caravan)
Product Highlights:
  • mini size with strong dehumidification - 2019 upgrade design, strong dehumidifier ever. small and compact dehumidifier with 20 ounce / 600 ml capacity tank extracts up to 10 ounces / 300 ml (86,80%rh)of moisture daily in enclosed and small rooms and spaces
  • auto shut off: when full the dehumidifier will automatically shut off and the led light will flash orange light indicating the water tank needs draining. simply empty the water tank and place it back into the dehumidifier
  • ultra-quiet & efficient: built-in thermo-electric cooling technology (peltier) operates without a compressor meaning whisper quiet operation in bedrooms, bathrooms and offices. noise below 33db with no annoying sound, offer quiet and sound sleeping
Hysure Dehumidifier700ml Compact Deshumidificador ( Bathroom Dehumidifier For Dorm Room, Baby Room, Home)
Product Highlights:
  • ultra-quiet technology: use peltier technology with no compressor makes it lightweight and quiet. noise is below 33db with no annoying sound, offer quiet and sound when you are sleeping.
  • compact and convenient for small areas: compact mini dehumidifier with 700 ml capacity tank extracts up to 300 ml (86,80%rh) of moisture daily to purify air in small spaces and a convenient option for baby room or other small indoor spaces. is below 33db with no annoying sound,offer quiet and sound sleeping.
  • energy saving: upgrade section dehumidifier with no chemical substances and low energy consumption, it is an ideal environmentally friendly solutions for absorbing damp and condensation. energy saving and eco-friendly, not waste electricity.
Pro Breeze Renewable Cordless ( Closets Non-Toxic Rechargeable Dehumidifier)
Product Highlights:
  • non-toxic, safe around children and pets, spill and mess free
  • works in areas up to 333 cubic feet and lasts 20-30 days before renewing
  • renewable, rechargeable and wireless dehumidifier

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