8 Best Commercial Paper Towel

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― William Gaddis, JR

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8 Top Rated Commercial Paper Towel

Pacific Blue Basic Recycled ( 800 Feet Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Case)
Product Highlights:
  • envision brand is now pacific blue basic
  • dependable absorbency, thickness and strength ideal for hand drying, wiping and general cleaning
  • economical to help you keep costs under control
Scott Essential Multifold Paper ( Packs / Case, 250 Multifold Towels / Pack)
Product Highlights:
  • each case 16 packs of 250 trifold paper towels (4,000 total)
  • each white multifold paper towel is 9.2 inches x 9.4 inches / 23.4 centimeters x 23.9 centimeters (may be a substitute for c fold paper towels)
  • exclusive absorbency pockets soak up water fast, so these trifold paper towels are designed to reduce waste
AmazonCommercial Hard Roll Towels ( Per Roll, 6 Rolls)
Product Highlights:
  • case of 6 hard paper towel rolls; 800 feet of product per roll (4,800 feet total)
  • helps reduce waste by allowing users to easily remove a single-use towel at the desired size needed
  • soft, highly absorbent, and 100% virgin white paper
SofPull Centerpull Regular Capacity ( 320 Sheets Per Roll, 6 Rolls Per Case)
Product Highlights:
  • case includes 6 rolls of paper towel; 320 towel sheets per roll (1,920 sheets total)
  • exclusively compatible with sofpull centerpull regular capacity paper towel dispenser (gp item # 58204)
  • all-purpose paper towels that are good for drying hands, wiping surfaces and cleaning up spills
Scott 50606 Essential Plus ( Dia, White (Case Of 6 Rolls))
Product Highlights:
  • small 6 roll case size for easy storage (1 roll = 600 feet, 1 case = 3600 feet); same kleenex quality, now scott branded
  • scott essential (formerly kleenex) paper towel rolls give soft feel with the premium performance of commercial paper towels
  • absorbency pockets absorb lots of water fast for superior hand drying performance, so guests use fewer paper towels
Scott Essential High Capacity ( Paper Towel Rolls / Convenience Case)
Product Highlights:
  • scott essential 1000 foot rolls (6 per case)
  • compatible with many kimberly clark professional hard roll paper towel dispensers, along with many universal hard roll dispensers designed to hold paper towel rolls with 15 inch cores
  • high capacity: reduce maintenance time, run outs and complaints with long lasting bulk paper towels (as compared to a folded towel system)
Pacific Blue Select Multifold ( Paper Towels Per Pack, 16 Packs Per Case)
Product Highlights:
  • premium multifold paper towel perfect for class a office buildings, healthcare and other businesses that want to impress guests, tenants and customers
  • unique emboss enhances appearance and hand-feel
  • strong 2-ply design provides softness, strength and absorption for pleasant, thorough hand-drying and other tasks
Universal PushPaddle Hardwound Paper ( Dispenser (Older Version))
Product Highlights:
  • dispenses high capacity 8 inch diameter rolls to reduce costs and maintain user satisfaction
  • durable dispenser provides consistent performance for peace of mind
  • ada compliant when mounted properly

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