8 Best Carpet Powders

Top 8 Carpet Powders

Arm Hammer Pet ( Fighters (Pack Of 3), 48.9 Ounce)
Product Highlights:
  • eliminates odors & releases pet hair and dirt
  • vacuum booster - helps vacuums lift up to 25% more dirt
  • leaves behind a pleasant fragrance for long lasting freshness
Glade Carpet Room ( Ounce (Pack Of 6))
Product Highlights:
  • room freshener eliminates deep down odors and freshens your living room, bedroom, and den
  • specially formulated carpet deodorizer fights even the toughest cooking, pet, smoke, dampness and mildew odors
  • easy to use; simply sprinkle the carpet powder evenly over the carpet and vacuum thoroughly for a clean, fresh scent in minutes
Arm Hammer Extra ( Cleaners (108 Oz))
Product Highlights:
  • sprinkle it on. vacuum it up. freshen carpets in minutes with easy and effective a&h carpet deodorizer
  • vacuum booster loosens 25% more dirt and pet hair than vacuuming alone
  • eliminate tough odors with baking soda and fresh scents. added power of oxiclean dirt fighters
NonScents Carpet Odor Eliminator ( - Outperforms Baking Soda)
Product Highlights:
  • eliminates and neutralize carpet odors: permanently get rid of odors from pet accidents, urine, smoke, cooking, sweat, and mildew
  • breakthrough air fresh formula: dust and fragrance free. no irritating perfume, just a clean environment
  • safe for children and pets: made without harmful chemicals. contains biodegradable organic chlorine (derived from amino acids and table salt).
4 Pk Arm ( Oxi Clean Dirt Fighters)
Product Highlights:
  • helps vacuums lift up to 25% more dirt
  • leaves behind a pleasant fragrance
  • safe to use around pets
Natural Dog Odor Carpet ( Biodegradable Room Deodorizer Loosens Fur And Dirt)
Product Highlights:
  • eliminates pet odors trapped deep in carpet fibers: effectively deodorize the carpets and rugs in your home and office the fast, easy way, leaving them smelling fresh and clean. simply sprinkle on and vacuum up! our powder neutralizes foul odors left by stinky, smelly messes caused by urine, feces, poop, pee, vomit, throw up, puke and accidents. our formula lifts away lingering and old odors. its professional strength makes it excellent for homes with multiple pets.
  • natural formula made from corn cobs: our earth friendly formula is safe to use around your pets and kids. its ultra gentle on your carpets, keeping them looking better, longer. the non-abrasive formula won’t cut carpet fibers causing irreversible damage like the products using baking soda. our plant-based formula is 100% bio-degradable making it better for the planet than other chemical based products. it also reduces static electricity buildup and leaves your carpet feeling softer.
  • professional grade quality: professional strength that can be used to deodorize smells from urination, defecation and other problem messes left by dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, ferrets, guinea pigs and rabbits. it has a light, fresh laundry scent leaving treated areas smelling pleasantly clean! the crisp scent is not overpowering or smell like strong chemicals like other lesser quality products. we stand behind the quality of our products with a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
Resolve Pet Carpet Cleaner ( Stain & Odor Removal)
Product Highlights:
  • large area cleaner
  • contains no phosphates
  • with odor stop(r) freshening technology

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