8 Best Candles Making Kit

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“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
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You feel it, don’t you?”
― Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

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8 Top Rated Candles Making Kit

Complete DIY Candle Making ( Scents, Dyes, Wicks, Melting Pitcher, Tins & More)
Product Highlights:
  • candle making starter set: each set is packed with care and includes everything you need to get 4 beautiful candles: 4 dye blocks, 4 fragrances, 4-8 oz soy wax bags, melting pot, thermometer, 2 round candle tins, 2 square candle tins with covers, 4 cotton wicks, 4 glue dots, 4 warning labels, 4 stirring sticks, 4 bow tie clips and instructions.
  • easy to make: whether you're a beginner or pro, this diy kit makes it easy for boys and girls to fill the space with the heavenly scent and glow of homemade candles! we've included step-by-step instructions for a foolproof candle making experience with lasting results.
  • enjoy four divine candles: unlike other candle making sets, this kit contains enough tools to create 4 unique candles in different colors (red, orange, lavender, green) and scents (clean cotton, lavender, coconut lime and cinnamon vanilla). light a different one each day to suit your mood!
Complete Candle Making Kit ( Pigment, Candles Art And Craft Supplies)
Product Highlights:
  • complete starter set - everything you need to create your own scented candles at home is in this package. the package includes 900ml capacity melting pot, 1 thermometer, 6 pack 8oz soy wax, 14 glue dots, 6 center devices, 14 wicks, 1 mixing spoon, 6 fragrance oil, 6 candle dye, 6 candle tins and lids, a very detailed introduction.
  • great for home lighting - illuminate your living space with your own creations. place them in our unique bohemian-style tins and lids, and watch your room glow in style.
  • add fragrance to the home - fill every room in your house with the amazing aromas of our candles. they come in 6 wonderful scents: lavender, lemon, cinnamon, mint, vanilla and eucalyptus.
Candle Making Kit DIY ( Sticker And 2pcs 3-Hole Candle Wicks Holder)
Product Highlights:
  • candle make pouring pot: the melting pot is 304 stainless steel instead of iron, strong rust resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance; size 4.3inch*3.6inch* 3inch 550ml, perfectly fit sauce pans and smaller pots, it also meets the standard of food grade, so it can be used boiling coffee, ideal for melting butter, cheese, caramel, chocolate, candy, candle wax, soap, cosmetics etc.
  • candle wicks: eco-friendly 100% cotton. measures 4.3 inch in length and base 0.5inch/12.5 mm in diameter. our wax will burn clean and non-toxic, no lead and zinc so there's no bad smell during burning. with superb processing technology, no black smoking and burning stability when lit.
  • candle wick stickers: round stickers dots in white color, double sided foam and adhesive made, measures 0.75inch in diameter, 1mm in thickness; ideal for securing wicks to the bottom of your candle container.
Hearts And Crafts Soy ( Pre-Waxed Wicks, 2 Centering Devices)
Product Highlights:
  • 💙 all-natural: our wax will burn clean and smooth - without any worry of the unhealthy chemicals found in traditional paraffin wax. unlike other wax brands who add unhealthy minerals to their wax, we use only plant-based additives that are naturally found in the environment.
  • 💙 superb hot throw: with a melting point of 120, the natural soy wax utilizes a beautiful hot throw to fill your space with a subtle, balanced fragrance.
  • 💙 pre-waxed wicks: our kit contains not just soy, but the wicks and centering device needed to make sure your candle-making process is seamless. each wick is cut to 6" and pre-waxed for an efficient set and burn. use the centering device to position your wick as the wax is cooling.
Natures Blossom Candle Making ( Melting Pot, Cotton Wicks, Tin Jars, Candle Maker Guide.)
Product Highlights:
  • candle making kit. nature's blossom candle making starter set contains everything you need to make 3 large soy candles at home. this candle making supplies set contains 1.5 lb of vegetable soy wax, 3 candle scents (lavender, lemon, chamomile), cotton wicks, large wax melting pitcher, 3 colored tin candle containers, wick stabilizers & a comprehensive candle making guide.
  • 3 amazing fragrances. this kit arrives with 3 candle scents (lavender, lemon, chamomile) that will fill your home with soothing scent aromas to center your mind and coax your body into a restful state. you will be amazed with how good your candles will smell. each of the 3 large candle tin jars hold 8 oz of natural soy wax, and are wide enough to fit 2 cotton wicks, just like your favorite candle brands. proudly made in the usa.
  • made in the usa with the highest quality materials in mind. with a long burn time, a strong, even scent throw, and a smooth candle texture thanks to our premium soy wax, your first candles will turn out just like the pros.
Momila Soy Wax Candle ( Melting Pot, Candle Tins, Dye Blocks, Fragrances & More.)
Product Highlights:
  • scented candle making kit: perfect for beginners or hobbyists, this soy candle making kit includes everything you need to create 4 scented soy wax candles. all tools and supplies necessary are at your fingertips, ready to help you create your masterpiece. the package also includes a surprise bonus of two beeswax candles!
  • high-end materials: the craft candle kit includes pure soy wax melts derived from natural ingredients, producing quality, long burning candles. the supplies, fragrances and dyes are safe to handle and are environment-friendly
  • detailed instructions: we provide simple guidelines and instructions that are easy to follow along while making your candle. the candle wax for candle making kit for adults includes step by step directions are ideal for beginners and children with adult supervision
Candle Making Kit ( Colored Candle Soy Wax Kit - Without Batteries)
Product Highlights:
  • beginner to advanced candle kit - suitable to all levels this kit has everything you need for the making of scented homemade candles. diy like a professional candle maker, have your home smelling of warm and inviting fragrances. dive into this fun and creative passion.
  • quality candle molds - easy to use candle molds, scents, candle dye, ample accessories and soft and natural soy wax. extremely easy to use molds with 'easy slide' technology - the candles will just slip out of the reusable candle molds and make a great addition to your home decor. the high quality molds can be reused for years to come giving you a lasting value.
  • perfect giftmaking - be creative, make others creative and have fun! an amazing gift idea for your loved ones. unique candles that create unique atmosphere, personalized and special, perfect for birthdays, mother's day or christmas.
YINUO LIGHT Scented Candle ( Kit DIY Gift Set)
Product Highlights:
  • our candle making kit has everything you need to make your own scented candles.
  • no experience necessary! our simple, step-by-step instructions will guide you through the whole process.
  • more than just a gift, it's a brand new hobby. get it for your loved ones - they will love making their own candles.

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