10 Best Candles For Prayer

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“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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10 Top Rated Candles For Prayer

Jesus Flameless LED Devotional ( For Home, Office, Or Place Of Worship)
Product Highlights:
  • flickers like a real flame led bulb flickers and moves giving a life like effect and is safe to leave on for a warm continuous glow
  • multiple power options use for a 7 day constant flame or for 4 hours of light in 24 hour cycles. requires 2 aa batteries (not included)
  • perfect for any room this religious and devotional prayer candle is perfect for prayer alters, mantels, or any room in your home
Mega Candles 6 Pcs ( Sanctuary, Vigils, Prayers, Blessing, Religious & More)
Product Highlights:
  • great for religious ceremonies: elegant, calming and comforting, our spiritual candles are prefect for church services, prayer meetings and sanctuaries!
  • long-lasting design: offering an incredible 100-hour burn time, our religious candles deliver unbeatable value! whether you use them weekly, annually or simply as needed, they provide the consistency, longevity and reliability you can depend on.
  • prepared for emergencies: from hurricanes to blizzards, our large candles ensure your family is ready for potential power outages! designed with safety in mind, every glass jar has a flat, heavy bottom to maximize sturdiness and minimize fall risk.
Hyoola 9 Day White ( Use - Vegetable Oil Wax In Plastic Jar Container)
Product Highlights:
  • tall pillar candle: these long lasting candles stand tall and elegant. they are perfect for a multitude of uses and can enhance and beautify almost any setting.
  • premium quality: the wax is made from 100% vegetable, and burns cleanly and neatly. the 100% cotton wick provides a consistent flame that remains the perfect size without flickering wildly.
  • self standing jar candle: these candles stand perfectly safe in self contained plastic container. they do not need to be inserted into holders and can be lit as is safely and securely.
Brilux Classic White Candles ( Of 4, 8-INCHES Tall)
Product Highlights:
  • burns up to 80 hours depending upon burning conditions
  • includes 4 glass jar candles
  • glass is 8" tall, poured wax measures 6" tall
Bill Murray Celebrity Prayer ( - Novelty Celebrity Gift (Bill Murray))
Product Highlights:
  • 100% handmade
  • 100% original designs
  • high quality thick glass
Glass Assorted Religious Candle ( White, Case Of 12 (1))
Product Highlights:
  • long burn time
  • 12 each white 8" glass jar wax blessed devotional candles
  • perfect for sanctuary or home devotional use
Mega Candles Unscented Multi ( Promotes Positive Energy, Aids Meditation & Relaxation)
Product Highlights:
  • unlock the chakras: ideal for meditation and finding your center, our beautiful rainbow candle promotes peace and positive energy! offering color therapy, each of the 7 layers represents a different chakra, helping you maintain spiritual health.
  • designed for longevity: incredibly long lasting, our paraffin candle offers an 80-hour burn time! not only is it great for comforting relaxation, but its glass jar also acts as a sturdy base, making it less likely to tip or topple over during use.
  • safe, non-toxic candle: perfect for homes with pets and children, our positive energy candles are fragrance-free and non-irritating! made with a 100% paraffin wax, it burns cleaner than most candles for safe and eco-friendly burning.
Our Father LED Flameless ( Hours Of Enjoyment And Devotion!)
Product Highlights:
  • the saints gift collection featuring 45 different led flameless saint candles beautifully illustrated. prayers are included on the back for meditation and prayer.
  • led, flameless candle designed with an authentic candle effect including the flicker creating the aura of a real flame but still safe in any environment including hospitals, childrens rooms, retirement homes, nurseries.
  • 6 hour timer gives you more hours of enjoyment that automatically comes on 6 hours, off 18 hours, creating a 24-hour cycle, repeating each day. on/off position plus a 6-hour timer gives you more versatility.
Our Lady Of Guadalupe ( Llama | English & Spanish | Catholic/Religious Idea)
Product Highlights:
  • flickering light motion resembles a real candle!
  • automatic 4-hour timer turns on every 24 hours with on/off switch
  • 180 hours of battery life when using 2 aa 1.5v alkaline batteries (batteries not included)
Carson Inspirational Decorative ( Flameless Led Candle)
Product Highlights:
  • serenity prayer flameless candle
  • vanilla scented, made from real wax
  • 6 inches tall, 3 inches diameter

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