11 Best Bowl Sander

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Top 11 Bowl Sander

2 Diameter Bowl Sander ( Goblets, Platters, Some Spindles And Concave Shapes)
Product Highlights:
  • the 2 foam padded bowl sander is used for finish sanding and polishing of work pieces while your project is spinning on your lathe. this alone makes the bowl sander a must have for any woodturner. being able to safely and accurately sand contours while your project is spinning on your lathe is essentially a must and this bowl sander definitely delivers.
  • avoid marking your wood. this is often associated with sanding by hand. the bowl sander head rotates with the rotation of your workpiece. this along with light pressure when sanding keep the sandpaper from digging in or causing unnecessary friction which tends to cause burning or marking your wood
  • with its long 9 hardwood handle, the bowl sander easily reaches into places that are otherwise inaccessible when hand sanding or using other devices.
Wood Turning Lathe Sanding ( 2 Inch 3 Inch Pads And 10 Discs)
Product Highlights:
  • sand on lathe: the sander is used for finish sanding and polishing of wood work pieces while your project is still spinning on your lathe.
  • rotatable head: the sander head rotates smoothly with the rotation of your workpiece. this keeps the sandpaper from digging in or causing unnecessary friction which tends to cause burning or marking your wood.
  • angle adjustable: the head assembly can be set and locked at almost any angle.
Fulton 129 Piece Bowl ( 80, 120, 150 And 220 Grit Discs For Each Mandrel Size)
Product Highlights:
  • sanding curved surfaces like wooden bowls can be challenging and can take a long time to finish when sanding by hand. sanding your project by hand can also cause fatigue and produce unsatisfactory results. the shank sanding mandrels have a thick padded base that conforms to concave or convex surfaces. simply secure the mandrel into a variable speed drill or flexible shaft and youre ready to go
  • once the mandrel is mounted and secured, you have a choice of what pad you would like to use. the padded base is a firm pad that works well with broader curved surfaces. the medium interface pad works well with tighter curves like those found on larger wood turned bowls. the soft interface pad is perfect for smaller, tighter curves and radii. you can also use both interface pads at the same time for even smaller, tighter radii when needed.
  • the padded base mandrel and each interface pad are hook and loop compatible and will accept most any corresponding size hook and loop sandpaper disc. the shank is in diameter and will fit most any standard size drill style chuck. the mandrel pad is a firm foam material designed to give enough flexibility for larger convex and concave curves. when you need a softer touch, add one of the softer interface pads to the base to create just the right amount of give for sanding your project.
Inflatable Round Sander ( Sander)
Product Highlights:
  • with the choice of four (4) grits from coarse to extra fine
  • eliminates scratches
  • use only the edge in all kinds of complex sanding
Robert Sorby H9086 Sandmaster ( 10 1/2 Overall Length 410)
Product Highlights:
  • this sand master is a perfect addition to any turner's tool kit
  • it allows both finished sanding and polishing of work pieces whilst still on the lathe
  • sand master avoids marking often associated with sanding by hand
Turning Lathe Sanding Tools ( And Concave Surface Turning Polishing Sanding)
Product Highlights:
  • 12 long handle: the new design provides more comfortable grip for easy hold with 2 hands, and is more suitable for deeper work pieces and safe to operate while working at the dangerous speeds.
  • angle adjustable:the head assembly can be set and locked at various angle and move with the curve of your work piece.
  • replaceable 3 discs: comes with 3 soft foam sanding discs and sandpaper3, 2and 1.18" that fit directly on the hook and loop foam padded head.
Neiko 10529A 38 Close ( Variable Speed (0-1400 RPM) | 120V)
Product Highlights:
  • 55-degree angle allows drill to reach into places other drills won't, 3/8-inch keyed bit chuck with chuck key included
  • ergonomically designed paddle trigger and pistol grip for precise drilling and rpm control; grip is slightly textured to prevent slips
  • variable speed ranges from 0 to 1400 rpm for precision drilling in tight spaces, forward/reverse switch allows easy directional changes
Taytools 204052 2 Inch ( Pad And 10 Assorted Discs)
Product Highlights:
  • this bowl sander will effortlessly sand pieces mounted on the lathe and avoid sanding marks often encountered when sanding by hand.
  • the 2 diameter foam-backed sanding pad can adjusted to any angle to find the perfect position to assess difficult areas and complex designs
  • the soft foam backing allows the pad to conform to the piece being sanded with only light pressure.
15 Piece Sanding Disc ( Sanding, Contour Sanding, Convex Or Concave Surfaces)
Product Highlights:
  • our 1, 2 and 3 sanders are perfect for getting in those tight radius that regular sanders cannot. typical disc holder are hard and rigid and won't allow you to sand or get into curved areas. whether the curve is convex or concave the soft thick pad on our sanders allow you to easily work those areas. works great for woodworkers and even on some automotive applications.
  • the soft sponge on the sander allows the sandpaper to conform to the shape you are sanding.
  • the heavy duty foam pads are flexible enough to follow the contours of your turnings or any surface you need to work. they are durable so they resist tearing. hook and loop sanding disc's make for quick disc grit changes.

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