9 Best Bonsaii Paper Shredders

Using Bonsaii paper shredders is really important, it is the perfect solution for protecting your personal identity, confidential document, and even your business. Shredding your confidential details can prevent you from fraud and identity theft so you can have a safe and secure life.

9 Best Selling Bonsaii Paper Shredders

In this article, we have compiled the best Bonsaii paper shredders that you can buy instantly:

Top 9 Bonsaii Paper Shredders

Bonsaii 18Sheet Heavy Duty Gallon Pullout Basket And 4 Casters, Black
Product Highlights:
  • continuous running time up to 60 minutes without stopping with an advanced cooling system and patented cutting technology.
  • cross-cut shredder up to 18 sheets(letter size, 20lb) at a single pass, shreds paper into tiny particles measuring 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches (5 x 40mm); shreds credit cards and staples as well.
  • 62 db low noise level will give you a quiet and smooth shredding experience and 4 casters for convenience moving to anywhere you want.
Bonsaii 14Sheet CrossCut Heavy Shredding Machine With Jam Proof System C169-B
Product Highlights:
  • heavy duty shredder keeps working up to 30 minutes without stopping based on the patented cooling system, destroys about 3500 sheets of paper, ideal for your large office and home use
  • crosscut paper shredder, max 14 sheets of paper shredding capacity (letter size, 75g/m²), shreds paper into tiny particles measuring 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches to your personal information safe
  • jam proof system with auto start/stop and manual reverse functions, helps you clean up the paper jams easily and free from the frustration of jamming
Bonsaii Updated 12Sheet Micro Office With Pullout Basket, BlackC221-B
Product Highlights:
  • micro-cut paper shredder with 12 sheets (letter size, 75g/m² ) shredding capacity and 5/32 by 15/32 inches (4x12mm), p4 security level; shredding size is perfect to keep your confidential information safe.
  • shredder for office destroys paper, staples, credit card(one at a time).
  • new realease paper shredder runs continuously for a longer time (30 minutes) than the old oversion (10 minutes) with the upgrade. auto start and manual reverse to clear paper jams easily.
Shredder For Home Bonsaii Design With 3.4 Gallons Wastebasket C237-B
Product Highlights:
  • cross-cut shredder: home office shredder with 6-sheet capacity without removing staples, shreds paper into tiny pieces measuring 13/64 x 1-37/64 inches (5x40mm) in a short time.
  • overload and overheat protection:the bonsaii paper shredder will run continuously for 4 minutes before needing a 40-minute cool-down.
  • high-security p-3 level: shredder for home office which can destroy clips, staples, and credit card (one at a time), receipts, bills and important document. maximize the security of your personal information.
Bonsaii 10Sheet CrossCut Paper Wastebasket With Transparent Window, Black C209-D
Product Highlights:
  • crosscut paper shredder with 10 sheets of shredding capacity (letter size, 75g/m²), shreds paper into tiny pieces measuring 13/64 x 1- 37/64 inches(5x40mm), destroys staples/credit cards(one at a time) as well
  • easy operation with light-indication, overheat and overload protection to help you use the shredder machine without worrying and prolong its lifetime
  • 5.5 gallons large wastebasket capacity, can hold up to 320 sheets of paper, no need to empty the bin frequently, visible basket window, conveniently see when it is full, no worry to be jammed
8Sheet Strip Cut Home Protection,3.5 Gallons Wastebasket,Black S120-C
Product Highlights:
  • multifunctions: strip-cut home paper shredder which can shreds 8 sheets a4 size paper and clips, cd, credit cards, dvds,clips, staples, atm receipts, bills, pay stubs, junk mail, and other inportant documents conveniently which could fulfills your various daily needs.shreds paper into strips measuring 6mm, meeting security level p2 standards
  • overheat and overload protection: small office paper shredder design with 3 minute continuous run time with 30 minute cool down cycle with overheat/overload led indicator. if shreds beyond that the light indicator will warn you and then thermal protection with auto shut-off to protect your machine well.
  • jam protection:bonsaii quiet paper shredder,62 db low noise, angled feed entry for safety with auto start mode and manual reverse to clear paper jams,when it happen you could switch the rev botton manually to clear out the jams easily. perfect for light use in a small business or home office, the shredder conveniently fits under a desk or other workstation for easy access throughout the day.
Bonsaii Paper Shredder 240 Gallons Wasterbasket, White 4S30
Product Highlights:
  • continuous running time up to 240 minutes without stopping for mass documents destroying.
  • high-security micro-cut paper shredder with 10 sheets (letter size, 20lb) shredding capacity; shreds paper into tiny particles measuring 5/64 by 25/64 inches (2mm x 10mm)
  • shreds paper, credit card, cd/dvd, clips, staples, ultra-low noise to 58db; shredding speed reaches 7.2 feet per minute
Bonsaii Paper Shredder 12 For Home Use, BlackC170-C
Product Highlights:
  • paper shredders for home accepts documents (up to 12 sheets at a time) and turn private documents and personal information into cross sections measuring 13/64 x 1-49/64 inches which is more secure than strip-cut paper scraps.
  • documents shredder will run continuously for 5 minutes before needing a 40-minute cool-down with overheated led indicator. if it shreds continuously beyond the max running time 5 minutes and begins to overheat, the unit will automatically shut off to protect the motor.
  • high security shredder p-3 level meets everyday shredding needs, with added security for sensitive documents. it will grabs atm receipts, mortgage statements, junk mail and other unwanted info and even destroys credit cards (one at a time) quickly and efficiently.
Bonsaii Paper Shredder Lubricant Sheet, 40-Pack
Product Highlights:
  • work great with all shredders.sheet size: 8 1/2" x 6"
  • sharpening, cleaning and lubricant shredder blades for optimal shredder performance.
  • easy to use, just like shredding a piece of paper.

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