8 Body Pillow Hypoallergenic Cover

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Top 8 Body Pillow Hypoallergenic Cover

Waterproof Body Pillow Protector ( Encasement - Bed Bug Proof Body Pillow Cover)
Product Highlights:
  • body pillow cover with zipper - perfectly fits a 20" x 54" pillow, quantity 1
  • 20 x 54 large hypoallergenic - protects from dust mites, bacteria, germs, bed bugs, and more. helps with eczema, rhinitis, asthma and snoring.
  • comfortable, breathable, and less noise - engineered backing repels liquids but still breathes allowing sweat and vapor to pass. unique terry surface allows for comfort and significantly lessens noise
AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Protector Cover ( X 55 Inches, Body Pillow)
Product Highlights:
  • body-size hypoallergenic complete-coverage pillow protector in white combines ultimate sleeping comfort with maximum protection against bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens-no need to choose protection over comfort
  • made of 100% breathable cotton with a super-tight weave for the ultimate shield against allergens and a consistently cool, soft, and comfortable sleeping surface-a great alternative to allergen barriers with waterproof, non-breathable, vinyl-like linings that can be hot, noisy, and uncomfortable
  • fully zipped for complete protection and full pillow coverage (unlike partially covered pillow protectors); ensures a reliable and comprehensive defense against allergens-sleep easy with pillow protection from every angle
Egyptian Luxury Soft Brushed ( Quality Body Pillow Cover - 21" X 60" - White)
Product Highlights:
  • luxury microfiber pillow case: you will be amazed at how silky, soft, and comfortable this luxurious body pillow pillow case is! italian luxury pillow cases are designer pillow cases at an unbelievable price.
  • oversized for perfect fit - our 21'' x 60" oversized pillow cover extends a full six inches beyond the 54" length of a standard body pillow, so you can leave the cover open or tuck the excess fabric in neatly. we have avoided adding any uncomfortable zippers or buttons to our body pillow cover.
  • highest quality workmanship: made with ultra-soft double brushed microfiber fabric, this ultra-plush pillowcase is woven with the finest craftsmanship.
UltraPlush Premium Waterproof Pillow ( And Quiet (Body Size 20 Inches X 54 Inches))
Product Highlights:
  • premium waterproof barrier protects from liquids up to 65% better than standard body pillow protectors
  • hypoallergenic zippered pillowcase blocks bed bugs & eliminates dust mites & their allergens
  • luxuriously soft and more comfortable than terry cloth protectors. won't change feel of body pillow
Coop Home Goods ( Against Fluids - Oeko-TEX Certified - Body (Single))
Product Highlights:
  • add years to your pillow's lifespan - with full waterproof protection, our pillow protector defends against sweat, liquids, dust mites, bed bugs, mold, and bacteria-keeping your pillow fresh and clean for years to come.
  • feel and hear the difference - our pillow protectors are made from lulltra fabric, giving them a luxurious, soft hand feel without the crinkly noise associated with competing products. don't you want to sleep on a thick, lavish layer of heaven?
  • premium materials for comfort and breathability - made of oeko-tex certified lulltra fabric (bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester) that promotes breathability. the pillow protector is machine washable and conveniently zippered.
AllerEase 100 Cotton Allergy ( Household Allergens, Allergist Recommended, 20" X 54")
Product Highlights:
  • comfortable and supportive: this hypoallergenic, medium density body pillow measures 20" x 54" and takes the place of multiple bulky pillows to support your hips, back, neck, and stomach, making it an excellent choice for expectant mothers, dorm rooms, kids bedrooms, and more!
  • complete allergen protection: if you wake up congested, it could be allergens in your pillows. allerease's 100% cotton allergen barrier medium density body pillow is stuffed with a hypoallergenic polyester fill that offers complete barrier protection against dust, pollen, pet dander and other household allergens.
  • breathable: this down alternative body pillow is made of 100% cotton which allows air to pass through the fabric, keeping you cool and comfortable all-night long.
WhatsBedding Memory Fiber Full ( Pillow For Side Sleeper-20 X 54 Inch Long Pillow &Cover)
Product Highlights:
  • find something to hug when you sleep-our body pillow is so large,long and soft that you hug this for all-night long. invisible zippered pillow cover keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • multipurpose premium body pillow - measures 20" x 54", this hypoallergenic, adjustable loft, full body pillow creates ideal support for side, stomach and pregnant sleepers,also for reading, nursing, and breastfeeding, perfect for both men and women.
  • memory fiber filling and perfect support-filled with advanced memory fiber,long enough to replace normal pillows which creates multi position for constantly support to back,neck,shoulder,spine,allowing your muscles stay relaxed. your attention for this tip: our body is full and really soft, but not very firm. if you want a firm pillow to hug, a couple will be a better choice
Decroom Memory Fiber Full ( Pregnancy And Long Side Sleeper-20 X 54 Inch)
Product Highlights:
  • takes the place of hubby-our body pillow is so large and soft that some say who needs hubby! zippered pillow cover with 43% viscose of bamboo, 56.4% polyester, .6% lycra keeps you cool and comfortable all-night long.our body pillow is designed to be soft with medium fullness and support. it is highly recommend that customers who prefer firm body pillows purchase two and put two pillow inserts into one pillowcase.
  • multi-purpose support pillow - measures 20" x 54", this hypoallergenic full body pillow creates ideal support position for sleeping, reading, nursing, and breastfeeding, perfect for both men and women,pregnant or not.
  • decroom memory fiber fill-filled with new modified memory fiber which has viscoelastic effect, the body pillow can continually adjust to the movements of body so that to offer constant support to neck, shoulder, spine,allowing your muscles stay relaxed.

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