The Best WiFi Range Extender

Having a wireless internet connection has now become an integral part in our homes, offices, restaurants and what not. In simpler words, having a WiFi is a MUST-HAVE nowadays.

Everybody loves enjoying fast internet on their laptops and smartphones, sitting anywhere in the house or office and etc. However, what everybody hates is when the internet connection on their laptop or phone shows the ‘limited access’ notification. This, is where a WiFi Extender jumps in.

WiFi Extender is basically a device that lets you enjoy internet connection even when you’re not in the WiFi router range. Let’s face it, no matter how good the router is, there still is some room or spot in our home that it simply can’t reach.

So, having a WiFi Extender is a perfect solution as it can boost the router signals to reach every single corner of your home or building or wherever you want. Now, obviously looking for a product that suits you best can be a little tricky but don’t worry as this article will help you make the perfect decision.

Top Rated WiFi Range Extenders Comparison


Device NameLAN PortsWireless TypeRatingPrice
NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900
(Editor's Choice)
5802.11 a/b/g/n4.8Check Price
TP-LINK AV5003802.11n4.6Check Price
Amped Wireless SR100005802.11g4.4Check Price
NETGEAR AC7501801.11a/c4.2Check Price
Securifi Almond
(Editor's Choice)
2802.11b/g/n4.7Check Price
NETGEAR N3001802.11 a/b/g/n4.2Check Price
Linksys AC1200 MAX4802.11 a/b/g/n4.2Check Price
Apple AirPort Express2802.11b/g/n4.7Check Price
Linksys AC1900 1802.11k 4.1Check Price
TP-Link N3001802.11b/g/n4.2Check Price



Top 10 WiFi Range Extender Reviews

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900  – The Best WiFi Extender Overall – Our Top Pick

The first one on the list is the AC1900 WiFi Extender by NETGEAR Nighthawk. It is a perfect choice if you’re looking to boost your router’s signals to browse fast internet on your smartphone or laptop. In addition to that its FastLane technology makes it ideal if you’re a gamer and want fast internet speed or want HD streaming at high speed.

It has all those modern features one looks for in an extender. It offers ultra fast WiFi speed (around 1.9 Gbps), thanks to a dual core 1GHz processor. You can also connect your wired devices as this extender has five Gigabit Ethernet ports. There is a USB 3.0 port as well that lets you connect storage devices, printers and etc.

One downside can be its size. It’s not really that compact as compared to other similar devices in the market. But its amazing features and excellent performance can make customers overlook that little downside.


  • Extreme speed and range, thanks to 1 GHz processor and 700 mW amplifier
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • USB 3.0 port and 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports as well


  • Comparatively larger than other WiFi Extenders

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2.TP-LINK AV500 / Powerline Starter Kit –  Best Wired WiFi Extender

The second one on the list is the TP-LINK AV500 WiFi Range Extender that is basically functions as both, wired and wireless range extender. It comes with a Powerline technology that makes signal boosting through electrical wiring possible. One of the best thing about this device is that it is extremely easy to setup. Plug it in any wall outlet and that’s pretty much it.

There are basically 2 adapters, one for wired (offers 500 Mbps speed) and the other for wireless networking (300 Mbps speed). This extender gives high speeds with stability for amazing gaming experience and HD streaming with lag.

It includes 2 Ethernet ports where you can connect your gaming console, TV or PC/laptop as well. There is a “Pair” button that provides secure networking and data protection. In addition to all that, both adapters have power saving mode as well, that decreases power consumption by more than 80 % when not in use.

A downside to this product can be that it SOMETIMES (once in a couple weeks) stops working for a minute or so, then continues to work just fine. It’s not a major issue but can be annoying sometimes.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High speeds with both Wired and Wireless adapters
  • Power saving mode


  • Poor tech support
  • Limited ports

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3. Amped Wireless Wireless-N 600mW (SR10000), Best WiFi Extender for The Price

The next one is the Amped Wireless Range Extender (SR10000) which is an awesome extender that you can put on your work desk or simply mount on a wall and it will efficiently improve your WiFi network range.

It works really good by boosting WiFi signals allowing you to browse internet anywhere in the home. It provides high speed internet thanks to dual 600mW amplifiers and powerful antennas that can send WiFi signals through walls quite easily.

The best thing about this device is that it is compatible with all 802.1 b/g/n networks and routers. And not just that, its coverage range is extremely amazing.

It can easily extend WiFi signals to almost 10,000 sq feet. You can connect other wired devices with it as well as there are 5 ports available. Devices such as consoles, TV, laptop, printers and the list goes on, you can easily enjoy fast internet speed with all these devices connected.

This device is amazing, however, there have been instances where I had to reset it because it kept losing connection with the router. Other than that, it is a good option in the market.


  • Powerful processor
  • 5 Ethernet Ports
  • High speed with longer network coverage


  • Have to reset it after every month or couple weeks, otherwise it keeps on losing connection.
  • Firmware bugs. (can be solved with an update)

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4. NETGEAR AC750, Best Compact and Affordable WiFi Extender

The next one in the best WiFi Extender list is the AC750 WiFi Range Extender by (again) NETGEAR. It is definitely one of the best options in the market, not just because of the features it offers but its design and price as well. It is quite similar to the N300 model by the same company, both of these WiFi extenders are cheap and small, yet offer high speeds and amazing features.

The difference between the two models is that the AC750 has a 5Ghz dual WiFi band that provides higher speed than the N300 model. Also, the Access Point mode with hardware switch.

The main features of the AC750 includes external antennas that provide higher speed and better coverage, easy wall-plugin setup, universal compatibility with routers, FastLane technology and a single Gigabit Ethernet port as well.

However, there is only one Ethernet port available in this model that can be a major downside as most of the other WiFi extenders in the market have multiple ports. But if you look at the price and then compare it with those other devices in the market, you’ll maybe overlook this certain drawback.


  • Affordable, small design and easy setup
  • External antennas to offer high speed with stability
  • Universal Compatibility


  • Single Ethernet port
  • Unstable connection at times

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5. Securifi Almond – Touchscreen Wi-Fi Wireless Router + Range Extender, Best Touchscreen WiFi Extender

The next one on the list is Router+ Externder Combo device by Securifi Almond that is not just a normal WiFi router but works as a powerful range extender as well. One of the best things about this WiFi extender, that I personally like, is that it comes with a touchscreen.

There aren’t many extenders in the market that have such feature. It allows the users to easily set it up and maintain it without using their laptops or PC.

If you do have a router but are not comfortable with its signal range and want an extender that works wirelessly, this device will be perfect for you.

This WiFi extender is compatible with Cisco, Apple, AT&T, Asus, Netgear and more routers.  The security feature on this device is pretty cool as well as it comes with a unique SSID and a password from factory.

In addition to all that, it can work as a wireless bridge as well which allows you to connect it with devices that only allow Ethernet to WiFi connection. However, one downside of this device can be the fact that it can only boost the WiFi signals by around a 100 feet only.


  • Extremely easy setup, thanks to touchscreen
  • Compatible with other routers and Windows, Android, Apple, Xbox and more


  • The device must be placed where the router’s signals are strong, otherwise it won’t really boost a weaker signal
  • Can boost signals to a lesser distance as compared to other devices in the market

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6. NETGEAR N300 Essentials Edition EX2700, Best Small WiFi Extender

The next one on the list the another NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, Essentials Edition (EX2700) by NETGEAR. The amazing and best thing about this device is the fact that it offers all modern features of a WiFi extender and all that for a very cheap price.

It is a powerful signal booster and works quite efficiently for extending internet signals to devices like gaming consoles, smartphones and tablets. Other cool things about this device are that it has a very compact design and is extremely easy to setup (simply plug it in any wall outlet).

You can also download the NETGEAR WiFi analytic app on your smartphone that will help you identify where you need WiFi signals the most. After identifying that room or spot, you can then setup the N300 WiFi range extender accordingly. In addition to that, this device has universal compatibility that means it can work with pretty much all kinds of routers.

There is however only one Ethernet port for a wired device available. so you can only connect either your TV or gaming console, but not both at the same time.


  • Affordable price
  • Very compact design. Won’t take much space
  • Easy setup
  • External antennas for better coverage


  • Only one Ethernet Port
  • Connection can be unstable at times

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7. Linksys AC1200 MAX, Best Universally Compatible WiFi Extender

The AC1200 MAX WiFi Range Extender by Linksys is one of the ideal options in the market. The absolute best thing about this extender that I personally loved was its wireless AC technology. This tech feature makes it compatible with all kinds of routers. You can connect any kind of a/b/g/n devices with this WiFi extender and it will work efficiently.

If you want to eliminate those dead spots without wireless network coverage in your home or are tired of sitting in a certain position just to get that one WiFi signal bar, then this device by Linksys will be one of the best options for you.

The features of this AC1200 MAX Range extender include 5 and 2.4 GHz dual bands, next-gen wireless AC technology, two antennas to provide better coverage and four Gigabit Ethernet ports that allow you to connect different wired devices with this WiFi extender. In addition to all that, one cool thing about this device is that there is an audio jack available as well. You can connect your music system and stream music without any wires through your smartphone.

There is however, one downside and its that it drops signal at times that can be a little annoying if you’re streaming TV or playing online game.


  • Compact design and easy installation procedure
  • 4 Ethernet ports and an audio jack as well
  • Faster speed, thanks to dual band WiFi


  • Randomly drops signal at times
  • Works NOT so great with Netflix (for some odd reason)

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8. Apple AirPort Express Base Station, Best WiFi Extender for Apple Devices

The next one is the AirPort Express Base Station by the giant company, Apple. This device not only works as a powerful WiFi router but can also work as an amazing WiFi extender.

You can use this base station as a standard router or you can set it up as a WiFi signal booster in your home as well. It has a lot of cool features and works quite well but the reason it sits at number 8 is because, first, it has only one Ethernet port so you can’t really connect a lot of devices and second, it has a short coverage when it comes to extending the WiFi signals.

The features of Apple Airport Express include a standard dual band WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz), AirPlay feature that lets you stream music from iTunes, USB port that allows you to use your home printer wirelessly and one Ethernet port that allows you to connect other wired devices. This device is compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n devices only. Also, there is a security feature as well that protects your network.


  • Compact, lightweight design with easy setup procedure
  • AirPlay feature
  • USB port for printer
  • Powerful dual band WiFi that offers high speed


  • Only one Ethernet port available
  • Can extend WiFi signals to a shorter range as compared to other WiFi extenders
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9. Linksys AC1900, Best Multi-User MIMO Router WiFi Extender

The AC1900 Gigabit Range Extender is yet another brilliant WiFi booster by Linksys in the list. This model also works quite amazing thanks to a lot of powerful and cool features. It is best if you want to get rid of dead WiFi spots in your home. One of the cool things about this device is that it is compatible with both Multi user MIMO routers and the standard WiFi routers as well.

It is, like most WiFi extenders very easy to setup. It has the Push Button Connect system and also the Spot Finder technology as well that lets you choose the perfect spot to set this device up and enjoy fast internet browsing.

Its features include a powerful dual band WiFi, beamforming and Cross band technologies that all add up to provide a better WiFi network. In addition to that you can also connect a wired device like gaming console or Smart TV and it has the Access Point mode available as well. Also, it is universally compatible.


  • Compact design with easy setup
  • Spot Finder technology
  • Next-gen Multi User MIMO technology that allows everyone in your home to simultaneously enjoy fast internet without lag


  • Single ethernet port
  • Frequency issues, sometimes only 2Ghz works

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10. TP-Link N300, Best Cheap WiFi Range Extender

The next one is another WiFi range extender by TP-Link, it’s the N300 model. Trust me there is no better WiFi extender than this model at its price. Don’t let its price tag fool you. This N300 WiFi range extender has all features to make it one of the best WiFi extenders out in the market today.

The device has a compact design, it doesn’t take much space at all. It is extremely easy to setup, you just have to plug it in a wall outlet. One cool thing about this WiFi extender is that it is compatible with all kinds of routers. Other features include external antennas for better coverage and speed, one Ethernet Port to connect wired devices and a built in Access Point mode as well.

This N300 model isn’t as fast or powerful as other WiFi extenders in the market by TP-Link and other companies. This one has only a single band WiFi, single ethernet port and only 2 external antennas as compared to dual band WiFi, multiple ethernet ports and 3 antennas in other similar devices in the market. But still, it can work just fine for you and won’t really cost you that much either.


  • Really cheap as compared to other range extenders
  • Small design and easy setup


  • Single ethernet port
  • Short extended coverage range

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Best WiFi Extender  Buying Guide

The following are a couple things you need to consider before buying the most ideal WiFi extender for your home or office.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why do you need a WiFi Extender?

Before getting into the details of WiFi extenders, you need to first understand what a WiFi extender is and why do you need it? It was mentioned before that a WiFi extender is basically a device that extends the signals of your WiFi router. So, if you have any kind of dead spots in your house where you don’t get strong wireless internet signals, or none at all, then you can use a device to boost those signals. So, that’s your answer to both the questions. If you’re simply tired of getting weak WiFi signals in your room, getting lag in online games, waiting for HD videos to stream and etc. Its time to buy a good WiFi extender.

A WiFi extender simply connects to your existing router and boosts the signals. So, you don’t really have to buy any kind of extra stuff to make both devices work. All you need to do is identify the dead spots, look for rooms where your WiFi signals don’t reach and just put an extender nearby.

Here’s a tip by the way; before buying a WiFi extender, make sure your existing router works fine. Because if its old and not working properly, then instead of investing in a new extender device, buy a good router for yourself. Because, replacing your old crappy router with a new powerful one can solve the weak signal issue sometimes.

2. What to consider first before buying a WiFi Extender?

Now that you have decided you need to buy a WiFi extender for your home, you need to look out for a couple things. The main thing you need to consider first is what kind of WiFi standard will suit you best. There used to be pretty simple WiFi standards before, such as a/b/g/n. Now however, there are two different frequency bands. The 2.4 GHz standard, 5 GHz standard and the AC one as well. All these standards offer different speeds and are compatible with different routers so you need to check what kind of device you already have.

There are some really good WiFi extenders available that are universally compatible which means they will work with round about all kinds of old and new routers. But they will lack in one feature or the other. The bigger and powerful extenders however are compatible with a certain group of routers. So, you might even need to change your router as well if you’re using an older one which isn’t going to be compatible with your WiFi extender.

There are other important things you need to consider as well, e.g. how many Ethernet ports the extender has, how many external antennas it has and so on.

3. Single band or Dual band, Which one to buy?

The first major thing you need to look out for, as mentioned above, is the compatibility of the extender with your home WiFi router. After that, the second most important thing is whether the extender is single band or dual band. The newer and better WiFi extenders nowadays have dual WiFi bands that offer the traditional 2.4 GHz frequency and the faster 5 GHz frequency band as well.

The ones that offer dual band frequency can be a bit expensive than the single ones but they are certainly worth it. Also, if you have a dual band WiFi router at home, then it will be better if you get the dual band extender as well. As both the devices will work more efficiently with each other.

The only plus point of buying a Single band extender is that it will cost you less than a dual band. Yes, it certainly will work nice and boost your WiFi’s signals but won’t really cover more area or offer speed as a dual band will do.

4. What features to look out for in a WiFi Extender?

Features are one of the most important, if not THE most important factor to consider when buying any kind of product. Especially if the product is some electronic device such as a WiFi extender, you definitely need to dig in a little in the features of the device.

So, the other major features other than speed and coverage ability can be Ethernet ports, USB port, external antennas, music streaming, security mode and etc.
Ethernet ports are basically important because they allow you to use your wired devices like smart TV, gaming consoles and etc. You want fast HD streaming and online gaming experience without lag and etc, you will need to have an extender that has multiple ethernet ports. Also, a USB port can come quite handy if you want to use printer in your home. The number of external antennas basically shows how fast and how big the range would be of the extended signals.

Some WiFi extenders also offer music streaming features as well. You can simply connect your stereo system and stream live music from the likes of iTunes and etc.

5. What other (extra) features to look for?

Other than the main features of a WiFi extender such as its speed, range, compatibility, number of ethernet ports and etc, there are actually a few other things people consider as well. They are not that significant as other features but still, people sometimes do base their decision on these things.

The first thing is the size and design of the extender. People don’t really like many devices taking up their space on desks and walls so, the size of the extender can be important as well. There are some really compact extender designs available. There are a couple big ones available as well. Obviously, the bigger ones have the advantage of housing multiple ethernet ports and the smaller ones don’t take much of your space. So, it’s entirely up to you, what you will like.

The next thing is the setup process of the extender. There are a lot of electronic devices that are pretty cool, but need a serious learning curve to just set them up. They require a lot of your time and effort so try to get those WiFi extenders that are easy to setup without any help of tech support or professionals.

The price range of WiFi extenders is an important consideration, of course. The price can go as high as $150 and as low as just 20 bucks. It all really depends on the features, size and brand name of the extender. Obviously, if you want a powerful and big extender that is super fast and excellent overall, it will be a bit expensive. And, if you just want to have a good signal range just so you can enjoy social media on your smartphones, then cheaper models are available as well.



Tired of having weak WiFi signals in your home? Tired of looking at “limited internet access” error everytime you try to connect? Try using a WiFi extender with your existing WiFi router to get rid of these annoying issues.

There are many WiFi range extenders available in the market nowadays. They offer good speed, range and other cool features, but our number 1 pick has to be the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Desktop WiFi Range Extender.

It truly is the best WiFi range extender in every way possible. It has a strong processor, gives high speed, biggest extended signal coverage, multiple ethernet ports and everything you look for in a cool WiFi extender.

If you really want to have that perfect fast internet experience in every single corner of your home, NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi Range Extender is the answer.






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