The Best Wedding Photographers in the US

We spent over 18 hours researching ‘who does it best’ when it comes to your wedding day. We narrowed them down to top 25 based on their work, customer satisfaction and overall feedback. Here they are, in no particular order:

Noa Azoulay Photography

When you look at some of the pictures on their website, you’ll be left with your mouth wide open. Their style of photography is unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

Feather Love Photography

Normally for wedding photographs, you’d think that they were all sparkles and flowers and while there’s nothing wrong with that, Feather Love Studio has their own unique approach.

They want pictures to appeal to your creative side. They’ll focus on every individual face, every expression and every moment. They’re the sort of photographers who’ll be perfect for a themed wedding.

Instead of blending into the normal stereotype of wedding photographs, they’ve started their own genre and grown within it. They established their name and they’re style.

Feather Love Studio will not disappoint. They’ll bring out the creative side to you and to your event. The sort of wedding that’ll be the talk of the town for years to come. They’ve covered a number of celebrity weddings including Emily Deschanel and David Hornsby’s wedding.

If you want to take a closer look at their work then be sure to follow them:

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Michelle March Photography

Michelle March

Michelle and Michael March are the literal definition of a dynamic duo. Michelle handles the photography and Michael is in charge of the videography.

Both of them combined give you the wedding of your dreams. The Miami based duo has covered numerous weddings and established a formidable reputation. A reputation that they have kept over the years.

Their wedding photography is the sort which would make you love, love! Michelle is sure to capture every little detail in a way that it speaks out and makes you really appreciate the effort that photographers put in giving their clients the absolute best.

The day is yours and you deserve to have everything, even the most minor details, absolutely perfect. It’s the day where you start the rest of your lives together. Her work focuses around the romantic aesthetic there is at a wedding.

When you look back at your weddings years or even decades later, you’ll find that in every single picture there’s this undeniable feeling of love.

You look more in love with your partner than you ever have and you thought that was impossible. It’s a classic case of beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

The beholder wants there to be beauty everywhere. There wouldn’t be a single picture you aren’t fully satisfied with. Everything centers around the lucky couple and the happiness they felt in that moment.

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Belathée Photography


Dorothee and Annabel, two very talented individuals in their own respect, came together to give the world the pure beauty that is Belathée photography.

Their work has the sort of eye catching uniqueness which would make you want to take a risk and break out of the usual photography styles. They want the pictures to capture the intimacy without making it all poised and polished.

They want it to be real and show how it can be achieved even without heavy lighting or props. Your surroundings will all come in sync to give the best pictures you’ve ever seen. The wedding album will be something you bring out every now and then to take a look at because it just fills you up with joy inside.

It’s fun, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing. One half of the duo is based in New York and the other in Seattle. They keep their work consistent and easy for their clients. They’re the sort of dream photographers who’ll consult you on everything and respect your wishes. Sometimes the wedding photographers like to take complete charge of the pictures.

They’re professional and know what to give you. However, Belathée realizes the significance the day holds to you and since you’re the one who’ll be looking back at the pictures, you get to decide.

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KT Merry Photography

KT Merry

Undoubtedly one of my favorite wedding photographers would have to be the very talented KT Merry.

She has been in the business for a shorter period of time than any of her peers but she’s one of those people who has a real knack for this stuff.

She delivers exactly what she promises and that is to take your breath away.

KT Merry Wedding Photography

Even in the simplest of weddings, she will find beauty and that too in places you didn’t expect. The woman is amazing at her job. She was destined for this line of work and it is evident from the photographs she takes. An indoor wedding has less for the photographer to work with as compared to an outdoor wedding.

However, that does not hold KT Merry back in any way. She’s determined to giving her clients the absolute best. She wants them to know that they can trust her and that she will deliver. You don’t find a person like her anymore. Someone who’ll make you feel comfortable and who takes pictures which would take your breath away.

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Christian Oth Photography

Christian Oth

There’s absolutely nothing self-centred in thinking of your wedding day as one of the (if not the) best days of your life. You fell in love with someone deeply enough to want to spend the rest of your life with them.

Hence, you get to be picky. You have every right to envision your day in whichever way you want.

When you have a set of ideas on a day as important as your wedding, you wouldn’t want anything to mess it up.

Christian Oth is the sort of guy who won’t just deliver your vision, but will add more depth to it.

He’ll make sure that you live your fantasy. Christian specializes in keeping the happy couple in the spotlight.

He wants there to be an essence of just how important the day is in every single shot. It isn’t about only focusing on the two of you, it’s about making everything about you.

Yes, you get to have that attention on YOUR wedding! Christian manipulates the background in such a way that it all acts in coherence to create a completely harmonious shot.

Nothing looks out of place or unnecessarily added. It’s all there for a reason and the reason is a perfect shot. You can follow his work on Instagram @christianothstudios and on Twitter @christianoth

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Ryan Ray Photography

Ryan Ray

Everyone has a specific idea in mind when they think about their wedding. They want the cake to be of a certain type, the dress to be of a certain pattern, the location to have certain things and the photographs to capture certain moments. You cannot just wing it.

Even if you’re the type who’s really laid back in general, your wedding will undoubtedly keep you up at night. It’s all normal and fair. In fact, it’s something you have every right to do.

Based in Southern America, Ryan Ray has taken his camera with him throughout the USA to capture numerous weddings.

After all, he is one of the most well sought after wedding photographers in the United States. His style of photography will appeal to a lot of people for the simple fact that it shows people as, well normal people. It is your big day and yes you deserve to be in the limelight.

However, there’s something just so breathtaking about simplicity. The couple looks like they want nothing more than each other. Sure you can have effects and angles, but it won’t show intimacy as much as a simple smile on your face. With that being said, what Ryan does is incomparable to any other wedding photographer.

He can adjust well to any situation and keep the couple feeling at ease and happy throughout. To see more of his work, be sure to follow him:

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Elizabeth Messina Photography

Elizabeth Messina

You might be familiar with the name and if not, you’ll definitely be familiar with her work. The photographer and author has become a name synonymous with intimate wedding shoots.

She believes that to capture the perfect picture, you don’t need to rely on heavy props and that’s actually very true.

Elisabetta Messina - Wedding Photographer

Your wedding symbolizes a union, a bond and a love strong enough to overcome all odds. When you look back at your wedding years later, you won’t remember anything more than how much you loved your partner in that moment.

Elizabeth is the type of person who loves love!

She finds that the only thing the couple has to do in order to get the most beautiful pictures is to feel utterly in love. She has covered numerous weddings and in all of the photoshoots you can clearly feel the intimacy.

Not through mixed up angles or unnecessary poses, it’s through the belief that you need to take pictures of them looking their happiest. She has also released a book titled ‘The Luminous Project’ in which she tells any aspiring wedding photographer the tricks of the trade.

She can adapt to outdoor or indoor weddings and to any sort of theme you might have in mind. However, she has a very tight schedule. She stated that she limits herself to around 15 weddings a year in order to focus more on perfection for those few.

Believe me when I say, you do not want to miss out on hiring Elizabeth Messina as your wedding photographer.

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Hunter Leone Photography

Three Nails Photography

There are some images which take a toll on your mind. You’re left thinking about them for days to come. There’s just something about them.

The beauty or the message, anything! That’s the sort of image you want for your wedding. Something that leaves you breathless and inspired.

It’s the day you begin what can potentially be the rest of your life with someone. The day you make yourself as vulnerable as you possibly can to anotherperson. The day is no joke. When looking for the perfect wedding photographer, you’d have certain things in mind.

While people undoubtedly differ from each other in some things, the one thing they can all agree on is discreteness. You don’t want them to be following you around with the camera in your face at the reception, however, you do want them there nonetheless. It’s a situation where you feel like you’ll have to find a compromise because one cannot be achieved without damaging the other.

Or can it? According to Three Nails Photography, it can. They’ll be there without making you cautious of the camera. They’ll take pictures which will cater to your creative side.

You’ll feel like you’ve never seen something as pretty as this. It’ll undoubtedly be something that leaves people speechless when they take a look at your wedding album.

If you want to take a closer look at their work, be sure to follow them on Twitter @ThreeNailsPhoto and on Instagram @hunter.leone

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This Modern Romance Photography

This Modern Romance

It isn’t everyday that you find the wedding photographer who completely understand the vision you have. Most of the time, they want you to just have faith in their ability to deliver the best to you.

However, very few couples are willing to give such an important task to someone without having maximum control over the process.

This can create a hindrance for both parties. The photographers are proper professionals who have been in this business for years. On the other hand, the couple gets the right to want control over something that they’ll look at for the rest of their lives.

The two worlds are not meant to crash, if they do it’s catastrophic. This Modern Romance is the sort of wedding photography studio which will cater to your needs and make you develop faith in them.

If you look at the numerous weddings they’ve covered, you’ll see how they managed to combine elegance and fun into one photo.

Elegance is usually associated with light colors, yet this studio can make it work with bright colors. They aren’t afraid to take a leap into uncharted territory and bring you something that you would’ve never anticipated as that amazing.

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Jen Huang Photography

Jen Huang

Jen Huang has made name for herself in the world of wedding photography because of her adaptation to anything you throw her way.

She has been repeatedly mentioned as one of the top wedding photographers in renowned wedding magazines such as The Knot and Martha Stewart Weddings.

She is able to carefully capture you amidst some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and still make you the envy of every eye.

She knows how to capture everyone to make it feel like everyone has their role to play and it wouldn’t be the same without any of them in it.

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John Dolan Photography

John Dolan

Here’s someone who’s been in the business longer than anyone else probably has. When you’ve been photographing weddings for so long, you try to keep one theme in mind for every single one of them – timelessness. John Dolan has seen trends come and go.

He’s been there when it was a thing and he’s here even when it’s not. The problem isn’t to anticipate what will be considered cool years later, it’s to create a scenario where whatever you’re doing will look beautiful for you i.e the couple. It has to make you smile and reminisce about the most beautiful day of your life.


A picture is a gateway to reality and your wedding day can be the sort of reality you don’t ever want to forget. He’s been in the business for nearly two decades now and has photographed numerous weddings including that of the Smith’s. He works hard and tirelessly to give you the best that you can ever hope for.

Your photos will be captured in ways that will astonish you.

Whether you’re consciously looking at the camera or it’s a candid, you will look stunning! If you want to take look at what’s to come for your wedding, then be sure to follow him below:

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Liz Banfield Photography

Liz Banfield

To search for the best wedding photographer, you’ve obviously been looking at their work. Some of the most beautiful images you’ve come across on your quest for the absolute best, have undoubtedly come from Liz Banfield.

She has photographed numerous weddings and built a strong reputation as one of the best. Her work and her style is mostly suited for outdoor weddings.

Photographing Kids: Tips from Liz Banfield

She wants to create a world different than reality. A world better than that, almost like a fairy tale. A quality some of the best wedding photographers share is that they’re discreet.

They have to be in your face without actually being in your face. I know, it sounds complicated but you wouldn’t want there to be someone to capture you 24/7. The camera makes a person cautious.

They want to look good. Add that in with the day being one of the most important days of the life, the stress is overwhelming. Liz is the sort of person who wouldn’t want you to stress over something as trivial as that.

She’ll be there at a every instant to take a breathtakingly beautiful shot without you noticing. She makes sure that the surroundings play a part in the picture and nothing looks out of place.

For her, nothing is as important as making sure that you have the spotlight. Her photos and her style is timeless. You can look at the pictures years later and still be left speechless. You can check out more of her work below:

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Judy Pak Photography

Judy Pak

A lot of wedding photographers specialize in one specific form of photography. Some may opt for something elegant and others for something more fun.

The truth is that combining the two worlds can either give birth to something really beautiful or something catastrophic. Judy Pak brought to us something breathtakingly beautiful. She wants the couple to feel comfortable in their element while she does the rest.

She won’t ask for a specific pose because that ruins the intimacy of the shot. She wants you to look back years later and realize that there would never be a day as beautiful as your wedding. She wants there to be fun in a world of fairy tales. Everything has to be magnificent.

Judy specializes in outdoor weddings or destination weddings. Basically, anything which has a beautiful scenic view. The reason being that this makes the pictures more in coherence with the theme. Regardless of destination, she’ll still give you beautiful pictures.

Judy Pak is a sure force to be reckoned with in this business. She has a long list of weddings she captured under her name. Her main focus is sophistication and adding a romantic element to everything around the couple along with them. Some of her creative works are up for you to see on Instagram and Twitter:

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Tanja Lippert Photography

Tanja Lippert

Tanja Lippert is a former model who sees the need for making everyone feel comfortable when they have their picture taken.

When you put a camera in someone’s face, they inevitably become more cautious of themselves. They try to act in a way which might feel unnatural and thus it destroys the whole essence of a wedding photo.

A wedding photograph is supposed to be two things: timeless and easy. It shouldn’t rely on outside factors such as the destination or the props as much as it should on the people. Surely the factors are called factors for a reason and they have a part to play.

However, they shouldn’t take the spotlight away from the couple. The couple needs to stay the center of attention. I mean, if not today then when?

Tanja wants her clients to feel as at ease as they possibly can. She doesn’t want them to stress over whether or not the shot is perfect and just focus on the now, their partner, their surroundings and let her do the rest. She’s really good at her job.

Her work shows her connection with the couple and how she wants them to be the happiest they’ve ever been in their entire lives. Be sure to check out her work and follow her below:

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Meg Smith Photography

Meg Smith

The thing I personally love about candid shots is the fact that I see how other people looked at me in that moment. A candid shot can go magnificently right or disastrously wrong.

There is no in between. Meg Smith believes that too and so she works tirelessly to capture the moment when you look your absolute best. A picture is something you’ll look back on.

It’s a memory and no one can take a memory away from you. No one can deny that you looked stunning at your wedding and that it was a joyful day.

The little things are what matter. For example; a picture of the bridesmaids having a laugh with each other before the event, the bride calling her soon to be husband to tell him she loves him, the father giving away his daughter to the groom and these are just to name a few.

There are many such moments where you feel like you’re the happiest you’ve ever been and obviously the first thought wouldn’t be for someone to come in your face with a camera.

It would probably be to stay in that moment forever. That right there is why you need to hire Meg Smith to be your wedding photographer.

She’ll take pictures where you’ll feel like, even years later, that you’ve never been happier. You’ll feel like you’re in the moment and that can fill a person’s heart up with warmth. You can see just what I mean by following Meg Smith below:

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Jose Villa Photography

Jose Villa

Jose Villa is a critically acclaimed wedding photographer who has received praise from all over the world.

Based in Solvang, CA, this wedding photographer is the perfect definition of taking it to the next level.

His photographs are known to show a level of intimacy, fun and elegance which no one else can show. It makes a person feel as if they were right there in that moment. Such is the precision that the man carries.

Wedding photography is no joke. You’re either good at it or your not because you can either make the bride and groom really happy or really pissed of. They aren’t looking for just okay sort of pictures.

This is their wedding and they want something to look back on years later and remember the day they started the rest of their lives together.

There’s a huge burden on the photographer to give them that. In such cases, Jose has shined. He can transform any scenario, any background, such that it adds more instead of sticking out.

You need to take a look at the amazing pictures he’s able to capture. You will not be disappointed. Follow him below:

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Sylvie Gil Photography

Sylvie Gil

Sylvie Gil has been in the wedding photography business for almost two decades now and thus ses that the key to any breathtakingly beautiful wedding picture is to make it seem unique whilst being effortless.

The more you pressurize the couple into posing, the more odds there are that the picture will look completely unnatural. The wedding photos won’t be the same without them feeling completely in the now and natural.

They can either go really great or not. In this particular wedding photographer you have found your savior, she’ll make every picture look like it’s the best you’ve ever seen.

No shot is too complicated and no angle is unreachable for this woman and her team. She’s determined to give you nothing but the best for your big day and she certainly delivers. She would define her style as artistic.

Capturing the scenes in a way that they tell a story. Everything look likes it was predestined and in sync. You can follow her below:

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Jeff Newsom Photography

Jeff Newsom

Creating a well liked and formatable reputation is hard enough as it is without the fact that once you’ve established it, you have to maintain it as well.

If you fall even by a fraction, then it affects how potential clients look at your work. They’ll look at your work and search for one thing more than anything else – consistency.

They want assurance that they’ll have the sort of pictures that the studio or the photographer gives so proudly on his website. Jeff Newsom is the solution to all your worries.

Jeff has been awarded the best photographer of the year award by Junebug Weddings for four years in a row! What made Jeff stand above the crowd was his attention to detail.

Whether you have an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, you can have the utmost faith in him delivering the best to you. He’ll take every single factor into consideration before capturing the picture.

Every shot will have its own uniqueness. You’ll look at the pictures and feel mesmerized at the level of precision.

The photographs are timeless and filled with simplicity.

The couple won’t be blending in with the rest, they’ll be the main theme in every one of them as they should.

You can see just what I mean by following his work:

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Leo Patrone Photography

Leo Patrone

If you want your wedding pictures to look spectacular (and who doesn’t?) then Leo is your man.

Everyone has their own approach and their own ideas when it comes to the wedding photography.

Some people like flare and some do not. There isn’t a wrong way to go about it because everyone is entitled to their opinion. I mean, if not now then when?

Leo is the sort of wedding photographer who’ll take pictures and make videos for you in a way that you’ll be left speechless.

You’d look at them constantly because you can’t put down the artistic masterpiece – even if you lived it!

You can follow him below:

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Delesie Photography

Aaron Delesie

There are quite a few celebrity weddings which we have in mind when we think of true wedding goals. We see a highly publicized wedding and want that for ourselves.

That’s actually really normal of you and no, it doesn’t diminish your own unique shoot. Aaron Delesie can be most notable known as the man behind the lens at John Legend and Christy Teagen’s wedding.

He’s been in the business long enough to develop his own signature style and he knows his clients well enough to give them what they want whilst maintaining his signature style.

He does this be keeping certain factors in mind. Whether you have an indoor wedding, an outdoor wedding or a destination wedding, you can count on him to deliver.

Aaron specializes in photo – journalism which means that every picture tells a story.

That’s actually following on the principle that a picture can show you what words can’t. We’re often so in awe of something that we can’t put it to words.

Seldom do we find a picture which can as closely resemble reality. However, Aaron Delesie has done just that. Reality is presented and you hold it in your hands.

To see more of his work, follow him:

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Lisa Lefkowitz Photography

Lisa Lefkowitz

Everyone at a wedding and I literally mean every single person has their own uniqueness which adds to the overall emotion in the picture.

They have their expressions which need to be captured perfectly in a way that it all comes in coherence and perfect harmony.

To find a wedding photographer who does just that is a tricky thing to do because it would mean more work at capturing everyone in the room at the right time.

However, if you’ve built a reputation at doing exactly that then you wouldn’t want to ever let that go down.

Lisa is based in San Francisco and focuses on photojournalism.

Every individual has a role to play in the picture. They add more to it in a way which can only be shown by the right picture.

You won’t have anything more than the memory of the event even after a day of it taking place. Nothing can replicate it, so you have something to play over and over in your mind.

That’s what a picture should do. It should capture everything. That’s how you distinguish between a good wedding photographer and a great one.

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