Top 10 Best Vintage Slide Projectors

Check out the best deals for vintage slide projectors that we have compiled below. These slide projectors are made with high-quality materials and have autofocus features.

10 Best Selling Vintage Slide Projectors

So without further due, here are the best vintage slide projectors in the market today:

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Top Rated Vintage Slide Projectors

Kodak Carousel 4200 Slide Slide Projector
Product Highlights:
  • lens not included with projector
  • remote forward and reverse
  • improved corner-to-center illumination
Kodak 650H Slide Projector Projector
Product Highlights:
  • kodak slide projector 650h
  • remote control
  • kodak (author)
Kodak 760H Carousel Slide Slide Projector
Product Highlights:
  • kodak 760h carousel slide projector with zoom lens, slide tray, and case
Kodak Carousel 4600 Projector 4600 Projector
Product Highlights:
  • lens not included
  • autofocus operation
  • remote forward and reverse
Vivitar 3000AF Carousel Slide Slide Projector
Product Highlights:
  • automatic focus
  • remote control
  • slide previewer
Bell Howell Cube Main Drive Gear
Product Highlights:
  • made exclusively for micro-tools
  • bell & howell projector cube gear
  • use when your projector will not advance or reverse the slides
Kodak Slide Projector Model Projector Model 600
Product Highlights:
  • comes with kodak carousel 140 slide tray
  • this model does not come with a remote.
  • slides are advanced and focus is adjusted through knobs on projector.
Argus Slide Projector Type Projector Type I
Product Highlights:
  • 35mm slide projector
  • argus / airequipt metal slide magazine compatible
  • single "flip" and "multi-loader" variations
Vivitar 5000 AF Slide Projector
Product Highlights:
  • automatic focusing
  • remote control with forward and reverse
  • slide previewer
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