The Best USB Microphone

There are many things you need to consider for the best USB Microphone. For example – the environment, technique, and set-up you are using for recording all play a major role – but the most important one is the recording Microphone you chose.

Best Selling USB Microphone

What to Look for When Buying USB Microphone

1. Connections

Most USB microphones in the market have a headphone jack included and some don’t. It is always important to know the important features of the microphone before purchasing especially its compatibility.

2. Format

Like most microphones, USB mics come in different formats. Handheld mics are great for recordings and interviews, and desktop models are great for podcasting and acoustic instrument. A studio-style needs a USB microphone that has a mic stand to make it ideal for recording.

3. Condenser

Condensers are used commonly in studios, it is a great device that picks up sounds with great detail, clarity, and accuracy. It also offers different features like sound effects, adjusting volume, bass, and more.

4. Cost

USB microphones have a different price points, and most high quality mics prices are relatively inexpensive, provides a great quality sound, and durable.

We went through some of the available USB Microphones in the market and picked out the best one for you.

And, here’s our pick for the best USB microphone: Yeti USB Microphone.

Logitech For Creators Blue Polar Patterns, Studio Quality Sound, Plug & Play-Silver
Product Highlights:
  • tri-capsule array - 3 condenser capsules can record almost any situation.
  • multiple pattern selection - cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo.
  • gain control, mute button, and zero-latency headphone output.
  • perfect for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, voiceovers, interviews, field recordings, conference calls. signal to noise: 100db
  • compatible with windows 10, windows 8 (including 8.1), windows 7, windows vista, windows xp (home and professional), and mac os x (10.4.11 or higher), and requires a minimum of 64 mb of ram(remove existing and upload).

Yeti USB Microphone is a specially designed microphone which can record in almost any condition, thanks to its Tri-capsule array-3 capsule.

You can select from four different patterns : Cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo and three different colors Silver, black and platinum.

Its beauty is its simplicity: easy Mic gain control, mute mode, volume with simple knobs and design.

It has zero-latency output.

You can use it on your Mac or PC, its easily recognizable on windows, vista or Xp, you Just have to Plug it.

It sounds great for Vocals, musical instruments, prod casting and also field recordings. You will never have experienced such great recording sound quality.

Don’t believe us? Read raving reviews from thousands of other customers and try the Yeti USB Microphone yourself.

Other USB Microphones That Are Also Great

Snowball USB Microphone

Snowball USB Microphone is another great USB microphone that will serve you good.

Logitech For Creators Blue Omnidirectional Pickup Patterns, Stylish Retro Design – Black
Product Highlights:
  • legendary blue broadcast sound: 2-capsule design gives your voice exceptional presence and detail for professional-level recording so you can elevate your youtube videos, twitch streaming and more
  • multiple pickup patterns: the usb microphone features a cardioid pattern for recording and streaming, and omnidirectional which puts you “in the room” for conference calls on zoom, skype and more
  • stylish retro design: record or stream in style with a classic recording equipment design that looks great on your desktop and on camera; available in 3 bold colors
  • usb microphone brand: based on independent sales data (april '19 - march '20) of pc microphones in both units and dollars in the us and canada
  • -10 db pad: maintains professional audio quality and keeps snowball sounding clean and distortion-free on louder voices and instruments for everything from voiceovers to podcasts to singing

It has gives two polar patterns: Omnidirectional or Cardioid.

It is available in eight different colors to keep up with your style quotient.

It has condenser, pressure gradient with USB digital output.

Its frequency response is great ranging 1-3:40-18 KHz and 44.1Khz/16-bit sample word rate.

You can get great quality recording for vocal, prodcasts,instruments and many more.

It can be a best replacement for your old microphone at a reasonable price. We definitely recommend Snowball USB Microphone as the best alternative to Yeti USB Microphone.

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

A 25mm diaphragm condenser (one of the largest for a USB mic) of Samson Meteor Mic gives you intense audio recording.

SAMSON Meteor Mic USB Microphone Chrome
Product Highlights:
  • professional usb microphone with 1" studio-quality capsule.
  • fold-back legs provide optimal mic positioning and folds up for easy transport.
  • cardioid pickup pattern captures the audio in front of the microphone, minimizing ambient sound from entering the recording.
  • smooth, flat frequency response of 20hz–20khz captures the detail of your voice or instrument.
  • 1/8" stereo headphone output with level control for zero-latency monitoring.

Unlike other USB microphones it can plug into your iPad as well with Apple’s USB connector.

It uses Cardioid pickup pattern, and a smooth frequency response to give astonishing studio like sound quality.

Its simple knobs and mute switch allows better control while you record.

Available in two colors and a fold-back leg design, Samson Meteor Mic stands amazingly in style.

Samson Go Portable USB Condenser Microphone

This is a great deal for an awesome quality recording. Samson Go Mic provides a great quality music, prod cast and field recording and is ideal for VoIP, web casting, i-chat, and the like.

Samson SAGOMIC Go Mic Condenser Microphone,White
Product Highlights:
  • portable usb condenser microphone
  • plug and play mac and pc compatible, no drivers required
  • custom compact design that clips to a laptop or sits on a desk
  • perfect for recording music, podcasting and field recording
  • ideal for voice recognition software, ichat, voip and web casting

Its easy to carry wherever you Go. Available in a Zipper carrying case, it can be folded into a little package for your convenience.

Samson Go is suitable for large room conferences, meetings or jamming with its Omni-directional pattern, and with its cardioid pickup pattern you can record acoustic, guitar or vocals.

Its user friendly as it gets along with any computer no driver is required. It comes with USB cable, mic stand adapter and an unbelievable price.

We recommend you to go with Samson Go Mic if you are constantly on the go!

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